Wednesday, March 12, 2008

153 - personal baggage

After all that frantic bag making of the past couple of weeks I felt I should make myself a groovy vessel to transport my necessities to London on Friday.

I made this in an entirely self congratulatory frame of mind as a little reward for pretending to be a grown up in my job interview and wangling myself a fab new job ;)

These are Scrapstore fabrics that I have had for ages and very meanly kept just for me. I only had just enough to make the bag.

As it's a bit of a cavernous beast I thought a little zipper purse was in order - this time made from some very vintage floral curtains and because it's just for me I couldn't be fagged to line it!!

Evidently a girl can never have too many retractable pencils as I found these in the bottom of my bag. So all my gubbins are now secured and of course I'll never lose anything in my bag again, right?

Sadly (!) I had to force myself to take a trip to Hobbycraft today as Minx has an Easter Bonnet parade at school next Wednesday. She was thrilled with the lovely pink number I picked out for her to decorate this weekend.

An unplanned visit to the charity shop (thrift store) after school yesterday found me parting with a paultry 99p for this fab book:

Hey, Vicious Chicken!!! You there? This picture is just for you!! See, I told you there was an armadillo in there :)

Howzabout a pair of these beauties to keep your feet snug and warm - or better still for your littlies' fancy dress box - aren't they just the best?!!!

There is a listing for this book on Amazon but as it's no longer in print it's one of those order it and wait six months only to find they can't get it situations - in my very humble opinion.

I plan to make something really rather gorgeous from this book for my 155th Blog Giveaway.

As I'm carless tomorrow I will be able to resist the urge for retail therapy and will be at home stitching a special something for 'The Giveaway' - if I get it all done tomorrow I may even slip an extra post in so I can bring the draw forward..........keep watching.

This is how I feel about the 'something' I'm making from this fab little book:

I will now take my leave - g'night.



the vicious chicken said...

What a brill book! And that armadillo's fab. Never doubted you for a moment, though - fully believed it was there :o)

Going to be overcome with mischievous desire to shout "ARMADILLOS!!" all day at work tomorrow now. Don't think my boss would be too impressed though, so will have to resist :o)

Julie said...

Great Scrapstore make and wonderful pig! I'm glad someone else takes shortcuts with their own makes! :)

Monkee Maker said...

Ooh, a very sophis grown up bag there, MM, very impressive. And of course we wouldn't have known you didn't line your purse if you hadn't told us.

Looking forward to seeing some excellent toys bursting forth from the house of Moog.


Bethany Hissong said...

The armadillo is great! And so are your new bags!!! I forgot to say that in the last post! My favorite is your bag that you sewed for yourself. I like the fabrics that you chose to combine. Did you say when you start? I have a feeling your shop is going to take off and you're going to be a busy lady :) Please post photos of Minx's Easter Bonnet too! They don't do that where we live!

Gina said...

There I was... reading with great interest and then I was confronted by that pig! I have had to contain my noisy laughter 'cos everyone else has gone to bed!
Fab bag... love those fabrics! I'm bringing my Rupert bag on Friday!
Gina xx

Ali said...

You have cornered the market in grinning animals for sure!

Love the dragon feet too!

Leigh said...

Hey, Ms Grown up lady, that tote is great! I love the colors! That pig is flippin' cute! Oh, a new book to be hunted for over here! Love the dillo!

artisbliss said...

You find the best stuff in thrift stores. I love your bag(s). You'll be the envy of all your new co-workers. Well, maybe not the guys.

Jodie said...

I think I want dragon feet / slippers. Great book!!!

Guzzisue said...

maybe its just me but I find the grinning pig just a little bit creepy but I love the dragon booties

Jane said...

Great looking book Lesley hte armadillo looks great and those slippers are so cute. Your bag and purse is beautiful, i have emailed you.see you tomorrow Jane x PS that pig made me laugh too (kinda scary)

Angela said...

I love the bag very fashionable.

Marie said...

Smooth on the inside, crunchy on the outside - ARMADILLOS!

Sorry. Everytime I hear that word it makes me think of that Dime bar advert.

I love those dragon feet. Excellent charity shop find. They rock!

Gorgeous bag too, I love the idea of the little zip purse. I don't like digging in the flotsum that accumulates in the bottom of my bag too much - I fear I might have my arm ripped off by a mutant raisin!

Can't wait to see what you're working on for the give away.


Kitty said...

Fabulous charity shop find there ... I always look, but only ever see '101 of the most twee old fashioned things to make'. You obviously have much more 'happening' charity shops than we do here.

The bag is very gorgeous - no wonder you wanted those fabrics.

Take care. x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Ok, so I'm sorry I went to bed too early last night to comment - I'll have to settle for being 15th comment rather than 1st for once!!!

Your bag is very posh - do you really want to be seen in public with me???

Grinning pig is rather scary - still love the smug kitten pic best.

Your book looks great - can't wait to see your secret creations!

Me xxx

Working Mom Knits said...




The bag, the book, the pig, the blog - all of it.

French Knots said...

Are you going to London??!!
That grinning pig gives me the willies!

Kaz said...

Lol love the disclaimer!! That bag you made is fab and gorgeous. I'm glad somebody else calls things gubbins! The gubbins in my bag are ikea pencils receipts and a few very sticky glacier mints.

I shuddered when I saw the soft toy book as I'm still fighting with a panda that looks like roadkill at the mo. I am in awe of anyone who can make toys.

Have a fab day tomorrow at your meet. Hope you gets lots of goodies.

Kaz xx

Vanessa said...

The pig reminds me of some one, can not think who, will think on that in between my laughter!

Leanne said...

Great bags and great book and the pig made me laugh. I'm glad others find something out there and then forget how to get back there in cyber space.