Monday, January 14, 2008

Quick hello

Today did not map out quite as planned!
I had a late night finishing a novel Moogsdad had bought me for Christmas and put the light out at ten past midnight. Twenty minutes later I heard Minx charge into the bathroom. Poor baby then spent the whole night being very sick and with a very upset tum - needless to say I didn't get any sleep!!

I've spent today 'nursing' the Minx and feeling bleurgh.

Not a lot of craftiness has gone on but I've been working on some ideas for soft toys and stitcheries.

I did get a lovely surprise from Leigh and Lucy this morning as they have both nominated me for this award:

Thank you so much ladies - this brightened a manky Monday morning!!!
Rather than go through the angst of choosing who to pass this on to I would like everyone who reads my blog to have this award. Thank you all for inspiring and encouraging me :)
I think I need to do seven weird facts about me:
1. I was told not to bother doing art 'O' level at school and although I'd have dearly loved to go to art college I never did.
2. If I ever win the lottery I will do an art degree
3. Moogsdad and I got sunburnt down one side of our bodies climbing Ben Nevis in early June, 9 years ago.
4. I used to love watching my Grandad skinning and gutting rabbits when I was a child.
5. I cannot stand theme park rides that spin - I get very giddy and nauseous.
6. I love camping but never sleep well and so usually end up somewhat cranky by the end of the week!
7. If I find a new crafty interest I just have to read everything about it. Fortunately since discovering craft blogs my spending on books and magazines has decreased dramatically as you guys tell me everything I need to know :)
Not very interesting but it's about all my befuddled brain can muster up. Off to refuel with a monster-sized bowl of pasta and maybe a small glass of red to help me chill.
Minx has managed some scrambled egg and is looking a little brighter so hopefully tonight will be more restful. I'm keeping her off tomorrow but she can help me with some crafting - ok, so she'll actually, most likely, be plugged into a DVD while I sew ;)


Kitty said...

:-O Oh no! The upchucking thing has reached your place. You poor thing - there's not much worse, is there? :-( Thankfully, they do usually pass quite quickly. I hope Miss Minx feels much better soon - and that the rest of you don't 'get' it. Take care. x

Kaz said...

AAwww poor little Minx, I hope she feels better soon and you get some sleep tonight. My youngest niece had this last week too, it's horrible x

Monkee Maker said...

Your designs look smashing .... are you sure you didn't do that O level?

Congrats on the award .... thoroughly deserved ;)

And I hope you have a better night (the glass of red is bound to help) and the Minx does too


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hiya missus, glad to hear minxy is feeling a little better! Haven't achieved anything here today - other than stalking my inbox for the last few swap replies! Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive - except I've just remembered I'm meeting mum and dad in town for lunch - yummy! Lucy x

Leanne said...

Childhood gastro is the pits- for the mum - hope tonight is better. Those sketches look very interesting. Congrats on the award.

trashalou said...

Poor old Minxie! Hoping she feels better soon and the glass of something red aids your restful sleep tonight.


I do hope the Minx soon feels better. I don't want to be doom and gloom but you don't think she has picked up the Norovirus do you, I had a really horrible dose of it over Christmas and you can be contagious for about two days, so best to keep her off for about that. She must be feeling really grotty, poor thing. Love your facts, I was useless at art, my brother once did my homework for me, and my art teacher never said anything, but must have guessed I hadn't done it! x

the vicious chicken said...

Ooh, sorry to hear that the Minx has been all lurgified. Sounds very nasty for her (and you). Glad that she's starting to perk up a bit, though - I hope that trend continues, and also that the rest of the Moogfamily avoid the nastiness.
Take care, VCxx

Patti said...

Oh you poor thing. And poor Minx.

Hope things are getting better in Moogland.

Gina said...

Pleased Minx is on the mend and hope the rest of you stay clear of whatever it is she's picked up.

Well done on the award - couldn't have gone to a better person! I did do the O level but was discouraged from going further with Art (despite dreams of art college.)Guess that's why I'm doing the degree thirty years later!

Kae said...

Poor Minx... and poor you :( Hope she feels a lot better today (and you got a more restful night last night)... Love your sketches, especially the mushroom one :)


Bethany Hissong said...

I hope no one else gets sick there!!! I am always afraid when I stay up too late, that I'll end up being up with one of the kids... weird fear, but now it happened to you! Your sketches look cool...can't wait to see more of your ideas. I realized too that I don't buy magazines all the time like I used to... I am addicted to getting info on blogs!!!

artisbliss said...

If I had a dollar for every hour of sleep I've lost being up with a sick child, I'd spend it all on art supplies! Hope the Minx is much better by now and that no one else comes down with similar symptoms.

dottycookie said...

Poor Minx :-( No fun - hope you got some sleep in the end.

And by the way, your number 7 fact describes me to a tee - you probably should be very afraid ;-)

Leigh said...

Your sketches look like they are going to turn into something really awesome! I sincerely hope your Minx is feeling better.

Thanks for sharing your 7 with us!