Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Totally terrific Tuesday!

Cor blimey it is one extreme to the other round here!!

Yesterday was, it has to be said, somewhat pants on the satisfyingly lovely scale.

I must say, however, that the words of support from the Blogland Women's Army were very much appreciated!!! So far I have not had to call on your services with knitting needles or malarial pathogens but there is disturbing news afoot!

But first (and I know you don't start sentences with but!) just feast your eyes on the loveliness that fell into my hands shortly after I had grappled the postie to the ground this very morning:

Hello, is that for little ol' me?

As you can see I unwrapped this beautifully parcelled gift very delicately :)

I opened this first and may have become slightly overexicited judging by the disapproving and matronly look on Moog's face! A beautiful handbag charm - see how pretty it is and so girlie and gorgeous and can it really be for me?

A little more maniacal tearing assunder gentle unwrapping led me to a lot more gorgeousness. Just feast your eyes on this:

I have to say an enormous THANK YOU to the very lovely Kaz for this beautiful gift that I was lucky enough to win in her 100th post giveaway just last week.

I really don't want to give any of those lovely cards away but I have some special birthdays coming up soon and may force myself to relinquish one or two!

As for my beautiful Ideas book, complete with a fab pen might I add, I shall be using that for my good ideas that have gone through the initial stages on the back of an envelope!!!

Once the initial excitement had subsided (but still with a delirious grin on my face) I got down to making the most of my Moogsdadfree time.

If you want to see how this turned out go here!

Then I got onto something secretive for my swap partner:
How, you may well be asking, can such a fableous day have any sort of anything go wrong?

1. Send son to school without swimming kit even though it clearly states on 'family calendar' that he has swimming today (despite sending said kit in last Tuesday when he did, in fact, have no swimming at all).

2. Learn the disturbing news that one's husband will be 'working from home' again on the morrow and will be requiring use of computer and all available work/personal/air space to be able to complete highly important top secret manly task (suffice it to say he has the type of job whereby if I told you what his paper was about I'd then have to kill you!)

As my lovely Mum always used to say (and you have most definately read this here before) 'It's no good moping about. You've just got to get on with it!'

Therefore, to avoid any feelings of 'how very dare you interrupt my very important lady pursuits!' tomorrow I shall be occupying myself by visiting the council planning department on a roofy type errand for Moogsdad PhD (yes really - and he married little ol' me!) and then accidentally driving to Romsey to accidentally search out a fabric shop that I have been led to believe, by the internets, is there somewhere......

If I need liberating by the BWA I shall let you know - not sure how I'll let you know but I may have to make an assault on a public library!!!!!!

Now, where did I leave my combat trousers?................


1. overly dark photos - in spite of a much brighter day my house is very dark due to being enveloped in a big scaffoldy blanket. Too dodgy to venture outside to take photos as various missiles keep falling from roof at least expected moments.

2. possible odd blog spacing - Blogger seems to be having a 'how crubbish can we make the gappage tonight?' thing going on!!!!

3. I haven't ignored your request for 7 spurious facts about me Mrs Trash - I just felt there was only so much of my wittering everyone could stand in one day!!!

Aaaaaaaaa-at ease!

You may stand down until the morning but be aware you may be called upon at any time. Please polish your knitting needles before retiring for the night :)


Gina said...

What a lovely parcel! And even lovlier owl.
Don't worry Lesley... my knitting needles will be sharpened ready for tomorrow... how inconsiderate to have two days "working at home" in one week.
Gina xx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Knitting needle collection checked and primed and ready for action Sah! (that's meant to sound like Sir, you know, but I can't think how to type it!)

Does Moogsdad realise that working from home is actually going to cost him more money by forcing you out shopping? I'm sure if you explained it to him he would find it much easier to concentrate at work than he previously thought!

And can I just say, I wish all you swappees would stop being organised and getting on with your gifts as you are giving this swap-organiser a bit of a complex!

Julie said...

I like the sound of a Magical Mystery Tour to Romsey tomorrow. The parcel looks great and the notebook 's very yummy.

Monkee Maker said...

Oooh, what fabulous goodies, and so beautifully packaged!

And .... ahem .... after reading all yesterday's comments and looking at how it may carry on for Mr. MM .... I must confess to feeling a tad guilty.

The poor guy's only trying to earn a crust to fund your yarn / material / DVD stash habit, so I for one have put my needles back in the drawer.


And those owls are a hoot!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

P.S. I forgot to say how insanely jealous I am! Why didn't I win Kaz's giveaway I ask you?

Kaz said...

Glad you like your goodies Lesley!!

I have pointy papercrafting tools which can be used in the same way as knitting needles should you need them!!

trashalou said...

Hey! There's a man lives at my house with a job like!

Lucky old you to get such fabulous gifts. It is now my blogging universe goal to win a giveaway.

As I type I am bouncing tuppence on my crisply made bed and wondering whether we can have MM brought up on charges of desertion.

(oh wait, no, she has that new model monkey army at her disposal. Let's not then. Shall I get the kettle on?)

Bethany Hissong said...

You have an obvious blog addiction which is actually a good thing. Prepare for withdrawal symptoms! But it sounds like you're taking the right prescription: fabric shopping. Try adding a couple doses of cappuccinos and chocolate, or whatever makes you smile!! I love your new things and I am off to see what these owls are all about... I peeked and I just LOVE them!!!

Kitty said...

Kitty reporting for duty. I have approximately 10 sets of highly polished knitting needles with me, and I'm not afraid to use them. :-D

As for Kaz's parcel ...ooooh, much drooling going on here, and consequent mopping of keyboard. What a truly lovely giveaway.

The owls are wonderful, and that Valentines Swap is shaping up nicely too. I think I'd better make a start on mine *blush*


Leanne said...

Poor Mr moogsdad have you let him read the comments.