Monday, March 10, 2008

151 - blustery Monday

Phew! Just what is up with Blogger tonight?

It's taken me simply ages to upload a few photos. I had a lot more but ditched them when I realised I'd still be here next Monday if I didn't watch out!!

The good old weather forecasters got it right today and we've had an horrendous day of high winds and torrential rain. Fortunately, there were two little windows of calm which happily coincided with taking the children to school and then picking them up again!

As it was like this:

and our car was, temporarily, out of action, I stayed home and did some of this:

and rather a lot of this:
I got so involved in my mess making that I failed to even realise what the time was.
Needless to say I was slightly shocked when I discovered it was 3.07pm.

Minx comes out at 3.15pm.

The walk usually takes 8-10 minutes.

It took 5 this afternoon and then when I got there she didn't come out until 20 past anyway!!!

I could have had an extra 5 minutes of trashing the house if only I'd known :)

Moogsdad has valiantly battled with storm force winds and heavy rain and has fixed our car so tomorrow I can go and do something I've wanted to do for aaaaaaaaaages. I'm going to join the Scrapstore all on my own so I don't have to wait until my friend is ready to go (we've been 'sharing' a membership).

Now that he's dried out Moogsdad has settled down to read his new Amazon purchases:
whilst I will be perusing mine:)

So many of you asked about the embroideries on my previous post. I think the only one that Mum actually did was the daisy one in the bottom left photo. The rest were either gifts or ones she bought. She'd be delighted that I love them so much.

Going now before Blogger does something silly!!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I love the idea of Moogsdad inventing himself rich whilst you try to take over the world with softies!!!! Sorry your weather has been crubbish today - ours was fairly manky but got better in the afternoon. I'm suffering a crochet injury to my right palm because my hook has a pointy bottom so I am off to browse the internet for one with a handle-y-type-thingy - will it work if I put that into ebay's search engine?

When do we get to see more of what you have been making????

Ooooh, and can I come to the scrapstore with you tomorrow? Pleaaaaaaaasssssssse??????

Leigh said...

Moogsdad is an inventor??? I adore the book, "Softies", great reads for you!!

I hope your car stays fixed, hubby dry, and the winds calm! Whew, even your weather is busy!!!

the vicious chicken said...

So Moogsdad's an inventor, eh? Looks like you both have ways to make your fortunes, then - you with your softies and him with his... well, who knows what clever ideas he has? My money is on some sort of device for fixing cars in the windy rainy dark, without actually having to go outside ;o)

PS could you ask him to invent me a contraption for turning an over-abundance of teabags into something more useful? Ta :o)

PPS ... which isn't to say I don't think tea is useful, of course. Far from it, in fact. It's just that I have so many teabags, I think I may never get through them all...

Julie said...

Glad you managed to beat blogger into submission tonight! I've given up till tomorrow. We must be overworking it!
Your worktable looks very interesting.
We escaped the really extreme weather today although it was rough enough. I stayed in and played! :)

Lina said...

Always comforting to see other people's trashed sewing spaces!

Bethany Hissong said...

Oh, I know that rush to get the kids so well!!! That's the hazzard associated with creative work-- getting lost in your own little world which defies any clock! I am intrigued also by all this creative thought going on over there! I hope something comes out of it :) My mom did patent law work for many years and she found it very, very interesting. I think that you got our wind too! Hope tomorrow isn't so blustery.

Monkee Maker said...

Maybe you and MD could get together and invent something together ..... maybe a softie that no-one can live without? I look forward to seeing what you both come up with, anyway.

Cruddy weather here too. Wow, did I ever regret cycling to work yesterday? (yes .... I did.)

Have fun at the Scrapstore, and please pick up a couple of bags for me.


Jane said...

Glad you survived yesterday, we did too (just had a power cut at teatime so ended up cooking tea by candlelight)Scrapstore sounds brilliant hope you find some good things Jane x

Angela said...

It looks as if you are going to be very busy, will you show us when you are finished?.
Don't you just hate it when that happens,you are standing in the queue at Sainsburys panicking because you are going to be five minutes late for the little darlings ,then when you get there they aren't ready. It's called sods law and must of happened to every mother at some time.Well that's what I used to tell myself to ease my conscience.
Now they are 19 and 20 I sometimes can't remember why I was worried.

French Knots said...

What sort of things does Moogsdad invent? Will we see him on Dragons Den?!
I was nearly late for the children the other day as watch stopped - luckily school is only next door!

Kitty said...

I have the first softie book ... must get around to making something from it.

I love it that you make as much mess as me - and all the fibres and loose threads stick to the carpet don't they? Lovely! Not.

What's Moogsdad invented then? Something splendidly crack pot I hope :-D


Marie said...

Brrrrr. I'm chilly just looking at that first pic. The storm hasn't gotten to us yet- but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we get a got old windy soaking.

Glad to see it's not just me who can whip up such a mess when they're in the "crafting zone" ;)

That plush-o-rama book looks fab.

LOL @ Moogsdad's choice of reading matter. At least he'll be able to keep you in the manner to which you which to become accustomed ;)


Leanne said...

Good to see Moogsdad is reading books to make money so that he can keep you in craft books and material as you so rightly deserve. Your messy sewing area looks much tidier than mine.

Gina said...

Seems like blogger's been playing up for lots of us! couldn't do anything on Sunday.
So pleased to hear Moogsdad is planning to get rich with an amazing invention allowing you lots of time to play with sewing and softies and making a mess in the house!

artisbliss said...

Well, this all looks very familiar--fabric etc. all over everywhere, except in my case there are three or four cats lolling around amongst the debris as well.

You and hubby look like a case of opposites attracting.

Thimbleanna said...

Well, if it's any consolation, the internet here has been very sluggish too -- particularly blogger, but also the others. Maybe bloggers are reaching critical mass and the system is on its way to its knees! Looks like you've had a wonderful time making a mess -- can't wait to see what results!