Sunday, April 20, 2008 room

We've been having a big clear up and clear out this weekend. It's frightening just how much crubbish one household can gather!!

We are lucky enough to have a little conservatory on the back of our house - only 8ft x 12ft - which inevitably gets buried very quickly under all manner of junk.

I keep my fabrics out here and things had got rather out of say the very least!

Moogsdad has done a fab job of building some good accessible storage in our, now dry and clean, loft and we'd decided that I could store the bulk of my fabric up there. I'm keeping the essentials that I use very regularly downstairs in the conservatory - all the other 'I'll use it one day' stuff is now out of the way.

All those tiny scrappy bits that I was keeping 'just in case' have been bagged up (into two black bags!!!!) and freecycled to a lady who runs a preschool. Another bag of fabric that I will really never use - 'cos it's not nice! - is going to the charity shop.

It's amazing how different the whole house feels just knowing we have an extra useable space :)

At 6.30 this morning, when I couldn't sleep, it was the perfect place to sit with a cup of tea and listen to the wrens and blackbirds singing :)

At 8am I was joined by some more of Moogs clan.

Even her ladyship has given it her seal of approval!

I had fun making this bit mine :)

....and this is the drawer I love the most :)

This corner needs a bit more work but it'll be clear once the charity shop bits and pieces have gone.

During the clear out I came across this:

I'm never going to knit Herbert the Gardener Bear or Robin the Twitcher.....or even.....wait for it....Pearl the Knitter!!

Therefore, I'm giving it away - to the first person to leave a comment, on this post, saying yes please!!

Now I have to go and feed the babies croissants and get ready for a grand day out here!

We're swashing our buckles and swabbing our poop decks in readiness for boarding The Victory - avast m'hearties!!!!!!!



Kitty said...

Morning Mrs M - Don't include me as a prospective owner for the knitting mag - I'm having a major clear-out myself and trying to be very strict ... so nothing new comes in until it's done!

Your cleared up space looks lovely and that drawer would be my favourite too. My stash needs some serious attention - it shall be done within the next few weeks.

Will be thinking of you tomorrow - hope it goes brilliantly.


trashalou said...

We had the best time on our trips to the docks (- hmm.... thinks possibly this could be misconstrued, let me start again).

The days out(year ticket)we had at Victory and her surroundings was loads of fun for all five of us - we borrowed one of my long serving borrowed children for the day. Hope you hav/had a fantastic trip.

pink-petal-designs said...

Don't you just love a good clean up. Enjoy your day.

Leanne said...

I wish I was sitting in that conservatory listening to the birds with you. I love the noise English birds make much more soothing than the raucous noise our Aussie birds make.

Jane said...

Hi Lesley, if no-one else fancies the bear booklet I'd love to give it a home. I need to catch up on everyones blogs, yours included to see what i've missed. I love your conservatory/ crafting space. Jane x

quinn said...

What a lovely space you've created there! You are inspiring me to clear away all the accumulated rubbish on my screen-porch. Good timing, as this weekend has been the first open-window weather here...the mosquitoes and black flies won't be far behind.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

It's all looking very posh and lovely - and I am MOST EXCITED about finally getting to see a glimpse of Moogsdad - even if it is just the back view! If you tell him I said this he will be even more alarmed at talking to me on the phone than before (if possible!)

Hope you are having a spiffing day out!

Locket xxx

Angela said...

You are very organised. I just wish I was and so does my husband.Enjoy your day out.

quiltdude said...

How lovely to be able to sit back and enjoy your hard work without and little people around. It's looking good.

the vicious chicken said...

That does look like a lovely room... if you could find one for me, too, that'd be just smashing ;o)

Julie said...

All your hard work looks like it's paid off - and you can sit in the conservatory and watch your veggies grow! How cool is that? Hope you've had a great family day out. Good luck tomorrow :)

Bethany Hissong said...

Lesley... thank you for your nice note on my post. I am so happy that I have friends like you, especially now. I wanted to wish you a wonderful first day tomorrow! I can't wait to hear how it goes. And your studio space is so lovely... those flowers are gorgeous!! Are they roses? You are inspiring me to clean out my space and actually set it up to be more useable. I'm hoping to be doing a lot more art soon!!

Kaz said...

Sending you lots of good luck for tomorrow squishes!!! I hope it goes ok and that you're not in too deep a state of shock by it! I think it'd kill me if I had to work!!!

I love that drawer of yours the best, in fact, while you're at work I might nip down and help myself to a few of those fabrics.

Hope today was good fun. And give the Moog some fuss from me as she looks gorgeous out there on her cushion!


artisbliss said...

Looks like you'll have the added benefit of being able to watch your garden grow from the conservatory as well. Good for you. Cleaning up and getting rid of things (by whatever means necessary) feels SO good.

Blossom said...

Your lovely pace is great..well done!!!Nothing like starting out fresh.

Leigh said...

Your space looks so wonderful!!!! I am jealous!!!

Sending you good vibes for tomorrow/today your time!!!!

Monkee Maker said...

Isn't it lovely when you have a big clean up .... well, not while you're doing it, obviously, but after, when you get to enjoy the new space.

Hope you had a great day out and all the best for later.


periwinkle said...

I would have said "yes please" as they would make good friends with my Periwinkle ,but it looks like I've been beaten to it... never mind though. Your conservatory looks lovely too.
Lisa x

twiggypeasticks said...

I can't knit for toffee :) apart from dead easy stuff. Anyhoo, your conservatory looks fab, do you want to come round and unpack the boxes of stuff that have been in my attic for 2 years please? Enjoy your day out

the vicious chicken said...

Oh bum, I just realised I forgot to wish you good luck for today when I left my comment last night - sorry! So just wanted to say now: I do hope it's going really, really well :o)

trashalou said...

ooooo! V.C. said a swearword!!!!!!

French Knots said...

I love that feeling of everthing being clean, tidy and organised....for the five minutes before someone messes it up again!