Monday, February 4, 2008

Finishing some WIPs

At last I've managed to finish off a few projects that have been bugging me for a couple of weeks.

This was the main bugger culprit!

After the roadkill incident I did finally pull it all together. I did the front panel of the cushion this morning but the colours look awful on the photo. In real life they are much more tasteful and subdued!! Honest!!

It is now all finished apart from buttons and stuffing. By the time I had got this and two other cushion covers finished today the light had gone. Hopefully I'll post some pics tomorrow.

Another thing that is finished - in fact was finished on Friday - is our new roof!!!

Mr Rooferman worked incredibly hard through sun, gale force wind and driving rain. He carried 3.5 tons of roofing tile up there all by himself and has done a beautiful job.

Moogsdad spent the weekend laying boards on the loft floor. This left me to keep the little monkeys entertained which explains my absence from the Land of Blog!!

Talking of monkeys you really should pop over to Monkee Maker's blog (see how I did that super smooth segue?!) as she has a fantastic raffle going on to raise much needed funds for a very brave little girl's medical treatment.

Talking of prizes (oh maaaaaaaan I'm good!!!!!!!!!) I've received a lovely award from Marit today - thank you very much Marit and thanks for all the lovely, blush-making things you said about me :)

All of you lovely people out there in Blogland make my day - every day and I would like to pass this on to all of you - go on you know you want it!!!!!!

If it weren't for blogging I'd be forced to do housework or watch daytime TV so it really is a vital lifeline for me - ha haaaaaaa! As it is I have found a place where genuinely friendly, kind and generous folk inspire and uplift me - something I just don't get from Cash in the Attic and it's ilk.

Before I disappear to Tesco to buy hyper cheap mass produced pillows and pancake ingredients for tomorrow I should tell you that Mrs Locket and I have posted our next challenge over here. Please join in!!!



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

The cushion looks amazing - are you sure such a talented artist has the time and inclination to be friends with someone like me? (and that was NOT meant ironically!)

You deserve your award as well - especially considering how fantastically you managed to segue between the items in your blog!

(See, bet you didn't think I knew BIG words like that!)

Locket xxx

Ally said...

Has my sister swallowed a dictionary? Wot's she on about?

Well done on your award. I am having an evening commenting on blogland as husband away for the week and children out at Guides and Explorers so have about 20 mins to myself.

Well done on managing to get your Westie from road kill to cushion with no further disasters he looks great.

Ally x

PS Have a lovely carnation brooch from Gina too so I won't be able to spy on you at the Show incognito

Kitty said...

You should make up a Blogging Segue Award - that was pretty darned impressive. I don't know how you find the time, you and Mrs Locket, my smalls are too demanding for much crafting. *sigh*

Take care. x

Julie said...

The cushion looks great! Glad your roof is finished despite gale force winds and driving rain :) Very impressive Segues!!

Leanne said...

The cushion looks great I am impressed i can not draw stick figures. Congrats on the award you deserve it.

marit said...

The cushion looks great! Have fun with your next challenge, I'm looking forward to seeing the result:-)What you have done so far, looks amazing.

Monkee Maker said...

The cushion is fabulous, dahling! And I'm so glad to hear that your roof is all sorted, even if it has meant work for your dearly beloved over the weekend.

Thanks for the link and if I understood what segue was, I'm sure I'd agree that you'd done it beautifully :)

ps. Is it really pancake day? Tomorrow?? But where did that spring from?!

Bethany Hissong said...

I'm so glad you're roof is finished... you must be so happy now! And your cushion is really, really cute... they will love it! I will wander over to see what you're up to next! My quilt isn't so exciting. But with the leftover scraps, I keep thinking I'll do a "Lesley" and come up with something really great! ;)

Leigh said...

I love your pillow, too adorable! We are having pancakes at church tomorrow, yummy!

Congrats on your much deserved award!!!

French Knots said...

Glad the road kill turned out so well!
I would suggest putting a large padlock on your loft hatch once the boarding is complte otherwise it will be full of treasure in the blink of an eye - at least that's what happened to me!

Gina said...

Love the cushion Mrs M... very clever! I would love to join in your next challenge but don't have small children to make beautiful drawings for me... anyone want to lend me some (Drawings NOT children!)

Darn it - forgot about pancakes which no doubt my big children will not have forgotten.

Gina xx

PS Well done on the award - thoroughly deserved

Angela said...

That is a lovely cushion well done, it was definately worth your hard work.

dottycookie said...

I think the little fellow looks very at home on that cushion - and I bet you're glad you have a roof to keep you all warm and dry.

I was envious of the daphne in your previous post - we did have one but it didn't survive very long I keep meaniong to put in another - that scent is amazing!

the vicious chicken said...

Loverly cushion - well done for persevering and getting it finished. If it'd been me, I think I'd probably have given up in a huff after the roadkill incident! Your tenacity and fortitude know no bounds (do I beat Mrs Locket on big words yet?) ;o)