Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Man-Flu saga doth continue....

My poor dear husband continues to suffer with the dreaded man-flu and has had to remain at home again today to recuperate. This recuperation has mostly involved feeling an urgent need to talk to me every time I start up the sewing machine!

My old faithful is a bit of a thumper (the machine not Moogsdad - ha haaaaa!!!) and therefore I had to stop sewing every time he spoke. I smiled my sweetest smile each time he interrupted -like this:

I was able to get some sewing done despite putting up with a constant burble from Moogsdad whilst conversing with my sweetheart and made some of these mystery objects:

The postman delivered a very special parcel for the naughty Minx today. A lovely thank you present from Gina who borrowed one of Minx's drawings to make her beautiful picture on our crafty challenge.

Gina got her picture made up into some gorgeous Moo Cards and sent Minx six of them!!!! Aren't they fab?

Thank you so much Gina you have made two little girls very happy - that's me and the Minx, by the way :)

I have to do some Moo research now as all sorts of possibilities are springing into my mind!

I've an evening of handsewing to be getting on with and tomorrow may not see much crafting being done.

I have a - gulp - job interview on Thursday and tomorrow I have some preparation to do for it. I'm not desperate to be going back to work right now but this particular job is almost too good to be true and should fit in with the children's school hours and holidays - I'll keep you informed!

I have concerns over the impact going back out into the big wide world will have on my crafting (and blogging!!) but cannot ignore such a nice way of earning some much needed money and hey - so many of you seem to combine the two really effectively so maybe I can too - right?

We've just posted our next crafty challenge - please play too if you'd like to!!!



marit said...

Those cards are really great!
Good luck on the job interview- it sounds a bit scary, but I'm sure you will be able to handle it all! Good side:more money for craft supplies- bad side:not so much time to do crafts...
Take care.

Kitty said...

I got some postcards made up at Moo - I'm really pleased with them.

Good luck with that interview - sounds very promising! x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Even though you've been a meanie and left me a "just get on with it you silly billy" message on my blog I am going to rise above it and be nice and gracious on yours!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the picture of you smiling sweetly at Moogsdad - did he notice the irony?

Gina's cards for Minxy are lovely and your sewing is very impressive!

I am such a nice friend!!!!

Lucy xxx

the vicious chicken said...

Sorry to hear that man-flu still has a vicious grip on the house of Moog. Hope it beggars off soon!

Also congratulations on getting the job interview! All best wishes and good luck for it - will keep my fingers crossed for you :o)

PS oh yes - also meant to say that the moo cards are really lovely, and the mystery sewn objects are most intriguing...

Stine said...

Why in the name of Ned is hubs within ear-shot of the sewing machine. You MUST move him to his sick-bed in the BEDROOM!!! Otherwise you will never get anything done.

Good luck with the interview!!

French Knots said...

Are the mystery objects for hitting Moogsdad with so you don't leave bruises?!

Good luck with the interview!

artisbliss said...

Best of luck on the job interview. I know how it is working and trying to find time for all that stuff you really WANT to do, but eventually you strike a balance. I tell my boss I work to support my art habit.

Love the cards.

trashalou said...

Hurrah on getting the interview! Am sure you will be terrific and do fabulously.

Dead impressed with the cards and loving Minxie's handiwork (hey! if it is done by Minx and Gina does that make it cards by Ginxie or Mina?)

Off to look at Loosley now.....

Ali said...

Jobs that fit with kids are not to be sniffed at! Good luck.

And how cute is that kitten?

Leigh said...

Oh, I am sorry Moogsdad is still feeling poorly, I hope he feels all better soon. Love that smile you gave him.

Those cards are adorable!

Sending you lots of luck with your interviews!

Monkee Maker said...

Fabulous Moo cards, Mrs, what a formidable design team the Minx and the Gina make!

And if, when you've made that gorgeous cow from your last post, you could have some moo cards made featuring it - wouldn't that just be the dogs scruttocks?

Good luck with the interview .... but on the other hand .... oo-er .... getting back into the big bad work of paid employment? Are you sure??


Leanne said...

Poor you - a sick husband I'm feeling really sorry for you. Good luck with the job interview are you sure about that it will cut into your crafty/blogging time.

Suzie Sews said...

Oh Moo cards what a cool idea, one day I might get round to doing these..one day. Good luck with the interview...

Kaz said...

Hi Lesley sounds like a nasty outbreak of manflu at yours, maybe your new baby has it too. I can understand the grief of being without machines (mine came back today).

Lovely legs you have there!!!