Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Robotic adventures in Moogland - or another day at home with Minx!

Little Miss Minx is much better and has spent the day at home nagging and stopping me playing at my own things and moaning every time the phone rang which was once or twice naming no names Mrs L :) finding interesting things to do!

She'll be going back tomorrow! However, I have no idea yet if I'll be alone tomorrow as Sausage Monster has, ominously, complained of tummy ache this evening. He is the easier one to have at home as he'll let me get on and sew as long as he has something good to watch on TV - Minx wants to do whatever I'm doing.

My Mum used to think it was so funny that Minx is so much like me - she said it served me right for being like that to her for all those years!!

Minx was very upset about missing school today as they were going to be making robots for Friday's class assembly. We made up for it by making one at home - imaginatively called Robbie:
How on earth her poor teacher got on making these with 24 children I have no idea - one child:one robot was more than enough for me!
With the robot done and the Minx installed here playing fab dressing up and makeover games I was able to have a chat with the lovely Mrs Locket who has had one heck of a week - setting up a new blog avec moi, organising a Valentine swap for 60 bloggers and doing a 100th post giveway all the while nursing poorly mini-Lockets and fulfilling orders and crafty challenges - this is, without a doubt, her !!!
In the midst of this I espied a wet and bedraggled postie coming up the drive with something exciting looking in his hand. Fortunately it turned out just to be a parcel for me :)
Mmmmm - who could this be from? Have I accidentally ordered something off the internets?
Far, far better than that.
It is a package from the Goddess of Monkee's Made of Knit - a lovely lovely thank you package for winning my giveaway recently. See, there was a reason her number was randomly generated after all :)
Oooooh, look at this - the postbag is a very environmentally friendly re-used one previously sent to MM.
Too excited to wait for better light MM!!!
Lookee here - a Monkee card!!!! I'm building a collection for my retirement fund ;)

Aha - thought you'd spot the Chokolit in there!!

A mint chocolate in a chocolate box with a chocolate lid!!! Look:

Minx and I had to sample it to see if the box really was made of chocolate. I'm pleased to report that it was - and it was deeeeelicious!

If you're made of chocolate or wine you won't last long round here ;)
Thank you so much Monkee Maker - I'll have to make sure you win everything on my blog in future!!!!
Although I was almost too excited I did force myself to do something craftyish today. I've got an order for a cushion for a little girl with the specification that it must be pinks and lilacs with a cat.
I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it has been to get into this. I'm finding it hard to sort out the right fabrics without spending more than the order is worth and I'm finding it even harder to get excited about cats.
I fabric painted the cat - looks a bit like devil terminator nightmare cat to me - and have sorted out some fabric. I'll get it done by the end of the week. I know I will. I'm just totally contrary and would rather make something green or turquoise!!

Minx has a party to go to at the end of the week and I've said I'll make her friend a cushion. Minx has said she likes pinks and lilacs (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!) and dogs.
So she's getting red and white and a fairy!!!!!
Our lovely roofer called in this morning to say he won't be able to start until the gales have subsided. It has been a pig of a day here with torrential rain and high wind.
I'm so relieved he hasn't started stripping the slate yet! Fingers crossed he'll start tomorrow - although we'll probably get our first proper snow for 10 years!! Apparently he needs just two clear days to strip and felt the roof so that it is waterproof and then he can start the fancy schmancy retiling stuff.
There's going to be an awful lot of banging going on here very soon (ahem!). A sure recipe for a heightened state of Moog woofage - marvellous!! Poor old dog get's more bonkers with every passing year. As Minx said to our neighbour 'When Meg dies we're getting a Labradoodle'.
I love the sentiment of children, don't you?
p.s. I do have to apologise for the awful spacing in this post - I tried everything, short of blackmail, to get Blogger to 'give me space man' but Blogger is being crubbish and 'the computer said no'.!!!!!


dottycookie said...

Poor little Minx - and I hope Sausage Monster resists the bug! You've had more than your fair share recently!

I've been reading about Chokolitn and the little lad who came up with the idea. Clever boy!

Kitty said...

Uh oh - fingers crossed Sausage Monster doesn't have the upchuckiness :-( Good to hear Miss Minx is recovered though - I have bookmarked the makeover site as I think I know someone who'd like to have a play with that :-D

That MM sends a cracking parcel doesn't she? Take care. x

cmoon said...

Hello Moogsmum I hope the weather holds out for your roof works. We had similar works last year, but in the summer.You would think that was sensible but beleive it or not that was the year we had brilliant sunshine and Husband was like "cat on a hot tin roof" Ah well it's worth it now seeing as the rain has forgotten to stop.Flood warnings here!!

trashalou said...

Good luck with the weather Missus M. ASk your builderman if he can work very quickly as it is dry for 24 hours over our way.

Glad Madam Minx feels betterer and fingers crossed the boy doesn't suffer.

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

Oh that looks like so much fun!

weirdbunny said...

A package full of monkey goodness. That chocolate box looks divine !

Bethany Hissong said...

The robot is great... every child needs one of those ;) I hope your day is quieter tomorrow, though it sounds as if the roofing will not allow that! We finally have colder winter weather here. I can't imagine having my roof taken off now! STay warm and tell those little ones to feel better!! And enjoy the chocolate... we made brownies here tonight to kick off American Idol!!!

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Lesley,

Wow - Royal Mail are really on the ball these days, aren't they? I'm glad you enjoyed the package - and yes, those chokolits are lush, aren't they? Looking at it now on your blog, I realise that the only contribution I made to it was the moo card. Hey-ho.

The robot is brill and I just know you'll do a sterling job on those cushions ..... go wild!


Ally said...

Had to write a quick comment as I did have a great big chuckle on your link referenced "her" - my little sis. I thought no I haven't got time to click on it I should be getting ready to go out to work, so I scrolled down a bit further and then back to it and click - It made me laugh lots - well worth it as I know my sister will have laughed as much - hope to see her in the costume one day!! I won't hold my breath though.

Have a good pink and lilac day! The sun is just beginning to shine here.


Gina said...

Wow - a chocolate inside a box made of chocolate - how good can it get!
Glad Minx is better and hope Sausage Monster hasn't succumbed to the bug!
Gina x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What I want to know is how you managed to get that photo, I thought my PR people had an embargo on that one!!!!

Kaz said...

oh my look at that choc! Yummy! That robot pic brought back memories of when I was in the infant school and the PTA did the wizard of ox for us and my mum was the tin man and her costume was identical to that!!

Hope the children feel better v v soon.

ps my sis is getting a labradoodle this year, spooky coincidences on this post!

Julie said...

Glad to hear the Minx is much better. I do hope your son hasn't come down with it. Unfortunately I have. Yuck!
Your robot is awesome!

Kaz said...

what the doodahs is the wizard of ox?!!

Leigh said...

Your robot creation is wonderful!! I am very envious of your MM package! I don't blame your for ummmm always picking her name!!!

Catrianna said...

Thankyou for your lovely comment :) The robot is adorable! 2A^awesome, infact (that's 'super-awesome' in robot speak).

Cheers, Cat

Kaz said...

Woohooo to youuuu Lesley, you have been pickeed as the winner of my blog candy!!!

Well done!