Wednesday, March 19, 2008

High hopes ...

I was expecting all sorts of productive crafting from myself this week. Instead I've faffed and pithered about and feel as if little of any note has been achieved.

I cut out, prepared and started to stitch three handbags. After starting to make them up I realised they just weren't working. They've now had their seams unpicked and have been relegated to the pile of 'something to sort out at some point'.

After a bit more pithering this morning I decided I should do something just for fun so I made two little Easter egg collecting baskets for those naughty children of mine :)

Monster has had to decorate an egg for school and it is to be his favourite story book character.
I was so pleased with how hard he worked on this and I only helped with some gentle advice about how to get his painting neat (i.e. don't use your Mum's best paint brushes like a scrubbing brush - ack!!) and with glueing the felt hands and feet.

If you were in any doubt it is, of course, Harry Potter :)

Minx has her last ever Easter bonnet parade today as she is off up to Junior school in September and will be joining in the egg fun.

She decided what she wanted to do. I provided materials from my card making supplies and help in the form of being in charge of the hot glue gun. She designed and made the bunnies without any help :)

Continuing the Easter theme, I made a few of these at the weekend and they are now hanging from some nice twiggy bits in a vase.

I also made this mystery object earlier in the week and it's arrival at it's new home is imminent. I can't show more as it is a surprise :)

So although I feel I haven't got as much done as I'd have liked it hasn't been a total dead loss.

I am now going to run the legs off of my idiot barking idiot senile barking idiot pestering dog in the hope that she won't keep asking me for things all evening - again!!!

Then it's off up to school to see the Easter Bonnet Parade :)



artisbliss said...

For a person who has only been "pithering about" all week, you've certainly gotten a lot done. I love the egg collecting bags. And your son's Harry Potter egg is super.

Jennie said...

I spend a lot of time faffing around as well.
I love the Easter egg baskets!
and Monsters Egg is fantastic.
(I thought it was just my child who used paint brushes like scrubbing brushes!)

Stephanie Pettengell said...

So glad to know that someone else does faffing and pithering, I seem to be excellent at it today. I only wish I could accomplish as much as you do on one of these days.

Kaz said...

Well I think you've managed to make quite a lot of stuff in your faffing!! I have one of those piles of stuff, except mine is paper and a few half finished cards.

Lovely egg and bonnet, my horror would be seeing that amount of flowers going onto a hat rather than scrubbing with brushes!

Have fun at the parade

Kaz xx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

So much loveliness from a pithering faffer! You are obviously very good at your job!!!!

Love the Easter baskets - very fancy!

Love the Harry Potter Egg

Love the Easter Bonnet - never made one of those (either for myself or the children - I've missed out!)

Love those eggs - very envious of them

And really love the sneaky peek - coz I know what it is!!!! Can't wait for it to arrive at it's secret destination!

Locket (who hasn't achieved anything yet apart from casting on a tortoise's shell!)

Kitty said...

Hmmmm, that's very productive 'pithering' you've been doing there.

The Monster's HP is brilliant; the Minx's Easter Bonnet is brilliant; your egg baskets are brilliant; even the sneaky peek is brilliant!


trashalou said...

oooo!! Who won?! Was it us?

Stine said...

Faffing & Pithering - I drug out my "Little Oxford Dictionary" (new edition) but couldn't find faffing or pithering. For those of us across the pond - what do they mean? I believe I get the meaning but how can that be correct when you made adorable Easter bags, advised on the HP egg, supervised the gluegun for the lovely Easter hat and made the secret adorable with the beak? Faf & pither away, I'd say. Do you faf & pither for others? I have quite a few proects that need attending to!

Sarahs Home said...

I think that Harry and the Bonnet look wonderful, very talented...
I really like the bags you made, you have been busy.

Sarah x

the vicious chicken said...

Ooh, ooh, I know what the sneaky preview item is!! And I also know that you're super, you are - thank you :o)

But, erm... Lesley... I have to ask... HOW did you get all that done during an unproductive week?? Such a full post of fabtastic craftiness... you should really give yourself more credit for your achievements!

love from
VC and little VC :o)

Vanessa said...

You have achieved more than me this week!

The egg collecting bags are gorgeous!

Hope you have a good easter weekend!

dottycookie said...

'Pithering about' - my new favourite description for what I spend much of the day doing.

I gave up with the brush abuse and bought them their own cheap set that look like mine but aren't. I know we all need scruffy brushes for fur but I need to keep some neat ones too!

Julie said...

What clever children you have Lesley! :)) I love the Harry Potter Egg and Minx's beautiful Easter Bonnet! You have been busy too - lovely collecting baskets and I love the glimpse of something feathery!
Have a Happy Easter with your family and the idiot dog :)) xx

Lina said...

Those little bunny baskets are adorable!

Leigh said...

Oh, I just love all of your Easterly things! Just gorgeous goodies!

Harry is a great egg!!!

Jane said...

Goodness! for pithering about thats lots of lovely craftyness Lesley. HP egg is brilliant and your Easter bags are sooo cute. Happy Easter Love Jane x

Gina said...

That's some pretty lovely stuff if it's only pithering (fab word!)Those egg collecting baskets are beautiful, the little eggs are beautiful, the sneaky peak is beautiful and I'm very impressed by your very clever children! As you can see I'm pithering about getting my work done!
Hope you all have a lovely Easter in Moogsland
Gina xxxx

Angela said...

Faffing about and you produce articles like that ,why are you worried?. It all looks eggsellent.
The Harry Potter egg and Easter Bonnet are wonderful. Your children obviously take after you.
Happy Easter.

est said...

all the creations were so artsy!!! lovely! :)