Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This monkey thing may be getting out of hand.....

Anyone would think 2008 was the year of the Monkey!
There's certainly been a lot of wonderful monkage going on here, here and here over the past few days. Although not one to consider herself in any way trendy I do have sheeplike tendencies and just had to join in.

The funny thing was a certain Lucy 'I've cleaned Primark out of all the best socks' Locket
was obviously baa'ing to the same tune!! You should see her Freddy - as it were. We've set each other a bit of a challenge to keep the craftiness going but more of that later when we've ironed out the 'rules' of the game.

All this blah is just a very tortuous way of getting round to introducing you to the latest recruits to the Worldwide Monkee Army.

These guys were made from the sock monkey tutorial link on Monkee Maker's blog and are constructed from the finest socks Peacock's could offer. I do like a bit of quality ;)

Minx meets Minnie Mabel Monkee:

Minnie Mabel Monkee with Peter Parker, so called by Sausage Monster because Peter is a Spidermonkee and as you will all know Peter Parker is in fact the mild mannered reporter who in his sexier moments transforms into Spiderman!

They are really badly stitched, lumpily stuffed and highly likely to burst their seams with the application of minimal pressure constructed in a deliberately ironic manner. The children love them and I have been asked to make some for friends already!

As well as making a start on the monkeys I also spent the better part of the morning stalking a bid I had in on eBay. At 12.04pm I won! I shall very soon be the proud owner of a sparkly new bargain schmargain sewing machine with 60+ stitches and a whole bundle of extra feet, bobbins, thread etc. It's not the bestest machine in the world but it's capabilities will open a world of 'fancy stitchery' to yours truly.

Oh, how the long winter evenings will fly by..........

See how fantastic I am? Making monkeys, online shopping and entertaining a small boy whose school is closed. I can hear you asking 'How does she do it?'

Here's how:
Ignore any sort of household task no matter how small.
Indulge your child's every whim to watch telly, play on the Wii, eat chocolate, destroy the living room.
Rarely take any sort of comfort break.
Repeat the phrase 'In a minute' approximately every 30 seconds.
Ditch rissotto for dinner in favour of beans on toast.
Do all the 'housework' in 34.5 seconds before husband returns home exhausted from a hard day's bread winning.

See? Easy when you know how :)

As I'm obviously in a jovial (post 1 glass of red) mood I'm not sure I should burst the bubble. However, something absolutely awful happened when I picked Minx up today and I sort of have to get it off my matronly chest - so forgive me.

I had taken Minnie Monkee up to school to meet Minx this afternoon and we were chatting happily with friends near the church. Suddenly my friend sort of shrieked 'Oh No!!' we all turned round and a poor little cat had run straight out in front of a car not 4 metres from where we stood. The poor thing didn't stand a chance and neither did the driver (who oddly did not even seem to notice and drove off).
Although the car ran right over the cat it did run away. My friend followed after it while I stood with a huddle of very shocked children. Needless to say the cat did not survive and died very quickly. The cat was wearing a collar and my friend, who is the kindest person, waited for an hour until the owner's got home to let them know.

As you may imagine this experience has encouraged the children to ask some interesting questions this evening and has caused me to draw on all those parental resources I never knew I had in order to provide satisfactory answers!

So that we don't end on a downbeat note I feel we should have some music. Will this do? Gotta love a bit of Dolly :)



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

OK Mrs Moogsmum, I need to have a serious word with you in private. We need to talk about Dolly...............!

On a less serious note, those are mighty fine monkees you have made there missus! Definitely got the long-limb-thing going on (unlike my stunted creation - least said, soonest mended, and all that)

Love the colours and names and everydarnthing about them!

Exciting news about your new machine.

Less exciting about the cat - not good at all, poor little thing and poor you, and the other mums and children.

Off to watch Masterchef now and dream of being able to tackle culinary masterpieces such as beans on toast

(so I can be just like you!!!!)

Locket xxx

Kitty said...

I did sock monkeys too! And like you have been asked to make more ... I can't look at a pair of socks anymore without thinking 'monkey potential'. That sounds rude, but it isn't - honestly. Your sock monkeys are wonderful, and long-limbed whereas mine are obviously midget monkeys *blush*. Maybe there is a more polically correct way to say it, now I come to think about it??

Sorry to hear about the cat thing - that's so sad :-( But good for you for tackling the 'interesting questions'. They're important, aren't they?

My word verification is 'phyfthlh' which could be a post beans on toast word, couldn't it?

Sorry for lowering the tone. I'll go now. x

Kaz said...

Oooohhh I love your sock monkees, so colourful. I need to get some stripies (but I'll be doing frogs sshh don't tell the primates).

Those poor children seeing that happen to a cat, no wonder you needed a glass of the red stuff.

Please tell me you'll blog the machine so I can stare at its loveliness.

Kaz xx

Monkee Maker said...

Hey! Not fair!! How come your sock monkeys don't look scary? They're really cute :)

Dennis, sadly, has burst asunder in various places, so has to be "strategically" photographed these days .... mind you, it's very rare that he's ever called upon - the freak.

What a horrible thing for the kiddies to witness .... unfortunately horrible things happen though, don't they? Ooh, hark at me being all profound!

And thanks for the fantastic housework tip .... wonder if I can break the 34 second record tomorrow ;)

trashalou said...

Hmmm, seriously think Monkee Maker will have to concede I.S.S.M. * (Ironically Stitched Sock Monkee)crown to another. Just not sure who that will be.... am off to check out Missus Recycled Pocket's Place to compare.

BTW very impressed you dealt with big questions so confidently.

Angel Jem said...

Heavy and light. It's a shame about the cat... but roads are dangerous places.

On a much lighter note.... love the monkey love!
And the machine tee hee. If this is what you make without the 30 stitch answers the phone machine, what will you make with it? (no pressure here!)
And is it a Husquvarna, because if it is I can make my husquvarnanirvana joke. I loke it anyway. Have fun!

imac said...

Hi, ooo you have a funny blog here, started with a smile, which grew wider into a laugh, into tears in my eyes.
Nice going - also thanks for visiting my lil ol blog and comments on DW paintings.

Lina said...

Thanks for the "domestic engineering" tips! Monkey's pretty cute too.

Suzie Sews said...

WOW a stunner...must get my head around making one of these cheeky fellows...

Patti said...

Lovin' those monkeys. I am resisting the temptation to even look at the instructions.

Poor cat, and poor kids who saw it all.

Keep monkeying around

Leigh said...

Owwwww, I love your Minnie and Peter! Thanks for the heads up on where to find the tutorial!

I really like your monkey clock too!

Gina said...

Fabulous monkeys Missus Moog! I've just give you the Make my Day award - I know Julie gave it too but you make me smile every day!
Gina xx

Leanne said...

Fab sock monkee - my hubby loves beans on toast it must be the english in him.

French Knots said...

Ooo a new sewing machine - what fun! You'll have to cut down the housework though so you have time to play with it properly, I'm finding things are taking longer to make while I get the hang of my new toy - better cut down to 12.3 seconds I think!
Bad news about the cat, horrible thing to witness.x

Bethany Hissong said...

What an emotional roller coaster today!! First I was laughing again and then upset about the cat... I have lost too many to traffic!!! I feel totally out of it, having never sewn or bought a monkey. Yours are so much fun-- my kids would love them! I am envious of your new machine..wow! And I actually love Dolly in 9 to 5, so that was a fun flashback this morning! I'll be listening to that as I read other blogs ;)

Ali said...

I laughed and laughed at your 'how does she do it' honesty.

But not at the cat thing.

Wonder if I have any beans in the cupboard...

Anonymous said...