Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pootling and bimbling

I'm feeling much more 'normal' again today - no more pithering and faffing - today I have been pootling and bimbling.

In case you're wondering what on earth I'm talking about now,let me just say that a pootle and a bimble is a much gentler and far less frustrating thing to be doing than a pither or a faf which ,by their very nature, fill one with a certain amount of pent up frustration and angst.

Hope that's clarified it for you ;)

So today's pootley bimbley stuff has included a bit of going to the post office, a bit of a pop into the fabric shop for interfacing and bunny coloured wool, and inevitably a bit of playing with the sewing machine :)

The very sassy Minx has been invited to her friend's for tea tonight. This was a lovely unexpected invitation from a little girl that Minx likes a lot, whose house she has never been to before.

I thought Minx might like to give her a little Easter gift to say thank you:

After yesterday's Easter egg basket pither I have become rather keen on things fabric-baskety. With more ideas running round my head than I care to admit I had to try out a notion I had for using one of Minx's recent drawings of a little bird.

I can now think of a million uses for these babies all round the house and have half a dozen cut out ready!!

I didn't even hear the postman as Moog didn't alert me to his presence on her territory. Yesterday's walk did the trick as the poor old dear has slept and remained bark free for most of the morning!

When I checked the postbox I found a package with some very pretty Easter stamps :)

I was so excited as I knew it was something special I had ordered from Syko's gorgeous etsy shop.

I have admired Kajsa's beautiful work for quite some time now. With the proceeds from a recent sale in my shop I decided I should treat myself to something very special indeed.

Not one but two of Kajsa's delightful fabric houses :)

She even sent me a gorgeous postcard of one of her appliques :)

They've found a home for now on our Easter twiggy thing:

There's a bit of a theme developing here - shame about Moogsdad's ugly great motorbike just outside the window!

Although I know the recipient will be blogging this soon, now that I know she has received it I thought I could show you the vicious chicken (clue!!) I made on Monday ........I bet you'll never guess who I made it for!!!

I must now take my leave as I am on library duty at school and then must take my lovely son out to buy his friend a birthday present.

As Moogsdad should be arriving home in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning I am making no plans to blog this weekend. As he's been away all week I supposeI should actually spend a bit of time with him and the babies.

I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend whatever you are doing. In fact you'd better, or you'll have to answer to the chicken!!



Kitty said...

Oh wow - a leopard skin chicken - how cool is that? :-D Awww, I'm sure VC loves it.

I love those baskety things you do - do you think a tutorial might be forthcoming for those of us less able in the basket department? ;-) Please?

Hope you and yours have a fantabulous Easter Weekend. Take care. xx


Nice crafty bits, I especially like your fabric-baskety things, there are a 1001 uses for those. I'll take a look into Syko's Etsy shop at her crafts sometime. Nice Easter theme running here, I would have preferred to have seen Moogsdad's bike, minus the cover. Have a good weekend altogether. Happy Easter! x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I agree with Kitty - we definitely need a tutorial so you can forget about getting smoochy with Moogsdad and attend to your fans instead young lady!

Vicious Chicken's very Vicious chicken is truly inspired - you're a good egg you know! (geddit???????)

Have fun shopping with the Monster!

Locket xxx

Marie said...

I definitely love a good pootle (although in this weather pootling outside is somewhat hindered by the wind) and I'm also partial to a nice bimble. So I'm right with you.

Love the baskets - very cute, and VC's VVC is fab too.

Hope you have a great Easter with the returning Moogsdad and the Moog munchkins.


Ali said...

Baaaaaaaskets - cuuuuuuute! Especially that little birdie one!

The best thing about making a sale is spending the Paypal spondoolies - because it's not like real money is it?

Have a super long weekend.

artisbliss said...

Aren't you a thoughful mother, sending an Easter goodie along with your daughter. That's a great bird applique, by the way. Minx is following in your footsteps, seems to me.

The leopardskin chicken is super.

Katy said...

what a fab chicken - she doesn't look vicious at all though!
I think a repeat invite to the little girl's house is nailed on after taking that little treat round. What a lovely basket!

Bethany Hissong said...

Thanks for posting all the photos of your Easter things!!! And you got some great stuff in the mail! I know this isn't very well written but I stole a moment to check in during all my company and party prepping!! Great chicken and I'm sure the recipient will love it!
(I got your package yesterday!!! I will post as soon as I get a chance to take more photos!!! THANK YOU!!!! you're too sweet! I loved everything!!!)
Happy Easter to you and your family!!! Have a great weekend!

monda-loves said...

I'm loving the fabric baskety thing with the little bird on. Is it for sale? I need it!


monda-loves said...

ohh I also meant to say, it was too dark to take pics of the bunnies when I got home - will have to do that tomorrow, and also I love the word bimbling and bimble, and pootle too!


French Knots said...

Aren't those stamps pretty, I always save nice ones but have a boxful that have never been used for anything!
Have a lovely long weekend x

Kaz said...

That's one lovely funky chicken, well done you! I think I need some little baskets like those as they look very useful and pretty. I can only dream of making such scrummy goodies.

Have a fab weekend and enjoy having Moogsdad home.

Kaz xx

dottydesigns said...

Love the baskets, especially like the bird. Have a good weekend too happy easter x

Gina said...

Okay... I know I shouldn't be here and should be sleeping ready for tomorrow's marathon of research & studying but I couldn't resist! As you know, I'm already Minx's no. 1 fan when it comes to her drawings but that bird is just the best ever! And what you've done with it is gorgeous! Have a lovely w/e with Moogsdad (don't listen to Kitty and Lucy... do lots of smooching!!!!)
Gina xxx

Thimbleanna said...

Um, Lesley, in regard to those first two paragraphs, you might need a rest. A long rest! Love your adorable little baskets -- very nicely done!!!

est said...

oh lesley! the fabric baskety were s adorable!!!!

Leigh said...

You have some lovely goodies coming and going!!!

Love your Easter twiggy thing tree!

Happy Easter to you!!!!

the vicious chicken said...

Can I just echo everyone and say I love your baskety things - and especially that birdy design from the clever Minx!

Also very glad to see you've got yourself some nice Syko thingies - I've been a big admirer for quite a while, too - such beautiful work.

NBM will be delighted to know that there's a picture of a motorbike on one of the crafty blogs I read... might even get her interested in the whole bloggy thing, you never know ;o)

And lastly: I think that looks like a very fine vicious chicken indeed. The recipient is very lucky :o)

Oh wait, it wasn't last, after all: also need to say have a lovely Eastery weekend with Moogsdad back home!

Angela said...

I agree with Kitty a tutorial on baskety things would be good. You have a lovely easter display going on there.Glad you had a better day.Happy Easter.

Patti said...

Im all for pootling. Unfortunately my pootling doesn't produce such spectacular results. Cool baskets and an arctically cool chicken.

Leanne said...

Hi Lesley, Just catching up I am glad to see that Moog is in the side bar - I love your little twiggy thing and I read VC's post about your chicken he doesn't look that nasty to me. Hope you have a great Easter.

Blossom said...

I love the baskets and I think a tutorial is needed!!!!

Love that chicken!!!!!!

Jodie said...

That little bird is so cute. It may obvious to everyone else but can you tell us how you did it - I love it, it is all illustrationy. I'll stop blathering now.

syko kajsa said...

Your Easter tree is so pretty! Thanks for sharing! I am glad your houses arrived safely :) That little bird fabric bowl you made is super sweet!

Jennie said...

Love the chicken and the baskets!
The little hanging houses are great.