Monday, March 17, 2008

We Have a Winner!!

Using this randomly chosen random number generator a winner has been chosen for my 155th Blog Post Draw for those Stacking Bunnies from this book that I found at the Charity Shop for 99p last week:

Now, silence if you please ladies and gentlemen. A gentle roll of drums maestro...

The winner of Moogsmum's 155th Blog Post Giveaway is.....................

Commenter number 8 who said:

these bunnies are lovely, please add me for the draw, I want them even more than Lucy Locket Pocket! Monda x
March 15, 2008 9:56

MONDA of the totally fabulous blog Monda Loves!!!

A huge thank you to all 40 (!!!!!!!!) of you who entered my draw - for reading my blog, for leaving me lovely comments and for 'getting' the whole needing to make stuff thing!!!!

To Monda - please email me your address and I'll be posting you those naughty bunnies with a few more goodies very very soon :)

And now for other news.

For those of you, bless you, who asked how Moogsdad is doing, here's an update :)

He's away at conference for six days.

The man himself was picked up here by limo at 8.45 on Saturday morning and whisked off to the airport. After an uneventful 9 hour flight during which he practised his presentation for the umpteenth time he landed at another airport.

As he is at this conference I can give no details. In fact I would have to have you terminated if I did ;-)

The latest news is that he has given a 'pretty good' presentation to a rather huge assembly of worldwide defence industry bods and is now propping up the bar hoping to be bought a few drinks!!

He'll be back in the early hours of Friday morning full of jet lag, and hopefully bearing gifts, ready to be bounced on by two naughty babies and a gorgeous wifey who are missing him already:)

In the meantime, I shall make the most of the opportunity to sew in the evenings. Usually I give up as his tutting drowns out the noise of the sewing machine as I whirr away during his favourite TV programmes!!

If you are shocked that someone as wonderful as me can even bear to associate herself with a person involved in the rather contentious international defence industry may I just say I'm trying to mitigate, ok?!! By sacrificing my highly valued playing crafting time to go back to work soon, in an 'environmentally friendly' ( I hate that term - so casually applied to things that are so un-friendly...don't get me started...things could get ugly!!_) job! Also I rather like Moogsdad, so there!!!!

Better go as I know at least one of you is waiting to hear how the draw went!!



Jane said...

Well done to Monda, i'm not a bit jealous (much);) The bunnies are so cute Lesley, hope they keep some Easter eggs warm! Jane x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh PANTS!!!!!

Why wasn't it me????????

Humphhhh to your random smelly number generator!

Well done to Monda though - good job I already like her!

Lucy-I'm-not-miffed-at-all-Locket xxx

monda-loves said...

OMG I'm literally peeing my pants here. I can't believe I have won those lovely bunnies. How on earth will I sleep tonight??? (sad, yes very)

I'm very sorry to poor LLP, but she'll get over it I'm sure.

I'm going to email you with my details now


P.S. Yipee!

Bethany Hissong said...

Monda... you are the envy of all of us!!! And I was just waiting by my computer ALL DAY LONG... doing nothing... just waiting for the results drawing. But it wasn't me. (Okay so life is way too busy to even remember what I just wrote a minute ago let alone remember that I could win something!) I find it funny that all of us creative women are married to very technically inclined men. I think opposites do attract!! Though I always said Craig was the pretty one in this relationship!!! ;)

Leigh said...

Congrats to Monda! Said with a tad bit of envy!

Enjoy your manless crafty time!!!

Monkee Maker said...

I love that you randomly chose a random number generator ..... did you count up how many random number generators there were and then enter that into a randomly selected number generator to decide which random number generator you'd use for the draw??

My head hurts now.

Many congrats to Monda, and I'm so glad to read that you quite like your hubby. I find that always helps in a marriage.


trashalou said...

Curses! Monda, what did you offer as a bribe? Because I shall file it away for use next time.......

the vicious chicken said...

Ooh, congrats to Monda on winning the spectacular 155 stacking bunnies (or have I got the wrong end of the stick there?) ;o)

(Ha ha ha ha - have just been trying to imagine 155 stacking bunnies - even if the smallest one was the size of a pea then the biggest would probably be like the Empire State Building...)

... Gosh, I've started early today, haven't I?? So sorry. Moving swiftly on... the other thing I wanted to comment on was to sympathise about your current lack of husband: I'm in a similar situation at the mo as NBM went away on Saturday morning and won't be back until at least Thursday. So I hope the time flies and that you don't miss Moogsdad too much between now and his return.

Gina said...

Lucky Monda... and no I don't mind really because she sounds very excited at having won.

Enjoy having time to stitch in the evenings... and try not to miss Moogsdad too much! It will soon be Friday!

Gina xx

Kitty said...

Congratulations to Monda ... you lucky thing.

Have fun crafting. x

. said...

Well done Monda! Having seen the bunnies in real life I know how scrumptious they are.

artisbliss said...

Good for Monda, and good for your hubby doing hard, thankless work that somebody has to do, for heaven's sake.

You MUST make something like this again sometime.

Angela said...

Congratulations to Monda.She sounds very excited are you going to put a warning on the package for the postman?.

Jennie said...

Well done Monda, I'm not jealous either. :'(((

Kaz said...

Well done Monda gggrrrr etc, I'm not sulking at all!!

Glad you had a fabby time meeting up on Friday. Looks like it was a big success all round.

Love the new header, but am glad the Moog has a pic still on here.

Kaz xx

Thimbleanna said...

Now Lesley dearest, your beloved Moogsdad is in the same industry that hubby and I are in -- so, I have to tell you, since he was speaking in Orlando, you must spell it defenSe ROFLOL!!!! (Or we will be doing the terminating Haha!!!) Congrats to Monda!

Julie said...

Congratulations to Monda! Have fun crafting while Moogsdad is away, Lesley and have fun when he gets back!!!

Julie said...

Ooooh! Forgot to say.....I love the new header!

twiggypeasticks said...

Why did I find your blog AFTER your giveaway - boo!! Only joking, lovely blog and those bunnies are great. I read about the Spring Fair on Lucy Lockets blog, sounds like you had a terrific day.
Twiggy x