Friday, February 29, 2008

Bye bye Baby, Baby goodbye......

An update on the sewing machine situation:

I've dithered all week about having to post my poorly sick Baby back to the supplier. A quick phone call to the supplier this morning confirmed it was indeed down to me to pay for her return. That's because they sell them so cheaply in the first place.

The very nice man said that their engineer would look at it (his word!! he didn't realise she was a she) as soon as it (men!!) arrived with them. If it looks like a problem that'll take a bit of solving they'll replace her with a new one straight away. Otherwise it should take a day or two to fix.

I got her parcelled up and then pondered the logistics and cost of trying to send her Royal Mail.

Mmmm - they've shut all the helpful local post offices that you used to be able to park outside of (or even walk to!!). It would involve driving to the main post office and walking 300 yards from the car park with a 15kg bulky box only to find it would cost me a gazillion of our pounds sterling in postal charges.

I think not.

There has to be a better way.

I put my thinking cap on.

I Googled 'parcel delivery services' and found Interparcel.

At 10.20am-ish, after a very simple and straightforward bit of online form filling, I completed my request for a DHL man to come to my house and pick up my poorly baby and deliver her 150 miles or so to the poorly sewing machine hostipul.

At 11.20am the dog exploded into the angry 'pretending to be a fierce guard dog' barking that can only mean one thing.

There's someone at the door.

A lovely lovely lovely DHL man!!!!

He carefully picked my poorly Baby up and gently placed her in his van and off she went.

Bye bye Baby!!!

Whether I see that Baby again or Baby MkII waits to be seen but at least she's on her way to hostipul where the sewing machine doctor can operate.

I am so impressed by the whole Interparcel thing that I had to share it just in case anyone else out there was faced with the prospect of struggling to the post office with a bulky something :)

I'm so kind it sickens me.

I haven't so much as stitched a stitch today but have parcelled up some somethings to be sent abroad very soon and have revisited an old obsession of mine - card making.

March is always a busy month for us with birthday's, anniversaries and Mother's Day.

This is for my nephew who is 2 this Sunday:

This is for my friend whose birthday is on Monday:

This is for Mother-in-Law for Sunday:

I thought I got messy with my sewing but it was nothing compared to the mess I made just doing these cards. Every box and drawer containing my papercraft stash was open. Every bit of the table was covered.

It took me ages to do them as I dithered and pithered with choosing what to do and what to do it with!!!

Oooh, would you look at the time. I have to be going. Naughty children to be picked up from school, beaten soundly and then locked in the cupboard under the stairs. Must go and fetch the children from school.

For those of you having a pretty horrible time, and I know a few of you are right now, I'm sending you a big hug from me and Moog. Hers is the smelly dog flavoured one :)


p.s. couldn't resist this


artisbliss said...

Sorry you had to belt up to send your sick sewing machine away but at least you found a better solution than the PO. Hope the whole thing is resolved soon.

Great cards! I've done a bit of cardmaking myself but I'm so knee deep in 50 other projects I dare not revisit it again anytime soon.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I see what you meant now about how good that paper was - the bird one for you friend is fabulous! My silly sewing machine is playing silly blighters today so I have only got one of the wallets finished but it's a good 'un! Thank you for your generosity of advice giving. Locket xxx

dottycookie said...

Lovely cards!

When exactly did the PO stop being any flipping use at all for anything other than the most simple and small deliveries? It drives me nuts to be told that because the PO have decided I am in Herts (even though we're geographically in Cambs) I have to drive to Welwyn (40 mile round trip) to pick up Parcelforce deliveries rather than Cambridge (12 mile round trip). Sorry, you've touched a raw nerve for me!

Leigh said...

Your cards are fantastic! I am sorry your baby was carted away to the hospital. But, at least you do not have to give her a kidney or anything like that. I know you were willing, you good mum but, still!

the vicious chicken said...

Sorry I missed your post yesterday: but big well dones for the job interview; regardless of outcome, its great that you feel you did yourself justice at interview. That said, I'll be keeping everything crossed for you getting it, too!

As for today's post: your cards are lovely... and I hope you are reunited with baby / get to meet baby#2 very very soon :o)

marit said...

Your cards are beautiful! I haven't really made any, but once I tried, and they looked like crap:-~
I sure hope your baby has a speedy recovery!
Take care:-)

Kaz said...

Those cards are scrummy, you really must make more of them more often (along with all the sewing stuff and possibly new job - you can fit it in I'm sure!)

That's fab about them offering a new baby that fast if she's too poorly to be fixed. A lesson there for the laptop people! Fingers crossed it won't be too long.

cmoon said...

Doing a catch up in blogland -belated good luck on the job front.
Those cards are great! So much talent I think you deserve to get that job.

Ally said...

Love the idea of locking children way under the stairs (not really) and watching Bay City Rollers on You Tube but unfortunately my two now are too big to fit in said cupboard. LOL :)

Love the card for your friend with the birds on it.

Hope you hear from the hostipul soon.

Your big imaginary sis

Lina said...

Ah, the baycity rollers - I'm far too young to remember them....!

Jodie said...

Poor sick baby.
I use that same thinking cap picture in the library at school - its so cute! Hope baby comes home soon.

Becky said...

I found your blog via RedYarn. I wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoy your posts. You are a very entertaining writer or is it your life that is entertaining? Just joking! You are very creative too. I love seeing all the things you make.

I was sorry to hear about your Baby. I live in Memphis, TN, USA, home to headquarters of FedEx. My husband works for 'em too. That is why your dog was barking at the DHL man! You should have shipped the machine via FedEx. You dog would have licked the FedEx man all over:)

I like the cards. I know the recipients will appreciate them.

Leanne said...

Hi Lesley,
Just caught up on your week - I'm impressed with the cards they look great. I hope you get the job perhaps all of us out here could put in a good word for you LOL. You are going back to work and i am looking forward to cutting back my hours yee haa
Hoping you baby is back soon better than ever.

Jane said...

Hope Baby gets well soon, Thanks for the Bay City Rollers I was singing along and enjoying myself (thats really sad i know) Your cards are beautiful i need to make some too. Jane x

Kitty said...

Ooh, thanks for the tip regarding sending a bulky parcel. Do they 'do' bodybag shaped parcels, do you know? *whistles innocently whilst looking around the room* And how far, exactly would they take it?

Doesn't Mrs Locket's Easter Swappy thing demand a handmade card? It's been a while since I made any (used to do zillions) ... suppose I'd better get my thinking cap on.


dottydesigns said...

Love your cards, hope the sewing machine can get better. x

Monkee Maker said...

Ooh, the cards are fab - your kids obvioulsy get their artistic side from you, and you obviously got it from your Mum (having seen one of her cards up close and personal).

I hope you'll be reunited with your baby soon, and thanks for the tip regarding Interparcel. It may come in handy if I ever knit an XXL monkee. .... if I ever knit a monkee again that is .... the MFS is strong this time - I'm blaming that pesky hairy wool!


PJS said...

I know how you feel about the sewing machine, I only just got my baby back.

As soon as I saw the post title I thought of the Rollers.... awww

Julie said...

Bay City Who???..... Ouch! I didn't mean it! I'm just too young!!! Yeah, right! lol. The job sounds really exciting, I hope you get good news soon! Hope you and your sewing machine are soon reunited too.

Bethany Hissong said...

Lesley, I didn't know you were so creative with paper too! I love the cards you made! Now that explains why your children love making cards so much :)
I don't know if the hug was for me, but I'll take it. And pass it along to those who really need it worse than me! thanks.