Thursday, February 28, 2008

Being all grown up!

Well, I did it!!

I went to my job interview.

This may seem like no biggy but believe me when I say I had to make a big effort stop all those nagging voices in my head and just do it!! A week ago I was getting myself into a bit of a state about whether I really wanted to go back out into the real world or not.

Although it's always difficult to tell with interviews it did seem to go well. I got the impression there were not loads of other candidates which is a bonus. The folk at the interview were really lovely and one of them even worked on the same site as I once did in Birmingham - several years after I'd moved on.

I asked about the hours (22.5 hours per week) and they said that as long as I did my hours and got my work done they were happy for me to work around my personal commitments!!!!!

How awesome is that?

I think they meant family/ children commitments though rather than blogging and crafting ones!!!

I'll find out at the end of next week and after all my mixed feelings I actually have my fingers crossed that I do get the job as it would suit me perfectly.

A couple of you have asked what the job is. It's a Recycling Education Outreach Officer - working with schools and community groups in Hampshire on recycling projects - the job spec sounds really interesting. Right up my alley!

Ho hum.

As a result of today's career orientated activity I have no photos of lovely craftiness to show but I did receive this recipe in a 'Recipe Swap' that Leanne emailed to me. The lovely Barbara sent me this exceedingly naughty recipe:

This is really simple and a real favourite.

Take 1 pint of double or whipping cream and whip until stiff.
Take 4 crunchie bars and crush to crumbs ( I tend to put them through the food processor for ease)
Mix the cream with the crunchies and serve
You can add cointreau for an extra taste, and to make it even more special, the mixture can be put into brandy snap baskets for a posh easy to make desert.

I mean, could that be a more perfect pud?!! I think not.

May not start 'the diet' until I've tested that recipe :)

If you're not sure what Crunchie bars are - they are yummy yummy honeycomb enveloped in yummy yummy Cadbury's chocolate like this - mmmmmm.

Dawn French ate a lot of these in Vicar of Dibley.

Maybe we should have some more goodness from the gorgeous Dawn -aided and abetted by the lovely Alice :)

Going now to drink a glass of red with Moogsdad who rather wants his lovely wifelet to be embroiled once more in the great world of work....


Kaz said...

Well done on the interview, I'll keep all bits crossed for you. But how will you/us cope with less blogging and crafty bits?!

artisbliss said...

Glad your interview went smoothly and that it is off your "to-do" list. I hope you find out soon. I hate it when a prospective employer leaves the applicant hanging!

That dessert wouldn't even make it out of the mixing bowl at my house.

trashalou said...

Well done on the scarey interview front. We look forward to celebrating with you later.

Kitty said...

Yay! Well done on the interview - did you go with purple hair? Or silver hair? :-p

Fingers, legs, arms and eyes all crossed for you - it's not a good look and it's giving me cramp, so please post as soon as you know, ok?

Ta. x

Lesley said...

Hey Kitty - I most definately went for the silver look!!! The two lovely young ladies interviewing me were young enough to be my daughters !!!!! Silver or purple - I'd have known!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, lots of exclamation there :)

Lina said...

Go Lesley! Hope it works out for you - finger's crossed!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hello my lovely wonderful wallet buying friend!!!!!! Even if the smelly job will take you away from blogging and talking to me for insane amounts of time I do hope you get it coz you are really rather clever and all that and they need someone like you.

But come on Missus, blogging recipes like that when you know I'm on a diet is just not funny at all!!!

marit said...

Well done on the interview, I do hope y get the job! Fingers crossed:-)
Thanks for the Vicar- links...we've met her a couple of times here too, and she is priceless!
Take care:-)

Stephanie Pettengell said...

Good luck on the job front, and I too will keep everything crossed for you.
That dessert was very naughty, crunchies are my favourites !!!!

Jodie said...

Glad the interview went well - keep us posted.

Bethany Hissong said...

Yeah!!! I'm so glad it went well and you sound very happy! Good luck and keep us informed. I'm glad your showing Moogsdad some love... I guess he's all over his flu, poor thing. And I'm glad you'll still have time to do what you love to do best (crafts...or maybe write... and definately make us laugh!!!

Leigh said...

You go girl! I am sending you good luck vibes! I hope you get the job!!! They would be silly not to give it to Moogsmum!

Monkee Maker said...

Well done for braving the interview panel, and obviously wowing them.

And thanks for wowing us with that recipe .... why, that hardly looks like cooking at all - even I should be able to manage it!

..... hmm, I wonder if it would be the same with 3 Crunchies, as one may possibly get troughed on the way to the mixing bowl ....

(Well, it is friday, thank Crunchie!)


French Knots said...

The job sounds really interesting, fingers crossed for you.
Mmm crunchies, I like to nibble the chocolate off the outside of them like a four year old!

dottycookie said...

The interview sounds fabdiddlytastic - fingers crossed you get the answer you're hoping for!

And I'm sorry, that's not a pudding, that's just sin-in-a-bowl. Aaaaaargh (day 5 of diet - willpower starting to flag)