Friday, February 1, 2008

Where's the snow?

It seems that, despite severe weather warnings, we will not be getting snow here today. Whilst I sympathise totally with those of you struggling against the white stuff today I would still like us to get a bit this year.

I want to have a snowball fight with the children.

I want them to experience the wonderful silence that only comes with a good fall of snow.

I want them to be able to build a snowman at one point in their childhood.

Not today though by the looks of it.

Today it is positively spring-like in the garden.

My camellia has flowered since November and has gone mad with flowers this year.

No snow in that sky!!

The garden even smells divine as the Daphne odorata is coming into bloom.

I hope that if you have got snow today you are warm and safe. Please can you do me a favour though?

Go outside and blow as hard as you can towards Southampton - if enough of you do it we're bound to get some!!

If you want to see what crafty nonsense I've been up to today you'll need to go here
as Lucy and I have finally completed Challenge No.4!

Here's a taster:



Kitty said...

My two woke up excitedly expectant of snow today too ... but none was to be seen. I was quite glad actually, as I had to drive somewhere and don't like driving in snow. We had a good snowfall last year and No.2 and I made a fabulous snowman (whom he christened 'Ted').

That rabbit looks gorgeous ... just off to have a proper look. x

trashalou said...

ooooo! (squeals excitedly)

just shadowing Kitty now and am off to see the bunnies

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Well Missus, that snow you so desperately wanted me to blow South was yucky! Horrible, wet, cold and miserable and by the time I walked up to school it was a mucky mush on the paths and my jeans got soaked! Your sunshine looks much nicer - so get blowing North please! Lucy xxx

artisbliss said...

My goodness, I'd gladly send you some of our snow. We've had much more than usual for this time of year and yesterday got another 2". I'd hate to think what a cold snap would do to your lovely flowers, though.

Gina said...

Gorgeous photos! We never got the snow in East Anglia either. Love the bunnies!

Gina xx

Angela said...

Your Camellia looks beautiful and the Bunny is sooooooo sweet.
We have had some snow here on the Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire border.But it wasn't anything to write home about.

Bethany Hissong said...

All we are getting from the storms (which were snow) is bunches and bunches of rain! It is heading east towards your direction... maybe the temps will drop a few more degrees and turn it into the white stuff! I'll have to check out your bunny nexxt!

weirdbunny said...

Wow look at your camilia !!!!!!!!!!
No snow here today either ~ Julia x

Julie said...

I'm with you Lesley. We only got a flurry of snow today. I hate moving about in snow but it is exciting! The bunny is gorgeous!

Leanne said...

We don't have snow here either Ha Ha missed a few days just read your last weeks activities. Shame about the westhighland mark 2 looks much better does that help. Heading over to check out the bunnies.

Becky said...

I enjoy reading your blog.

We used to live in a snowy area of the USA, but no more! On the few days they forecast it, we get very excited. There is nothing better than to wake up to a white surprise especially when it is gone by noon.

The tale here to bring on the snow is to sleep with your pajamas turned inside out. My kids have tried it before. I am not sure how accurate it is!!

French Knots said...

Wow it looks like spring in your garden! We've woken up to a little sprinkle of off to enjoy it!

Monkee Maker said...

No no no no!!! Say NO to snow!! I'd much rather have cold crisp mornings with blue sky than yucky snow! Just let your kids watch Jack Frost or Snow Day for plenty of snow action!

Very sweet looking bunny which I'm off to check out properly.


Kae said...

On no!!! No! No! NO!!!! There is NO chance!!! I am NOT blowing MY snow your way!!! We get snow only once in a blue moon (damn and blasted hills keep it away but let the rain through... go figure...) so I'm going to keep it for as long as possible...

Off to check that bunny... :)


Jane said...

No snow in Sussex either, wish it would snow so Em & i could have some fun building snowmen. I love your bunny, (i went there first)she's lovely Jane x

Kaz said...

Gorgeous photos of your plants Lesley. No snow here either.

The sneaky peek looks very interesting so I'm off to have a good nosey.

Kaz x

Leigh said...

When you get done with that snow people are blowing your way, can you blow it over here!!!

Those photos are gorgeous!!!

Ally said...

I spent all last night out blowing some of that Northern snow down to you but sadly none in the sky here either. Finally gave up at 3:15am and went to bed.

Woke up this morning still no snow but have lost my voice and have a slight headache (or do I mean hangover?)

Hope you are having a good weeknd despite no snow.

Now going to look at said bunnies. Sorry I haven't managed to look before.

Big sis Ally x