Monday, February 25, 2008

Poorly baby :(

I had such a day of sewing planned :)

First I finished my 'Valentine' cushion for our latest Crafty Challenge - just 11 days late!!!! Poor Lucy had done her beautiful cushion in time for the big day and was waiting for her crubbish imaginary friend to get her crafting a**e in gear!

Then I set to cutting out a Bunster for my Bunny Hop Swap partner Est. All cut out and ready to sew I settled in front of my lovely baby and saw this:

Notice, if you will, the distinct lack of lumination on my baby's face.

We tried testing her pluggage, swapping her fuse and all to no avail.

Poor new baby is sick.

Proper sick.

I am bereft :(

I phoned the man who sold her to me and he has never encountered this problem before :(

I need to send her back to be looked at :( :( :(

I'm awaiting a reply to an email enquiring over who is expected to pay for the postage i.e. not me please :(

Then baby will be going to hostipul :(

Therefore, I had to dig her big sister out of the loft. She's a simple soul but, bless her heart, did not hold it against me that her position as No.1. Sewing Machine in The House of Moog had been usurped by a prettier, quieter and more sophisticated version.

In fact, she seems to be enjoying her airing and has been busy sewing a something for our next challenge (and coincidentally for my nephew's birthday) and a certain Bunster :]

Sneaky peak no.1. - crafty challenge 7/ nephew's birthday present:

a v v pretty bunster :)

Ho hum.

Technical glitches aside it has been lovely to get some sewing done again.

I've been feeling much better today - having got over the fact that I woke at 3.15am with awful sinus pain, got up at 5am, took Sudafed, went back to bed and woke again at 6am - marvellous ;)

It seems I inadvertantly did, in fact, catch MAN FLU!!!! Really really.

I must have 'cause Moogsdad has had to take the day off work with the very same ailment.

Only much much worse of course ;)

I even had to take the Monster to football training tonight as Moogsdad was far too ill - ahem.....

I managed to squeeze a quick trip to the local Co-op in and found this magazine. It accidentally fell into my basket with a bottle of Fair Trade red vino plonko - see...feeling better :)

Look at him:

...and he's teeny tiny - just 6 inches high!! I have to make one!!!

Then there's this lovely lady:

It really would be rude not to, wouldn't it?

I'm now off to plug my poorly sick baby in one more time, just in case she was just being naughty, before I give in and pack her up ready to go to the Sewing Machine Doctor :(

In case you'd missed it we have at last (due to me being crubbish) updated over here!!!!

I shall now try to play catch up on the 250 blog posts screaming at me in Google Reader!!!! May need that wine right now :)


p.s. for believers in conspiracy theories - the machines are taking over - the stupid gappage on this post is nowt to do with me - it's Blogger playing Silly Bloggers again and there's nowt I can do to change it! D'yer think baby has been infiltrated?


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

So sorry to hear that baby has caught the man flu too! Hope she doesn't have to go to hospital!

But fairly miffed that you managed to get so much done today WITH a poorly baby calamity in the middle while I achieved not very much at all!

Monkee Maker said...

Lesley, Lesley, Lesley *pursing lips and shaking head*. You're not having a very nice time at the moment, are you? *oh, and my hands were on my hips too*

Hopefully things should improve soon if that maxim about bad things happening in threes is true ..... you, hubby and now your new baby all getting ill :(

Thanks for sharing the marvellousness that is that magazine, I shall have to look out for it.

And I'll be off now to check out those cushions.


marit said...

I do hope she recovers quickly,and moogsdad too- is he really the one in charge of footballpractise and such? (but how did you get him to do that???My hubby never did- I've followed 4 to practise and games over a period of 6-7 years!Yikes!!!)

marit said...

Oh, and that magazine? I need to see if I can find it over here- too cute both the bear and the cow!

Gina said...

That's not fair.. three of you getting sick! Hope the baby doesn't have to go to hospital.

They look like lovely things to make from the magazine... especially like that cow!

As for footie practise... I always had to do it when the boys were small...and go and watch the matches too (the former Mr Fan My Flame was always out on his bike... )

Anonymous said...

How odd, one of those magazines somehow folded itself into my basket at the local newsagent on Sunday....they must be taking over the crafties....Fran x

Bethany Hissong said...

Oh no... and I've had such a good sewing day! I hope it's something minor. Glad you're feeling better!

dottydesigns said...

