Sunday, January 20, 2008

You haven't seen one of these in a while....

After a 'quiet' weekend of sorting out corners (well one corner at least!), washing, cooking, ferrying children hither and thither ( I like hither and thither - may have to use that again!) plus lots of sitting in the armchair crocheting and watching Black Beauty and Miss Potter shedding plenty of happy/sad/happy tears (much to the amusement of naughty children!) I had not planned to blog.

However, some lovely surprises found their way to me through the internets and I wanted to share :)

Before I do I thought some of you may be wondering how this old idiot was doing. It's quite a while since I've posted a gratuitous Moog shot ..... and you don't get more gratuitous than this:

Here's the old neurotic mess of an idiot dog girl spreading herself the length of my delightful orange Freecycled sofa airing her pink bits for all the world to see!

Furniture disclaimer: I don't like/want these old sofas but our old second hand ones fell apart and as this is the house of hand me downs we took what we could get. I don't want much in life but one day I dream of new sofas - but not while this one is drooling and farting all over them!! As Minx said 'When Moog dies we'll get a Labradoodle' which I translate as 'When Moog dies I'll get new sofas!!!!

Now then, onto something much more refined....

I feel like a very very lucky blogger indeed having collected a veritable trophy cabinet full of awards today. I do actually blush when I get an award, solitary, so when three come along I am crimson :)

The lovely and veeeeeeeeeeery funny Kitty has awarded me this fab 'You Cheer Me Up Award'! I do what I can to help, y'know!!

and then she topped that with a Spread the Love Award:
To make this an even more exciting day I was given a 'You Make My Day Award' by the very talented Susan at Artisbliss and (imagine breathless excitement here) my co-awardee was Maggie Grey who is a wonderful textile artist whose work I really admire. What's more I met her when I went to the NEC in Birmingham last year and she was a really lovely person who spent lots of time with us showing us how to use an embellisher.

Thank you so much ladies for my wonderful awards. I want to pass them on and there are lots of people I want to pass them on to. Should I cop out and say you should all have one? Or should I just go for it and let you know that if I've missed you off it's not 'cause I don't love you it's just that I'm crubbish and probably just forgot?
Ok, I'll be brave - it'll look like a list of the usual suspects....
First of all - right back at you Kitty and Susan for being an inspiration and for providing the giggles!
Then, of course, there's Lucy -for the daily reminder that I'm not the only one, Kerry -you are forgiven for the pickle fork incident, Gina -because I still think she has the best name in the world, Julie -for bravely posting from her sickbed, Trashalou ditto the sickbed thing - except hers was hilltop malaria, Vicious Chicken - because you make me laugh so much at your geek tendencies, Jodie -for the amazing antics of her boys, Jem for making me think of Beatrix Potter as Crazy Brenda for ever more.
Oh my word this will take all night!!!
I was going to go on but the Moog has just laid down at my feet and all I can say is 'Maybe giving her a bit of gravy and some broccoli was not the best idea' - you get the picture? Good job they haven't worked out how to send aromas down the internets yet....
If I don't email you about your award it's because I've passed out ;)
Lesley xxxx
p.s. didn't get full blown lurg by the way. Just a day of feeling wibbly and then no further symptoms - thanks for your 'kind' comments and suggestions over the sick bowl issue - especially my new older imaginary sister!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Thanks for the awards boss! Glad to see you had to do a post-of-much-linkeage too! And very glad to see that your imaginary older sister got a mention (watch out for her though - she's always right!!!)

Having great trouble typing this because manky children have knobbled the keyboard and it doesn't want to type h's unless I it tem very ard! ope you ad a good weekend even if te moog is aving wiffy problems! wat ave you been making tis weekend ten? I aven't done muc at all!

opefully talk tomorrow!

Lucy xxx

Julie said...

Recycled gravy and brocolli! Hmmmmmmm! Luvly! Oh gosh! I'm all over unnecessary now! Thank you for giving me the award. :) I think you deserve it back again for working so hard with this post.

dottycookie said...

Aww, thanks for the awards - and well done you! even when you're ill you make people laugh, and there's not many people can do that.

Seriously, I'm glad you are not struck down with the lurgy, but I hope your family spoiled you as if you were.

And I so hear you on the sofa front - our sofa and chairs are heaven knows how old - we've had them 10 years and they were at least 25 years old when we got them. And they don't match. I cover them with throws and cushions but really, there's no hiding their ugliness. One of these days we'll succumb to those DFS ads ...

Have a lovely week!

Monkee Maker said...

Ha ha, thanks for that Lesley, the award and the titter about your farting Moog :D

.... oh, how handy it must be to have a dog in the house sometimes ....

I'm glad you had a nice weekend and are feeling better .... hither and thither .... hmmm, it's ok but it makes me go a bit Jonathan Ross.


Monkee Maker said...

.... by the way .... "Blossom". Was that you? It was the mention of Cedric and the exaggerated winking that put me on to you ....

.... just askin' ....

French Knots said...

I like hither and yon too!
Thanks for the award, you've brightened up a rainy morning.
Our sofa is 20 years old, rather lumpy and saggy but will have to do until the children stop bouncing on it - no point spending money on a new one as a trampoline.

Patti said...

Oooh Thanks for the awards. Farting dogs. Uggh. I remember the smell. Love the way they just don't care.

(we did have one once (a dog that is) who would get up and leave the room when he did one. Couldn't even stand the smell himself!)

Ally said...

Morning Mrs M

Glad you didn't come down with the full blown lurgy and I liked the post especially the bit about your new OLDER sister. HA! HA! or should I have Mrs L's computer lurgy where it would be A! A!

Well done on achieving so many awards. I definitely had a good giggle Friday.

Take care,


PS You will be pleased to learn that I never made it to the gym this weekend.

the vicious chicken said...

"Geek Tendencies"? Me?? How very dare you!

...although actually, I do see your point :o) Ah well. All the best 'uns are geeks at heart ;o)

Well done on your awards... and thanks so much for passing another one my way - I'll be getting big-headed soon! I do appreciate it though. Yay! :o)

Glad your bug thing didn't develop into full-blown horrendousness. And thanks for the gratuitous Moogpic - they're always nice.

PS Try having a dither hither and thither - lots of fun :o)

Kitty said...

You're welcome to the awards - very much deserved to my mind. So glad you weren't upchucky - although I think the decoupage sick bowl is a brilliant idea. Bet they'd do well at Etsy :-p

Take care. x

Gina said...

Thank you for the award - rich praise indeed from someone who makes me laugh out loud virtually every day. Sympathise about the smelly Moog - Barley suffers too although always manages to look indignantly at one of us as though we were the source of the odour (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)
Glad you're feeling better.
Gina xx

Bethany Hissong said...

I'm so glad you didn't get really sick! I hope you had a good weekend and stop feeding that dog table scraps!!! Poor thing... the Moog can come visit us for awhile!

Leigh said...

Thank you so much for the award! You are a super sweetie!

The pink bits just had me! Of course YaYa is jealous, her pink bits are much smaller!

artisbliss said...

You were sure generous with those awards. I'm glad you didn't ever get really sick, and I love the term wibbly. Very descriptive. Seems you've been wonderfully productive lately.

lucykate crafts... said...

hey, thank you for thinking of me, i've only just spotted this : ))