Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Hatrick!!! - or... a trio of bewildered postmen :)

....but first some sneaky peaks at some sewing I've been doing for a long overdue PIF that I signed up to.


.....and these will be winging their way to three PIFees very soon :)

Postie numero uno is our regular 'drop it through the letter box' postie and he kindly delivered a small order of white sewing thread to the strange woman who gets overexcited today.

Postie number two rang the bell that doesn't work and handed me a tube shaped parcel, after I'd managed to silence my savage guard Moog.

I knew what was within. A gorgeous print ordered from bees knees studio- more indulgence with my pretend paypal earnings!

Obviously it's a little curly after travelling all the way from the US in a tube but once I get it framed - aaaaaaaah, gorgeous!!

Postie number three got here in the nick of time as I was just leaving to play library at Minx's school.

He looked seriously worried as I was rather high pitched and may have been breathing rapidly!!

My major self-indulgence - a bundle of gorgeous Chocolate Lollipop fabrics from Anna Maria Horner - with a personally signed copy of the order (keeping that as she's famous!!!)

There's no way these babies are going to be cut up for quite some time. I have a whole lot of ooohing, aaaahing and stroking to do first - of the fabric of course!!!!

I've decided these are my pre-birthday treats to me :)

I thought I'd like to go out with more of a bang than a whimper today so I'm posting a couple of things that my friend Helen emailed to me - 'cos I know you'll like them :)

Here's some art with a difference.

Or if something more physical floats your boat how about this:

If you laughed you are a bad person - hang your head in shame!!



Stephanie Pettengell said...

ooooh I am sooooo bad. I am hanging my head in such shame I may not be able to come here again.

Angela said...

Glad i'm not the only one, i'm hanging my head in shame.
The PIFeees look interesting. The fabric from Ann Maria Horner looks lovely. My husband always looks at me funny when I get excited about fabric, so now I can show him i'm not the only one.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Dotty Locket laughed out loud! And she's meant to be poorly!

Love those fabrics - can I come round and stroke them too??????

Your PIFees are very very lucky by the way - great goodies!

Locket xxx

Ok, so I laughed as well.

French Knots said...

Yep I'm bad, very bad!! Still laughing!

Jon and Wendy said...

I did not laugh. I just shrieked it surprised me so much. Poor poor girl!!! She will never try that jump again without second guessing the ice. I feel so bad for her.

Patti said...

My head is hanging waaaay down. But I picked it up long enough to have another look. Does that make me really bad.

love the fabricliciousness.

cmoon said...

Yes me too..still grinning to myself.Good choices on the fabric, they're beautiful.

Kitty said...

Now look Mrs M ... my keyboard has only just dried out after viewing your yesterday's fabric - and now it's all covered in drool again :-(

Seriously, those are edible fabrics, aren't they?

I laughed at the video. What's more my smalls laughed too.


Marie said...

I laughed. I'm not ashamed. I think that might make me a bad person. Ah well.

That print is super cute and that fabric is super lush.

That red neck art thing is hilarious and very bizarre.


trashalou said...

I really ama very bad person and am so very sorry. I shall try to do better next time.

Thimbleanna said...

Uh-oh -- look at all these bad people that are reading your blog!!! You need to do something about that Miss Mum!!! Like maybe quit torturing us with those sneak peeks and just show us the whole thing LOL!

Kaz said...

Ha ha ha I'm laughing but not hanging my head in shame as I don't care!!!

More lovely goodies, I can't believe how many lovely parcels you had in one day, no wonder you were high pitched. I am cyber stroking your fabrics!!

Kaz xx

twiggypeasticks said...

ohhh lovely fabric, I'm drooling on my keyboard, you definitely need to hang on to it for stroking purposes for a while

twiggypeasticks said...

PS I laughed too :)

Julie said...

Gorgeous fabrics - yummy!! How whacky is the rib art? It tells you a lot about negative spaces too lol
I have to say I didn't laugh but I did jump when she went thro the ice. How did that happen (her falling thro not me jumping)? Don't show it to the Dancing on Ice folk they'll never skate again! lol

Gina said...

I want that fabric... soooo gorgeous!
Gina xxx

Oh ... me too... I'm bad! I laughed so much it hurt!

dottydesigns said...

love your gorgeous fabric and the lovely elephant picture.

Jodie said...

Yoiu have been busy. I wish I had 3 posties. Although I guess we should be happy we have any after Mr ric rac ran over the last one (it's ok he wasn't hurt).

Bethany Hissong said...

That cannot be real!! I am laughing, but moreso because everyone else is laughing too! Your new print is so great... love that! And the fabric...well... that is just awesome and I totally know what you mean! I got several small pieces and I cut just a bit off to sew my Moopy doll but the rest is just sitting on my shelf looking gorgeous. Maybe we should just hang them as art and be done!

Jane said...

No I didn't laugh I gasped as she disappeared through the ice, poor girl! But I did laugh at the BBQ sauce picture, it was brilliant, not sure i'd want to hang it on the wall though ..... Your material is seriously gorgeous. Jane x

Jennie said...

That fabric is gorgeous!
Liking the look of the PIFs too. (Once again I had to work out what PIF stood for! I'm hopeless!)
I had no idea that would happen to the ice skater :O

artisbliss said...

Your postmen probably draw straws to see who has to deliver all your lovely post. You lucky, lucky woman.

. said...

Picture me gasping with hand over mouth ... OK I'm smiling behind it but really, poor woman. Hope she got out OK. And I shall show that to the smalls next time they plague me to go ice skating.

Your fabric is utterly, utterluy scrumptious. I feel an order coming on!

Monkee Maker said...

Oh. Oh. Oh!

No. That wasn't the scene from When Harry met Sally (or vice versa), it was the sound of me NEEDING some of that gorgeous fabric! (even though I wouldn't have a clue what to do with it) (apart from stroke it, which seems like an excellent idea, thanks)

And I believed that film! Until RGH helpfully pointed out that it couldn't possibly be real, and no, they don't build ice skating rinks over lakes. *sigh*