Hi Lesley, i have that same MANFLU never had anything like it before! Maybe your poor sick baby has a LIGHTER version of it...sorry bad joke! Anyway hope your baby has nothing too serious. Also will try stuffing the more, I stuffed it but it still looked ugly!

dottydesigns said...

back again it was meant to say the monkee more not more..manflu muddling my brain.

artisbliss said...

Well, glad to know you're upright and taking nourishment, as my grandmother used to say.

For a minute there I thought you were going to say that you were prevented from sewing at all. Whew! Glad you had the spare, humble though it (she) may be.

I'm actually feeling quite a lot better this evening, which is a good thing since another of my sons seems to be succumbing to the dread virus. Ick.

Love the little bear and especially the cow.

Leigh said...

I am sorry your baby is on life support! But, that magazine and drink sure would make things seem better to me!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Owwww, I'm in love! That little bear is just adorable -- do make one up. I hope everyone in your household can get rid of that flu very soon!

est said...

wow! i should start with oh..about the bug flu but owning two sewing machines really make me so jealous!! lol. anyway, hopes everything get well soon in the moogs's! :)

Kitty said...

Oh no ... poor baby :-( Having said that I'm currently using a Toyota sewing machine, and whilst it is a tad 'clunky' it is workmanlike and gets the job done with very little in the way of 'maintenance'.

Glad to hear you're feeling better - but sorry to hear Moogsdad is poorly. It's a sad fact of life that the male body suffers on a far more grandiose scale than the female.

Just off to look at Loo-sley Crafting, then into town. I shall look out for that magazine - ta for the tip off. x

the vicious chicken said...

I'm sorry to hear about your new baby... but that is all the sympathy I am capable of mustering because you still have a backup machine... and I have no sewing machines at all. What can I say? Envy does funny things to people ;o)

Which brings me onto my second point, in fact: I'm a big fan of cows at the best of times, and I really think I need one of those cows from the crafty mag - d'you think I could sew one by hand? Or would I need a machine? I do doubt my ability to run one up either way, actually, but I'd be willing to give it a go... Must look out for the mag myself, but do let me know if you think it'd be laughable to attempt it by hand. And again, I feel I should point out that all my sewing is a little bit laughable, but if you could tactfully not mention that, I'd be most grateful.

Anyhoo... just wondering if I can make this comment any longer than it already is... Nope, think I'm done. Although there's bound to be a PS in me, if I try...

PS. Well there's a surprise! I thought of one: Have you made a cow yet for us to look at?? Heck, you're normally so super-speedy that I wouldn't be surprised if you've already got a whole herd of bovine buddies hanging around the hose of Moog.. but since you've been ill, I'm willing to let you drop your production rate slightly - one cow finished and blogged about (with copius photos) by the end of tomorrow sound OK with you? Excellent. I look forward to it.

PPS I thought of another: I'm feeling guilty about my first statement and feel that you probably deserve a bit more sympathy: I really do hope that your baby is much better, very soon :o)

I'm done now :o)

the vicious chicken said...

OK, turns out I'm not done. Just thought I'd better apologise for taking up all your commenting space: because now that I see my essay of a comment, it does look really quite long, doesn't it? Sorry about that... :o(

French Knots said...

Poor baby, perhaps she'll be better after a rest? I find mashed potato makes me feel better when I've got man flu, ideally in a nest shape with a softly boiled egg yolk in the middle of the nest ( no white yuurrgh!)probably because that was what Mum made us when we were ill, with a glass of stirred lemonade so there weren't any idea why!
Take it easy, alittle light sewing but certainly no housework till you are better!

saraeden said...

Sorry to hear your baby's poorly , my poor old Jonesy had a bit of a hissy fit yesterday .... nothing a bit of WD40 couldnt fix for now !!

I also managed to come out of the supermarket with the same mag the other night ... i only went in for some milk !!!

Sara x

Stine said...

Ma'am, you did check "bulbage" correct?

Kitty said...

Hello again ... came back for seconds. Though I shall try to be less greedy with your comment space than a certain other blogger ... here's a clue *starts doing mime/impersonation of chicken*.

I went into town this morning to get birthday presents for parties the smalls are attending this weekend - found that magazine in WH Smith's - ta muchly.

I meant to say earlier - you can fiddle about with gappage and all other manner of 'stuff' by going into 'edit html' in your 'edit blog' section - just close the gaps. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Leanne said...

Sorry to hear your baby is unwell hope it isn't terminal. Love the little teddy.