Thursday, January 24, 2008

Please do not adjust your sets - this is Moogsmum's blog!

Are you sitting down in a safe place with no sharp obstacles nearby? You sure?


Then it will be okay for me to show you something totally out of character that I did first thing this morning.

I got down on my hands and knees and cleaned this: and then I turned 180 degrees and cleaned the world's smallest kitchen floor!!
The kitchen floor tiles are so old and nasty that this is as good as it gets :(

Luckily I soon got over that ridiculous behaviour and got stuck into making a present for my lovely cousin's birthday on Monday. I sent her an email to ask what her favourite colours were and she said red and green.

Do you think I took her too literally? It is very red and green isn't it?!

Lined with Postman Pat duvet cover fabric :)

With a little bit of fancy stitching for good measure.

I also made a little coin purse to match. The front fabric and the large red flower fabric on the bag are both from a piece of vintage Mary Quant fabric that my M-i-L gave to Minx me a while back.

I've still to handstitch the lining in but that is an in front of the telly job for this evening.

Once that was done I could reward myself with a nice cup of tea and a slice of this:

Homemade Yorkshire Tea Bread - the easiest cake in the world.


8oz dried mixed fruit
40z soft brown sugar
1 egg
8oz self raising flour
half a pint of strong tea (without the milk!!!)

Soak fruit in tea overnight. Add sugar, egg and flour and mix to a runny consistency. Pour into a greased and lined large loaf tin and bake at 160 degrees C for about an hour.
I test it with a skewer - if it comes out clean it's done.
I also add about 2 teaspoons of whatever spices I fancy such as ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, mixed spice.

Yum yum yum AND FAT FREE TOO!!!!!!
In the midst of all that the postman arrived with some fabric I ordered only yesterday!!! Fantastic service and beautiful quality fabrics.

To restore the Goddess:Slut balance here's a picture of the current state of my kitchen window - this is indicative of every window in the house right now. Reroofing and sparkly windows do not go hand in hand!!!I'm glad you all liked my 7 random things on yesterday's post.
How do you fancy another 7? This time from this timeless classic:
Here goes:
Thing to do No.1: Realize that good looks aren't the be-all and end-all, but learn to make the most of what you've been given. (yes to the first bit - could do better on the second bit!!!).
Thing to do No.2: Compose your own ringtone for your cell phone. (okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay......)
Thing to do No.3: Whittle something from a piece of wood. (uh huh......)
Thing to do No.4: Hold a snake, a lizard, or a frog. (may pass on this one)
Thing to do No.5: Learn how to whistle through a blade of grass (been there done that!!!)
Thing to do No.6: Live your life in a fully awake state (except when you're in bed at night). (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
Thing to do No.7: Smile at everyone you pass in the street for one day (and just wait for the guys with the strait jackets to roll up!!!).
If you are not 40 already (grrrrr) then hey, you have sooooooooooo much to look forward to!!!
If you are 40+ - good for you!!! You'll have realised there is actually a whole world of post 40 fun to be had and most of it is the same as the fun you had before!!!!
Now, where did I put that penknife?
Whittle whittle whittle......

p.s. the next Crafty Challenge is now well and truly on over here .
Don't forget - you can join in too if you'd like to :)


artisbliss said...

Good for you and your cleaning impulses! I wouldn't dare take a photo of my kitchen floor in its present state, and maybe not in any state.

That cake recipe looks wonderful, and I actually have a tin of Yorkshir Gold tea. Hmm. I may feel a baking project coming on!

tintocktap said...

Love the Postman Pat Fabbie - my DS will be after some of that if I tell him! And your Tabby Cat fabbie too .... might just have to go shopping .....
Actually I'm too distracted by your Yorkshire Tea Bread. Have to go home and bake some fruit loaf. Hmmmm maybe I'll find the time at the weekend.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Very impressive floors! (very worried about imaginary friend now though - maybe she is busy whittling a window scraper....!)

Love your new fabrics - especially the top one and that bag is fab - very red and very green and very very lovely!

Lucy x

P.S can I really still be your friend as I clearly fall into the "grrrrrrrrrr" category?!

Nikki said...

I am so proud of you for doing a little cleaning and then stopping before you went too far. Cleaning should only be done in small doses!!!

the vicious chicken said...

Mmmm, tea bread... shame it only uses up half a pint of tea, though - how's that going to help me demolish my tea-mountain, hmmm? ;o)

Bethany Hissong said...

Okay, I do smile at people and no one has taken me away...yet. And what's the meaning of being so clean and productive?!!! I come here to feel better about myself, not worse...not as if I'm the world's worst floor mopper because it's rare that I do it!!! And my windows look like that also but we're not getting a new roof!
Your bag is so pretty...she'll just love it! I love the stitching!! I've had my machine for several years and never tried the fancy stitches. See?-- now I'm in a pit of self-loathing.

Bethany Hissong said...

I forgot to say that the bread looks so delicious! I will have to try that! And you have to come right back to my blog, because as you were leaving a comment, I posted another short "annoying" post!

Kitty said...

Oooh, I've had fabric from Tabbycat before - beautiful things they have there, don't they? And that tea loaf looks sooooo scrummy - might have to give that a try at some point.

I've never made a bag - I'm just going to jolly well try, aren't I? Yours is fab. x

Gina said...

Love that red and green bag (especially the lining) - I used my Rupert bag for all my shopping today! But I'm very worried about all that cleaning... you obviously can't be feeling well.
Gina xxx

Katy said...

Tea bread is gorgeous, but here in Yorkshire it's not as readily available as one may think. I love the bag, it's fab!

Julie said...

I hope you lay down in a darkened room after all that Goddess activity! The bag and purse are lovely, not too red or green at all. Of the 7 things I've done No.4 including rescuing toads crossing a road at night (don't ask!) and stroking a snake in Rhyl(a baby boa constrictor I think) I can do No 5 but I fail pretty much everywhere else! :))

Kaz said...

Cleaning?? What is this cleaning you talk about?? Sounds dangerous to me!

The bag is scrummy, I have 'make a bag' on my to do list.

And now I have to go look at that fabric shop, I'll tell the credit card people I was brainwashed by a mad cleaning woman!

Kaz xx

Anonymous said...

Thank God I DON@T have to do any of those things because I didn't even SEE that list til now and I am past 50!!! Yippee!!! (51 next week, hooray, wickedly lucky escape!) Fran ps and too old for cleaning too!

Leigh said...

Oh you had me so worried there for a second. I am so glad you are back to your self. I just could not take it, if you were a cleaning and crafting goddess!!!

Love the bag and coin purse, you have one lucky cousin!

Thanks for the recipe!

Monkee Maker said...

Blimey .... talk about letting the side down. Cleaning floors?? What's that all about?!

Luckily you redeemed yourself with that fab bag and purse combo.

Please think VERY carefully before you put disturbing pictures like that on the internets again, or I may have to report your site.


Elora said...

Cleaning, sewing and baking - wish i lived in your house. Very productive and they all look lovely. Got my rainbow brite sheets shopping bag with me today so got to find me some postman pat to match.

dottycookie said...

Love the look of that cake. I made banana muffins (well, we have a monkee to feed now) but that would be lovely for breakfast tomorrow.

Funnily enough I also cleaned the floors. I didn't manage any sewing,m but I did buy a rotary cutter and mat because, obviously, having decluttered my craft stuff I now need to replenish it ...