Wednesday, April 16, 2008!!!!!!!

As you may have been aware, last night was THE BIG NIGHT! My date with the lovely Moogsdad to go to the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton to watch.......


Well, what can I tell you?

They were every bit as fantastic as I knew they would be...only very much more so :)

I felt a certain kinship with the lovely Ms Saunders as she does, in fact, spend a goodly amount of time surfing the 'interweb'. Then again, the lovely Ms French is mad for chocolate - there's nothing to choose between the two of them.

Moogsdad bought me the souvenir programme - which is the best theatre programme I've ever had as it is full of very funny and very interesting info on the 'lucky bitches' - and no cruddy adverts!!

They wore these fabulous Simon Cowell trousers throughout the show. Must get me some :)

It's hard to believe they're both 50 and have a comedy career spanning thirty years - for most of which I've been a huge fan!
This makes me feel very old as some ridiculously young people who are also fans have possibly only been aware of them for the past ten years!!!

Here's a fact or two from the programme:

Jennifer's first job: Never had one.
One of Jennifer's phobias : being forced to climb up a very tall crane.

Dawn's weight: Perfect weight for size.
First job: Chambermaid and Gentlemens' Fancy
One of Dawn's favourite countries: Narnia

There are lots more but if I divulged any more secrets I'd have to kill you........or face prosecution for breach of copyright. I'd risk the first but not the second ;)

I bought me this, to drink every bit of my daily intake of fluids from henceforth - including wine!

Tea works well in it - especially with a little something to stop it being too wet :)

The show was just brilliant, with some familiar characters - including the old ladies on mobility scooters, Jennifer 'doing' Madonna, a brilliant rerun of the original sketch that led to Jennifer Saunders writing Absolutely Fabulous and the two girls at the bus stop discussing contraception - which, if you're not sure involves dozens of towels, a todger like a cactus, thousands of fish and green slime!

For a finale they came on as the big fat randy old men - complete with swinging lifelike dangly bits that 'accidentally' fell out of their trousers - this had Moogsdad in tears of mirth. Boys - they always laugh at the willy gags!!!

One of the highlights ( for me!!) was Dawn French strapping on a chocolate detector and going round the audience collecting a bucket load of chocolate and doing naughty things with a mini video camera :)

Just the best night out ever!!!!!

As if all that wasn't enough excitement for one day how about this:

My lovely friend Mrs Trash sent me this fabulous birthday present.

Complete with a gorgeous new cuddly friend in my favourite colour!!

He made himself at home straight away.

I emailed Trashy straight away to thank her and tell her I'd called him Leopold the Leopard.

It wasn't until a couple of emails later that she kindly told me he's a monkey!!

Maybe I need to try him in different poses?

Thanks so much Trashy - I love him - and species really is not important......he's not going to be breeding after all.........


Sewing has taken a back seat this week as we've been gardening. Father-in-law made himself useful yesterday by finishing off the raised bed that Moogsdad had started to build.

It's now seeded and slug-proofed (beer traps) and dog-proofed (fence) and hopefully going to produce a bumper crop of delicious fresh veggies.

Trouble is, it's full already and I could do with another three for the other seeds I've sown and all the packets of seeds I bought in a moment of overenthusiastic 'self-sufficiency' daydreaming!!!

I've done this too:
and these will be delicious and heavily cropping spuds!!!! Grown in empty compost bags as shown in Gardener's World magazine.
Minx helped and has planted her window box.....not showing the inside of the Wendy House as the little b**gers made mud pies in there last Thursday!!!
One very last bit of rambling.
Some people ( naming no names MONKEE MAKER!!) seem to be struggling with consuming their Easter chocolates - more specifically chocolate bunnies.
Minx was given this one yesterday and here's what she did with it........within about thirty seconds!
No sentiment that child!

If it's still a problem MM, send it to Minx - she'll be happy to help :)


dottydesigns said...

