Saturday, January 5, 2008

She's a chip off the old block

We were back to reality today as the children recommenced their Saturday morning activites. Football for the Sausage Monster and shaking her butt to the music modern dance for Minxie.

After a rather delicious lunch of fresh salmon fillets, oven baked potato wedges and veg, cooked by the resident expert chef me, the boys went off to St Mary's to watch Saints win 2-0 against Leicester City. Southampton FC have a great deal, several times each season, whereby they let children watch matches for just £1!

This left the Minx and I with a glorious girlie afternoon to fill. Our first step? Why a trip to our very local Hobbycraft of course!! Minx bought herself some stickers and I bought some cotton batting, a pack of eight fat quarters for £4.99 and some pretty ribbons. I have several projects in mind for these goodies.

Then it was home for a spot of crafting for Minx. She was given a lovely 10x10 scrapbook for Christmas with some great papers and stickers included.

As Moog's most annoying human who will just never leave the poor old dog alone biggest fan Minx decided her first ever page should be dedicated to the hairy canine fool.
Not bad for a six year old's first trip to the Dark Side, eh?
Unfortunately, Minx then remembered another present she'd had. Now, I'm all for children being allowed to be creative. I love having a mini-me who loves nothing better than just making and doing. This is all very well when the craft involved is something achievable that children can feel some ownership off without having to have an adult do most of it for them.
Minx is so much like me it scares the heck out of me a very independent little girl who prefers to do as much herself as she can. Therefore, when faced with stupid aaaaagh pompoms and pipecleaners that won't stick, no matter how strong your mother's glue, it can become a might frustrating.
Who, I ask you, who decided these would be a good thing for children to do?
We've had them before and they were no less frustrating then. We used very very tacky PVA and lots of it. Still the pompoms won't stick to each other (unless you hold them together for 24 hours) AND AS FOR TRYING TO STICK STUPID AAAAAAAAAGH PIPECLEANER 'LEGS' ONTO THEM - FORGET IT - IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!

Luckily there was some felt in the set which I was instructed to cut big feet shapes out of. So now we have four precariously glued blob monsters drying in the hope that they might survive long enough for the b***dy huge goggle eyes also included in the 'craft set for children' to be ironically glued on!!!!!

Oh, how I love crafting.......
Once we'd exhausted the pompom art Minx moved onto the next activity.
She was a very lucky little girl this Christmas as she got her first camera. After downloading her first 214 photos (!) she started on the next batch. She's obviously watched far too much of me setting up 'my pretty home' (now that's a laugh!!) shots for the blog:

Here she is after setting up her 'Christmas snuggly dressing gown' backdrop on which to photograph her alarmingly large selection of 'favourite' cuddlies - one by one by one by....... The photo above is, of course, of Jess the sheepdog :)
According to Moogsdad we are heading out for a 'good walk' tomorrow after a hearty full English breakfast. Could be a good day to reintroduce my camera to the New Forest. Ooooooh, just thought - a stop off at the sea on the way back to our slow-cooked beef stew sounds good.
The beach in winter is my favourite place to be :) That's one of a very long list of reasons why I could never move back to where I was born and brought up - landlocked Birmingham.
Hope you have a lovely Sunday xxxxxx


Monkee Maker said...

You're just trying to torment me with that granny square blanket, aren't you?

It sounds like you and the Minx had a fabulous day, I love the mother and daughter photo session ;)

And I'm very jealous of your brekkie tomorrow .... is he cooking it? I'm not jealous of the "good walk" though - just the breakfast ....


Lesley said...

If he cooks it he won't be able to manage the clearing up afterwards. He'll also take forever, being a man and only able to do one thing at a time - sausages .......bacon.......eggs.....mushrooms......what do you mean you want a cuppa, you don't need toast....
It may be easier to do it myself :)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Glad to hear that you and the Chip had,um, fun.........! Can I come for breakfast too??? Very exciting here as I have nearly finished my first mitten for Fred!!! I remember mum knitting us mittens and I have always wanted to make some but never found a pattern/got round to it - until now! So here I am alternately knitting a sock, hat and mitten at the same time as spending far too much money on new fabric and a bizarrely small amount of money on a bizarrely large amount of stripey socks - see I am a multi-tasker after all!!! Lucy x

Kitty said...

We've done that frustrating pipe cleaner thing too ... it's not funny is it? The upset and stress when they just won't stick is awful. And that was just me! x

trashalou said...

Oh! I think that is too cute. Those gorgeous little hands holding that camera?! Seriously - too cute!

Kaz said...

Ah now Lesley you're in luck as I'm sat here with Lucy my 8 year old niece and she likes nothing better than a good gluing session. Her advice is, if you want to stick the pipecleaners to paper, glue the paper not the pc's. Then for sticking 2 pompoms together, cut a piece of paper small enough so it won't be seen and then glue the pompoms onto either side of the paper........handing you over to Lucy so she can explain..
with the pompoms cut the paper not to small but small enough so it wont show through the pompoms put glue on one side of the paper and stick the pompom then put glue on the other side of the paper and stick the other pompom to it i had trouble to with this the first time too. Back to me again lol, hope that helps xx

Leanne said...

Sounds like a nice day, you had better be careful Minx will be wanting to set up her own blog now she has a camera. I have lovely memories of the New Forest I wish I was coming with you.

Lina said...

I love the fact that she's taking blog pictures like her mum too!

the vicious chicken said...

Sounds like a fab girlie afternoon to me. The Minx has obviously inherited your talents of craftiness :o)

Hope your walk today is fun - we're going on one too so I'm relieved that it's stopped bucketing it down! Hope it's fine where you are too.

Gina said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day of craftiness!
Hope the breakfast was good and you are enjoying your walk. I'm wishing I was out walking in the sunshine but I should be working... instead I'm blogging so really I might as well be out walking... arrrgh!
Gina x

Patti said...

sounds like a fabulous day was had by all.

I commiserate with the pompom glueing. Many tears have been shed over the blimmin' things.

Kaz's tips are good, will def. have to look into these sometime.

French Knots said...

I bought a slow cooker yesterday but need to google some recipes.
Sounds like a good crafting afternoon, like Mother like Daughter! Some of the kits are cr*p aren't they?! Father Christmas brought one for making stained glass windows and I can't make it look like anything other than a mess never mind the children!

dottycookie said...

Psssst - get a glue gun. Too hot for little people to use themselves but we did successfully make a pom-pom and pipecleaner spider with its aid, and the legs are still on months later. The glue in those kits is complete rubbish.

And breakfast sounds yummy. These days it's as much as I can do to get a bowl of cereal in this place, I ask you, the service isn't what it used to be when I lived with my parents ...

Leigh said...

I love it that you have a mini me!! This post is too cute. Just wait til she wants her own blog!

Bethany Hissong said...

I missed this post too! I'm going backwards in time... oh, I have been there with the kid crafting (I was an art teacher for goodness sake!!!). You are absolutely right about the crazy things they put out there for kids. Let's just look at the ease of drawing with a crayon-- it's nearly impossible!! But I just love the photo of Minx setting up her own photo! We all have a bunch of mini-me's around us, don't we??! :))