Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

How does time go so fast?

Seven years ago we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world.

Minx was born at home with her Daddy and Granny (and two fantastic midwives) at my side and the rest of her grandparents sitting downstairs!!!

The homebirth was planned - the audience was just happened that way!

When my Father-in-Law commented on the fact that I had made a bit of noise whilst giving birth (and heck it really was only a bit of noise - I'm no screamer!) I suggested he try weeing an apple through his old chap without aneasthetic and see if he could keep quiet!!!!

Just sixteen and a half months after our beautiful little boy was born we completed our family with a perfect little girl.

She shares her name with her Granny.

I don't go for the whole naming children after relatives thing but somehow the shortened version of Granny's name was just right. (Granny was not called Minxie, by the way.)

As you may already have guessed, Minx is madam's 'stage name'!!

The first two pictures are within 20 minutes of birth,with my cheerleader, Granny :)

We called her 'the badge' because she would snuggle on your shoulder and just stay there - hands free!!

Sausage Monster does not remember a time without 'Missus'.

She's the funniest, sunniest, sweetest little girl.

She's quirky, old-fashioned, twinkly-eyed, kind and sweet natured, exquisite, loving and a little too 'knowing' for her age!

Seven, going on 14.

You and your Granny just 'knew' each other. You connected. I do so wish she was still here to see the wonderful young lady you are becoming every day. She would be so proud of you, little woman.

Happy Birthday Minx - we love you more than mere words can say :)



marit said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Minx! May you have a wonderful day:-)
(and to writer- Thanks for sharing, lovely pictures, lovely writing, I was both giggling and wiping off a tear...)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh golly she is gorgeous!!! The little Lockets and I have all been ooooohing and aaaaaaaaahing over those baby shots and Fred has been showing them to his wonderful new alien!!!!

Have a really super day Minxy - Daisy and I are planning a pressie for you!

Lucy xxx

Marie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms Minx! Hope a fantastic day is had by all (especially you).

Great photos, and a fab story. I'm sure her Granny is watching her celebrate today and wishing she could be there.


Stephanie Pettengell said...

Oh that was a lovely post, it made me laugh and made me cry. Hope you all have a happy day because Granny is sure to be watching to make sure you do. Happy birthday to Minx.

trashalou said...

Happy Birthday Missus Minx!

with love from all at Trash Towers

Leanne said...

Happy Birthday Minx - lovely post Lesley.

Kitty said...

Many, many happy returns to you Miss Minx! Your birthday is pretty near another young lady I know who is all those things your mum said about you ... and is old beyond her years too. (And loves crafting too!)

Hope you all have a really fabulous day. Love from all the Wrinkles.


Working Mom Knits said...

Wishing you only joy and happiness - plus a few sweet - in the year to come : )


Listen to you, you proud Mum! Happy Birthday to the Minx (my niece was called the Minx, 20 or so years back, when she was a toddler), seems like a popular name, especially as Granny was called it as well! You have a great collection of photos and I am sure your little girl will enjoy looking at pictures of the Granny who loved to see her come into this world, very much. x

Gina said...

A beautiful post about a beautiful little girl - and tears to my eyes by the end!

Happy birthday Minxie!

Gina xxx

artisbliss said...

A very happy birthday to Minx. Thanks for sharing the photos of your sweet little girl.

Monkee Maker said...

Aww, what a lovely post - and such cute pictures!

Happy Birthday to the Minx, and tell the Monster that he's very lucky, as all the best sisters were born today.


Bethany Hissong said...

Happy Birthday you beautiful little girl (who's growing up quickly!) I admire you even more now Lesley, for having her at home! I wish I could have done something like that but both of mine were complicated. My son and daughter are only 15 months apart so our kids are so similar... they don't know life without the other and I love it like that!
Have a really great day!! (And post pictures of those cupcakes or whatever you make!) :)

dottydesigns said...

Happy Birthday minx, Hope you had a fun day x

the vicious chicken said...

Lovely post, Moogsmum... and I would've liked it even more if it hadn't made me blub like a big girl. *Sniff*. Someone pass the tissues.. ;o)

Hope your girlie had a fantastic day :o)

Kaz said...

I'm a little bit late so wish her a happy belated b'day from her cyberauntie wonky xx

It's refreshing to know that somebody else shares my eating habits. I am frequently found with dinner on top of my head - it just flies at me, and I guess it's the same for her!!

Gorgeous children you have there.

Julie said...

Tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat and a big smile on my face! Hope you have had the most fantabulous birthday Minx! (Hope Mum's enjoyed it too!) You have some wonderful memories in your gorgeous photos Lesley. xx

est said...

Happy birthday girl!!!

French Knots said...

Hope you had a super Minxy birthday!
Sweet pictures,(seems like we blink and our children are practically grown up!) and sentiments too.x

Lina said...

Happy birthday miss minx!

Blossom said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girl....

gorgeous pics!!!