Sunday, February 10, 2008

Filling up on Vitamin D

After months of rain and grey chilly days it has been such a treat to have a whole weekend of dry, sunny and unseasonably warm weather.

Saturday saw us all pottering about. Moogsdad was on a major clear up operation as once the scaffolding came down we realised we could no longer ignore the piles of leaves and debris that seem to have accumulated over the winter.

I mowed the lawn!!!

In February!!!!

The world has truly gone mad!!!

It seems to be springtime in the garden. These little Tete a Tete daffodils are my favourites.

I also did the cutting back and tidying up that should have been done in the autumn.

The children pottered and bounced on the trampoline. Wherever Monster went, George was never far behind :)

First they played superheroes.

George sunned himself while the children played football.

The fresh air and exercise meant that George was ready for an early night so Monster made him a bed.
I also found time for a bit of crochet. I hadn't done any for nearly a week but this pattern grows pretty fast so I caught up a bit.
Sunday dawned bright and chilly. By mid-morning it was warming up so we headed off for a walk somewhere. We had no idea where we were going.
Moogsdad suggested we go to Hengistbury Head near Bournemouth. Hengistbury is a beautiful National Nature Reserve with fantastic wildlife habitats.
Our plan was to walk through the reserve to the beach huts at the far side of the head overlooking Christchurch Bay. I was planning on taking lots of beach hut photos.

This plan changed somewhat when we decided to go across to the beach first. Four hours later we were still there!!
It was so warm down on the sand - far too warm for February in fact!
As we were totally unprepared for a day on the beach the children were very sensible and kept their shoes and socks on totally ignored my pleas to stay dry and eventually removed all their layers until they were in knickers and short sleeved t-shirts !!!
They had a great time playing dodge the waves or rather not-dodge the waves!!

Monster decided to practise long-jump :)
But then landed thud on his bottom and completely winded himself :(
Here he is sulking because his horrible mother was laughing so hard at him - oops!!

Minx ditched these and they were laid out to dry - how scary is this, they actually dried completely in less than an a British 'winter'!!!!!
Moog was with us and spent four hours tiptoeing along the shoreline willing us to find a stick for her to catch.
Although I've had to come home to a messy house it was worth it. We all feel more alive than we have all winter. Our cheeks are rosy and we feel relaxed and refreshed.
I will never cease to appreciate and enjoy the fact that we live within easy reach of such beautiful beaches. I always used to phone Mum any time we went to the beach so I could share it with her. (That's why I texted you Lucy - being, as you are, my surrogate Mum!!!!).
We never did get our walk but I'm sure we'll all sleep well tonight :)


Patti said...

Sounds, and looks, like you had a fantastic day. Love the sulking child.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Wow! They really did go in the sea then?!!! So you're not southern softies after all!!!!

Glad you had such a fab day and even more pleased that you texted me! We managed to spend some time at the allotment and the children played in the garden too but it was sunny and FREEZING! Lots of fog lurking around!

Lucy x

dottycookie said...

Hasn't it been fab? We've been to the beach today too - but the only one mad enough to go in was my hubby. The girls kept squeaking at the sea and running away.

And mowing the lawn? Pah! We had a barbie 2 weeks ago (well, the mad hubby did. We stayed inside and lauighed at him through the window)

Ali said...

See, I told my hubby it was okay to cut the lawn, but he didn't believe me.

Julie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day Lesley. It's been fantastic hasn't it? My hubby gasped with shock "OMG the lawn needs cutting!" With an admirable determination he headed for the computer and his blog!
Your beachy pix look fab. Love the arty one of Moogs pawprints.

Leanne said...

Great photos Lesley. I will have to get English husband to read it at the beach in Feb unheard of. I can remember him taking me to Bournemouth in the summer and I sat with a candlewick bedspread wrapped around me the whole day. Especially love the snap of pants wet to the crutch. Glad to hear the Moog family had a wonderful day.

Kitty said...

Oh wow - what a lovely day out. It was gorgeous here today too, so we did the park, the garden centre and washed the car.


artisbliss said...

It's days like this one that your children will remember always. Wonderful, letting kids be kids. I'm envying you your sunny warmth. It will be months before we have anything resembling a lawn to mow!

French Knots said...

Doesn't a bit of sunshine lift the spirits? I'd love to live near the coast, an unexpected sunny day is such a gift and even better if you can freeze your toes in the sea too!

Jane said...

Lovely day out at the beach too. parts of worthing beach are open, either near the pier or beyond the end of Grand Avenue. Jane x

corry said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful day! A bit of sunshine does wonders!

Lina said...

Sounds like a fabulous way to spend a Sunday. I can't believe all these sunny posts - I'm ever so slightly (Ok make that very, extremely)jealous!

Bethany Hissong said...

That looks like so much fun! We are still in the worst of winter here...lots of nasty wind and cold air! Enjoy your sunshine and thanks for posting the pretty photos!!!

tintocktap said...

Winter or not, it sounds like you had a wonderful day out! I'm very jealous, I wish I lived near the sea. Think I'll have to give in to my son's request for a seaside holiday in the summer.

PJS said...

Glad you had a great weekend. Very uncharacteristic for british winter... you got lucky. I love the beach, it's weird now living in a such a landlocked place when I feel like I was never far from the sea as a child.

Hope it last a little longer for you.

BTW.... I love george... I can't believe how well integrated he is already

Monkee Maker said...

Ooh, great beach shots too!

You're so lucky to live near the seaside, I have beach envy.

It just makes you yearn for spring - and then summer, doesn't it?


Leigh said...

That sounds like a wonderful day!! Mowing and going to the beach in Feburary, that is wild!

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, such lovely glimpses of spring popping up all over the UK -- just so hard to imagine in February. At least I'm glad to see that you're so appreciative for being close to the sea -- since there are so many of us still buried in snow LOL!bmllpd