So glad you had a FABBO night, nothing worse than looking forward to something and it's a disappointment. Wow you've done well with your veggies, I'd better get a bit more done on mine, I've been slacking due to miniquilt consumption. In fact I think I'll get monkee out there digging! x

Kitty said...

It sounds like a brilliant night out - so glad you had fun. The garden is looking pretty darned Ab Fab too - can't wait to see your big crops. (That sounds rude :-O )

Take care. x

Ali said...

You haven't come down yet have you? No wonder, from such a fab night.

And your garden photos put me to shame. Must go to work on fidding my veg patch of cat turds and planting something.

artisbliss said...

So glad you enjoyed F & S. Your little garden bed looks lovely and I hope it's very productive for you. Minx's little window box is precious.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Sounds like a very ab fab night out - complete with rude dangly bits!!!!

Your garden is looking super smashing by the way - I'm currently wishing I hadn't spent the day at the allotment as my neck is hurting so much I can barely move it - but I spose you can blog sitting still can't you?

Leopold the Leopomonke looks very fabulous - love the colours!

Sure you said something else but can't remember so that's it from me!

Locket xxx

Jennie said...

I love Dawn French and I'm glad you had such a fantastic time!
Your garden looks lovely, I only have a yard so I keep looking wistfully at other peoples planting expertise (although if I had a garden I'd still be quite rubbish at keeping plants alive!)
The best way to treat chocolate bunnies is to smash them up straight away.. keeping them any longer is cruel in my opinion, so Minx has it right!

dottycookie said...

Oooh, colour me envious - French & Saunders? Lucky you! I'm glad you had such a fab time.

Your garden is gorgeously sorted - we're growing spuds, peas, broad beans and sunflowers this year. Well, that's the theory anyway.

Kaz said...

I'm glad to hear that F&S were every bit as great as you hoped they'd be. Can you imagine if Dawn found out about MM's choc hoarding. I'm with Minx every inch of the way!!

Love the pots and the window box, and Leopold is gorgeous no matter what he is!

K xx

MarmaladeKiss said...

Surely it's not 30 years (F&S) it doesn't seem like 2 minutes since I was 15 and they were on The Young Ones? Oh dear ... time goes tooo fast when you're having fun ...

marit said...

So glad you had a lovely night out! We've sometimes seen the ladies on the telly here too, and they are fabolous!
Love your gardenphotos!
Minx has the right attitude when it comes to chocolate:-)
Take care.

Gina said...

What a wonderful night out... I'm so glad to hear that they are both 50!!
The gardening is pretty impressive!

Bethany Hissong said...

Your garden bed looks great! I need to catch up with you! And I'm so glad you had a great time last night!!! They sound like so much fun! It's funny that I have no idea who they are even though they've been around forever. Love that they pick on Simon Cowell! I am totally dragging my feet on your birthday present, aren't I?! But I will shop... I actually shopped a couple weeks ago but couldn't figure out how to enter your "foreign" address in their system! So I gave up and decided I needed to call them. So now I'm home... but my daughter is kicking me off the computer! Maybe tomorrow!

Monkee Maker said...

Oh no!! More chocolate bunny destruction! I may start a petition to Save the Chocolate Bunnies!

... or I may just eat mine ...

I'm glad you had a great night out and your garden looks ab fab too!


trashalou said...

oh no. my humiliation is now complete. (hangs head dejectedly and wanders away shoulders slumped. turns) But in my defence that nose was really hard.

trashalou said...

oh no. my humiliation is now complete. (hangs head dejectedly and wanders away shoulders slumped. turns) But in my defence that nose was really hard.

est said...

i'm sure you'd a great time fun time!! love the window box!

Rachael Rabbit said...

I LOVE your bunny moulds .....


You'd rate them quite high then? x

Leigh said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful time! I just love the info you could legally share with us! You know when you type dangly bits, I just lose it! Ah, humor, I love it!!!!

Lovely goodies you got there for you birthday!