Friday, February 22, 2008

Some catching up to do!

Well this has certainly been a busy half term holiday! We have been out somewhere every day which has impacted hugely on the crafting and blogging!!

It's not all bad though as the children have had a great time and nothing that we've done has cost a fortune. We've been outdoors every day so I'm hoping the winter cobwebs will have been well and truly blown away!

It's a new thing for us - having school holidays at home. Before Mum died we would always drive up to Birmingham to spend some or all of our holiday with her and Dad. As things have changed we are now discovering what it is to fill our days at home. Whilst I would give anything to have Mum here I must say we do enjoy being at home.

We've been to stay with my friend in Worthing for the past couple of days and have had a lovely time.

We went to the beach:

I graffiti'd in the sawdust that had settled on the benches:

Strangely, no-one was making use of the beach huts....

I was filled with 'wood lust' as this little lot is all destined for the chipper. I could have found a use for it but I'd have been arrested if I'd tried :(

The children looked longingly out to sea:

and posed for their mother so we could see the scale of this event:

Although the ship went down off Portland Bill, which must be a good 60 or more miles away, the tide carried it eastwards and, as Worthing is in a more sheltered bit of the south coast, the current lost some of its power and the result was that 90% of the timber drifted up onto Worthing beach.

It does seem a dreadful waste that this timber is all to be chipped. I really do think there is something quite mad about a system where they'd rather chip it than allow people to maybe make a small charitable donation and take some wood to reuse. The council is being criticised for this but it isn't their decision - it is the insurers and salvage company who have shown such wisdom.

This morning we drove over to Arundel and fed the ducks at the lake. This really is a beautiful little town and I never seem to have enough time to explore it.

I've come back with a stinking cold and a head full of frustration as there is so much I want to/need to/have to make and so many blogs to read and quite frankly I don't feel like it tonight.

I'll sit on the sofa with a huge glass of grapefruit cordial and do nothing instead.

How about a bit of this to keep us all going? Or this?

Aaaaah, that's better already :)



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

So sorry you are feeling manky! No wine and no Google Reader you must be really sick!

Glad you had a good half term - ours was spent mostly inside rather than out but we had a good time too!

Great to have you back.

Locket xxx

Kitty said...

Hahahahahaha ... I love those 'end jokes' from The Vicar of Dibley :-D

Sorry to hear you're feeling pants - a cold is horrible isn't it? You forget how rough they make you feel until you have one.

Take care of yourself. xx

artisbliss said...

Everybody I know is either getting a cold, in the middle of a cold, or getting over a cold, including me. I'm thoroughly sick of winter!

Bethany Hissong said...

Make a grapefruit cordial for me!!! I am in the same boat here. Nothing interesting going on, except more snow... you're not missing anything in Lancaster, PA!!

French Knots said...

Isn't that Bruno's face she's waggling her bum at?! Yes I need to get out more...!

Julie said...

You were missed! Sorry you've got a grotty cold :( Hope you feel much better soon. Take it easy!

Stine said...

You do know that going away from home for any amount of time means you are exposing yourself to foreign germs - thus the cold.
Sorry you are feeling crappy. Take some zinc - cold ease. It will cut the cold length in half. It really works.

Now about feeding ducks - for future reference - take a package (store brand - less expensive) of cheerios cereal. It great to feed them and none is wasted because it floats! Give it a try.

Hope you feel better soon!!

Jodie said...

Hope you feel better soon.Give it time and it will pass.

Leigh said...

It seems like you all had a wonderful time! The pics are awesome!!

I sincerely hope you are feeling much better soon!!!

Monkee Maker said...

Wood you believe that terrible wastage??

.... sorry for that terrible pun. I blame my Dad.


Leanne said...

I found this really amazing - we had seen it on Fox news wow what a waste. Time spent at home on holidays is always good.

Gigibird said...

Some of that wood has been set alight - it wasn't me!

I haven't fed the ducks in Arundel since the stork brought Harry to me....