Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hush hush

I've got so much I would have liked to post today but I can't as it's all secret stuff for the Valentine swap and this week's Crafty Challenge!!!

Maybe some pictures of some bits I made some time ago will pretty things up a bit!

I was digging through a box of old rubbish treasure the other day and came across an old carrier bag stuffed with junk embroidery threads and this that I did several years ago:

It was not meant to be anything - just a play about with hand and machine embroidery that I didn't know what to do with after a while - thus leading to its being unceremoniously stuffed into a grotty old plastic bag and forgotten about.

I may have to make it into a picture somehow, sometime.

Then I was trawling through my zillion photos in Photoshop as Mrs Locket has requested a photo of me so that she's in with a fighting chance of recognising me when we meet up next month.

It struck me that there are very few pictures taken of me as I'm usually the photographer. Also the ones that I do have will only frighten her!! I'm now on a little mission to get a haircut and get a half-decent photo done!!!

I stumbled across these photos of some scrapbook pages that I did last year.

Here's my sweet baby girl - looking angelic and feminine:

Here's our worn out old lady exhausted after a long walk whilst we were camping last year:

There you go - short and sweet (just like me ;) ).

Hopefully I'll have something new to show next time. How about a bit of this in the meantime? Now I've gone and done it and got all overexcited about my FRENCH AND SAUNDERS TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did I mention I was going to see them - LIVE - ON STAGE - did I?

Byeeee xxx


artisbliss said...

You did just mention it, yes. I am totally jealous.

I love the stitchery. You should just frame it as is, maybe a deeper shadowbox type frame. A shame to hide all that good work in a plastic bag.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

It's just not fair! You are so flipping artistic whereas I'm just a muppet-wot-makes-stuff - I'm jealous!

Cool embroidery - very clever and great pages - but you really shouldn't call the Moog roadkill!!!!

Lucy xxx

Stine said...

The embroidery is fab. Make it into a lovely picture OR one side of a wonderfully elegant bag.

Did I hear you have tickets for Frensh & Saunders sometime soon? or was that just a rumor?

Word verification: oxytwab - sounds naughty.

Bethany Hissong said...

That clip is HILARIOUS!!! You will have so much fun! I love your stitchery'll definately have to think of something to do with it! YOur daugher is adorable. And I totally sympathize with you...usually I'm the photographer and there's very few photos of me... and none decent. That's why I've enlisted my son on occasion. So I remember that I do exist!!! go get beautiful and then post it :)

Kitty said...

That stitching is fabulous! You can't just leave it lying around in a plastic bag - good grief woman!

Your minx resembles my No.1 - pretty little thing with red hair and muck all over her face! x

PS Word verification = bzxekoq :-O

knit, crochet, stitch, stick said...

French and Saunders!!!!!..... I'm so stinking jealous. I just love them, they crack me up. I love the teenager and her mum, it's as if they watched my sister and modelled an act on her. Hilarious.

I hope you enjoy it, I just know you will... I'm off to sulk

trashalou said...

In our house when the dogs go like that we call it being a 'shot dog'. Even the kids have been known to say 'Oh look! Someone shot the black dog!'(usualy I wish somebody would!)

Jodie said...

Love the roadkill page !!!

French Knots said...

I have tons of scrapbooking stuff and have made.....wait for page!!
Love the texture of your embroidery.

Leigh said...

Your stitching is gorgeous! Is there nothing you are not talented at?

ROADKILL? Must we all rush to save poor Moog from your wicked sense of humor? You are really too funny!!

dottycookie said...

Your embroidery is gorgeous - frame it, frame it! It's brilliant!