Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Be afraid postman - be very afraid!!

My postman tends to wear a very wary expression when he has to knock my door.

Could it be that he is not used to very grinny overexcited females bounding to the door to wrench the post from him?

He wore such an expression this morning - and with good reason for he was bringing me a parcel of fabric gorgeousness that I ordered from down shadow lane recently -using pretend money in my paypal account after selling a few things in my etsy shop :)

Init looooooooooooovely?!!

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, a big red Parcel Force van pulled up a short time later and another poor man was subjected to my overenthusiastic greeting!

A little while back my very lovely blog friend Leigh and my surrogate Mum (Leigh's Mum) asked me when my birthday was as they wanted to send me something - how lovely are they?!!

Not being a very patient sort of person I opened the (rather huge!) box immediately and became somewhat overwhelmed with the gorgeousness enclosed.


All the way from the USA!!!

I'm sure I admired a bird house like this on Leigh's blog - it is so beautiful!

The parcel also contained some seriously gorgeous stationery and another wrapped parcel that I am going to save for my birthday next week - if I can resist opening it before!!

For now the bird house has found a home among the 'Easter display' but once this comes down it will take pride of place :)

Thank you so very much Leigh and Mum - you have made me so happy and I feel thoroughly spoilt! You are so lovely - but then we know that bloggers are the best don't we?!!

All the excitement made me forget that the children are going to their swimming lesson tonight and it is their swimming instructor's last class, as she's leaving to go to a paid job with less unsociable hours. She has been teaching them patiently for nearly three years and has taught both of my children to swim really well.

I was making something today for a PIF that I have to do but this has now had to be diverted as a 'Sorry You're Leaving but Thank You For Everything' present!!

I have to go now as, for some reason, my children have turned quite vile today and are arguing over nothing - so the big bad referee is required - wish me luck!!!



Angela said...

Thats some lovely fabric you have got there. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it. I clicked on the link to have a quick look, it must of taken you a while to decide which pieces to buy.
The bird house is lovely as are the fabric bags I will have to make some of those.

Patti said...

What wonderful wonderful parcels. Glad to see you making that postie work!

(not that I'm saying other posties don't work - mine is lovely. Specially when he brings me pressies. )

Resisting clicking on the fabric link!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Wow! That's some fab post you got today!!! Definitely need to go fabric shopping myself (when I've got some money!!!)

And your gifts from your adoptive family are lovely - how kind of them (and how organised!!!! I'm panicking now that I won't get your present ready and posted in time and I live in the same country!)

Locket xxx

artisbliss said...

Gorgeous fabric. I especially like the stripes.

I hope your poor postman isn't quaking in his shoes at the thought of delivering to your house!

Kitty said...

Oooh, now I've gone and drooled all over the keyboard - quick! Tissues!

Fabulous things you're showing us there Mrs Moogsmum - but then you always do. Can't wait to see what you make with all that wonderfulness.

Ooh, word verification = wuhoo - how apt.


French Knots said...

Oh yes, I'm drooling too! What scrummy fabric!
My two have been little monsters all day, I'm going to lock myself in the sewing room tomorrow with the remains of the Easter Eggs and I'm not coming out!

Kaz said...

Ooooo what wonderful parcels you got today! You are a bad influence as I now have a list of etsy shops and websites that you have recommended and I have to buy from (but thanks)!

The swimming instructor must have been so pleased with her goodies, they are gorgeous.

Kaz x

Bethany Hissong said...

I love your fabric... some matches my quilt fabric (yes...the one in the cupboard that I haven't worked on!). You are a lucky girl today! And I'm sorry I haven't posted the beautiful bag and barrettes you sent... we love them (me and my daughter!). Just send the kids out with the Moog and a soccer ball... I just did that and they all ran around and got to tired to argue!

monda-loves said...

mmmm fabric. I have fabric envy.
I also have some pretend money in my paypal account - maybe I should check out that fabric shop...


Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, you lucky girl! Those fabrics are gorgeous!!!

Gina said...

What gorgeous fabrics and pressies! And another lovely bag. I can't believe the children are arguing... especially after I told Minx how lovely she is!
Gina xxx

Julie said...

Beautiful fabric and what a gorgeous bird house! Your fabric bags are lovely too. I love the children's drawings appliqued to the fronts. Now where can I find some obliging children?

trashalou said...

Good luck ;-)

Blossom said...

There is nothing like goodies that just arrive in the mail!!

you are one lucky lady......:)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE birdhouses.......esp your one!!!!

Monkee Maker said...

Ooh, don't you just love it when the postman always rings twice??

Fabulous fabrics, beautiful bird house, and lovely leaving gift there, Lesley, and I hope your naughty kids didn't drive you neurotic ....

... what can I say .... it's early ....


Jane said...

Lesley your fabric is just lovely and I love you bird house too. hope the swimming teacher likes her gift too. Jane x

amandajean said...

oh, how I love your new fabric! wonderful!