Tuesday, January 29, 2008

WIPping, wonky stitching and a nearly one legged rabbit

In addition to the envy inducing fabrics I scored at the Scrapstore yesterday I also got a wodge of A3 drawing paper for the kids to use. Minx made immediate use of it when she got in from school last night.

First she wrote and illustrated a book called 'Mr Apple's First Job' in which Mr Apple and his next door neighbour Mr Blackberry secure themselves great new jobs as chefs. My favourite line has to be 'Why didn't I do this job before IT'S BRILLIANT!' The book has been 'bound' and taken into school today :)

She also did some sketching and here's a little sample:

I was looking at these drawings this morning and thinking of how I could use them. By a strange coincidence I then went over to Mollychicken's blog and just look at the fab ideas there!!!
This may be turned into a crafty challenge very soon!

Apart from me, is anyone else out there an impatient crafter who likes things to be started and finished as quickly as possible?

I get all twitchy with 'works in progress' but I'm getting better (slightly) at taking my time.

I seem to have a whole load of WIPs this week and all at various stages of assembly. Rather than just get on and finish some I decided to start another today!!

An almost one-legged rabbit for this week's crafty challenge:

I say almost as I, luckily, realised in the nick of time that I'd only made one leg and quickly addressed the limb shortage!!!

I started fabric painting this last night for an order:

It's supposed to be a West Highland Terrier but it needs more work - especially around its rather strange mouth!!

I've blanket stitched the elephant applique- oooooooh, I looooooooooooove having blanket stitch on my new machine:) !! He needs a tail and an eye.

Then I wonkily topstitched ratty for my other order:

He now requires some handstitching.
I seem to have suddenly accumulated a large number of hand sewing projects. They were scattered everywhere so I've organised myself and put them all together in a basket ready to get on with this evening.

Here's my handstitching to do list: ('cause I know you are desperate to know!!!)
Handstitch 3 name labels for cushion orders.
Stitch elephant's eye and tail.
Stitch ratty's face.
Turn, stuff, and assemble Tilda bunny body and handstitch face.
Stitch something on a surprise Valentine swap something.
That should stop me reaching for the wine and chocolate in front of the telly tonight :)
Once I've finished that I can get on with my crochet!!!
My friend was telling me just yesterday how bored she gets at home.
I can't seem to find the time to get bored!!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Phew! That was scary! Blogger wouldn't let me post a comment for you! Do you think it new it was me????

As for being bored! Who gets the chance? I was sitting in the lovely Weight Watchers meeting this morning with my fingers itching to get my knitting out and be doing something and when I went to a party with Fred the other day I simply HAD to spend the time cutting out doll pieces as 2 hours doing NOTHING would have been total sacrilege!

Your westie painting is fabulous! and I love ratty and ellie - can't wait to see them with eyes as that always gives them their character!

Your basket of work to do looks very interesting!!!!! And Minxy's drawings definitely need to be turned into stitched artwork - they are brilliant! Can't wait to see Mr Apple and Mr Blackberry in print!

Very long comment - perhaps I should get a blog!!! HA HA HA

Locket xx

artisbliss said...

You're very industrious, for sure. And what a lot of lovely projects. Be sure to post photos when they're finished.

Stine said...

Oh, I love the idea of bags made of little people's drawings. They would be grand! Wouldn't they make wonderful prezzies for a Gramma?

Kitty said...

I wish my sewing machine did blanket stitch - that is a definite requirement should I ever *upgrade*. As it is, I handstitch all blanket-stitching, which isn't so bad - I've even been known to do it in bed *blush*

Thanks for the link to mollychicken's blog - always a treat to find a new blogger to read who makes such fabulous stuff.

Take care. x

Jane said...

No time to be bored,with work as well i don't have enough time for crafting. Love the drawings, and sewing and love the Westie too. Jane x

Patti said...

Bored at home? Man, I wish I were home long enough to get bored.

Lovin' the Westie. We have a Westie (lives with MIL at the moment) called Morag. Usually referred to as "the moog".

Gina said...

Those drawings are lovely - I saw Molly Chicken's post today and wished I had some little drawings to use. I'm going to have to trawl through the boxes in the loft again! The blanket stitch around the elephant is fabulous.. a requirement for all sewing machines I think!

Gina xx

dottycookie said...

Oooh, get you with your basket full of loveliness!

As others have commented, I wish I was at home long enough for a chance to get bored. Maybe one of these days ...

French Knots said...

Bored at home?! Presumably she doesn't sew/knit/bake/read/laze/have children!
Ratty is fab, what a great selection of projects you are juggling this week!

the vicious chicken said...

Oh, a West Highland Terrier... when you mentioned that yesterday, for some reason I thought of a Highland cow... which isn't quite the same, clearly. Anyway, that's what I was expecting... so your westie was quite a surprise!

Surprising, but very, very good. I particularly like the eyes - how do you get them to look so shiny and lifelike?

weirdbunny said...

Your mouse is stunning !!!!! Totally adorable. Your the second blog I've looked at today that has been painting on fabric.

Kaz said...

Love those pictures Minx drew, she's got talent that girl.

Ooo is that the notebook peeking out of your bag?! It looks very much at home.

Julie said...

Minx's drawings will make some great stitched work. Similarly I shall have to scour my cupboards for my stepdaughter's early efforts.

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

Your organized! Im so excited, I ordered that book last night so I hope I can join in when it arrives!!!

Leigh said...

My pretend virtual niece is so talented!!! She takes after her mother! I just read an article about how to make stuffed animals out of your childs drawings, too cute! I can scan and send it your way, if you want me too.

Angela said...

Minxy's drawings are lovely.If you are looking for some ideas to use them check out this site, www.stuffyourdoodles.com It's a fun place to visit.
I hope Moogsdad is feeling better and has gone back to work,leaving you to work your way through your hand sewing list.
The cushion covers are looking very nice.

Monkee Maker said...

Brilliant fabric painting there, MM .... is there anything you can't turn your hand to?

I look forward to seeing the Minx's artwork turned into something amazing like those oh-so-cute bags that Mollychicken featured.

I get bored at home. When I'm doing washing, cleaning, ironing, cooking, hoovering, etc. (ergo I don't get bored very often ;)


Bethany Hissong said...

Your rat is turning out great! (I can't believe I'm saying that!) and I didn't know you could do blanket stitch on the machine...now I have to look at my own. (duh) Those bags on Molly Chicken are sooo cute... I do think you should do this with your daughter's drawings. I just love that she loves to draw and make up stories... I love that line too!!: BRILLIANT!!!