Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some sewing at last...

It's been a funny couple of weeks. With the kids off school I seem to have had very little time or energy for crafty stuff.

My new job starts on Monday and I have a feeling crafty doings may take a bit of a back seat, as I readjust to trying to fit my whole life into about 2 hours a day!!

I'm looking forward to my new job now. I've received an intinerary for the first month and most of it fits in really well around the children, so fortunately I shouldn't have child care to worry about.

What I'm not so happy about is that someone in HR accidentally miscalculated my salary - by forgetting to take into account the fact that I will not be working during school holidays!!!! This has made a considerable difference to what I will earn but, obviously, I'll still be earning more than I am now!!!

Right. That's enough whingeing and bellyaching for one post.

Onto much nicer things.

Minx drew this the other day:

She and I have been on our own for the past two days, as Monster has been at a football holiday scheme.

Minx wanted me to turn her lovely Fairy Mary picture into a real live doll.

I wanted to try to reproduce her picture exactly as she'd drawn it.

She had other ideas!! (she wasn't keen on the wonkiness - whereas that's what I love about it).

We entered into prolonged design negotiations. The upshot of it was, that I was given a detailed brief to make a doll similar to one I'd made for her brother, (loosely!!) based on the very lovely Jodie's dolls.

The fabric choosing took quite some time, as she wanted to use some very odd combinations.

In the end.....gulp......she decided that my beautiful Anna Maria Horner fabrics were just the ticket.

Minx was most insistent about curly hair, so her poor mother was forced to use some very lovely real chunky merino wool that I'd been saving for a felting project.

So here is Fairy Mary in all her Chocolate Lollipop glory - complete with big black iron mark on her blouse!!!

Her trousers are some gorgeous fabric that Leigh sent to me, for my birthday, that coordinates perfectly with the AMH fabrics.

Minx did want Mary's face to be as close to her picture as possible - somewhat wild and staring... and now, I've just noticed, with unevenly dilated pupils too!

Apparently, I have to make her a hat today to finish her off - 'cos that's a hat in Minx's picture, apparently, and not a prematurely balding fairy!

I now hope to be showered with dozens of wonderful comments about what a wonderful Mummy I am for:

1. giving up almost 10 hours of yesterday to make sure I got FM finished for Minx!!

2. using my very bestest fabrics that I was saving for 'something special'.

3. realising that nothing could really be more special than a little dolly for my naughty Minx :)

In other crafty news - I've been working on my mini-quilt for my swap partner :)

Also, a huge thank you to Leigh, who has awarded me this lovely You Make My Day Award
Thank you Leigh...and right back at you with this one!!

As I'm a very lazy blogger and have been very remiss at taking up a couple of tags I've been sent recently, and replying to your very lovely and very much appreciated comments, I'm going to continue this trend!!

Rather than list everyone who makes my day .....partly 'cos I'm chicken and get scared of missing anyone out!!!!!.......I'm going to pass this on to everyone who reads my blog, whether you comment or not....I know you're there 'cos sitemeter tells me so :)
All of you make my day :)

Have a happy weekend xxxxxxx


Michaela said...

I cannot believe that I am the first one to say what a wonderful mummy you are! Fairy Mary is beautiful and you are very very clever. And so is Minx.

Monkee Maker said...

Oh what a wonderful mummy you are, you are, what a wonderful mummy you are!

Is that enough mummy worship for one day?

Fairy Mary is stunning, and I just love her clothes .... I quite fancy that outfit myself .... could you oblige perchance?

And Minx definitely takes after her wonderful mummy (and granny) in the artistic stakes!


ps. Good luck for monday ....

Kitty said...

You are indeed a very wonderful mummy. That's a fab doll, and even more special because Minx designed it herself. I wouldn't have known where to start with it. I'm truly impressed.

Good luck for Monday - hope you really enjoy it. x

lola said...

muy bonita tu muñeca ,visita mi blog hay mucho decoupage,gracias

Anonymous said...

Much mummy worship from me too, that's a lovely fairy doll, to be sure....will you be making any more...I'd like one for myself! Fran x

marit said...

You and MissMinx makes an unbeatable mother/daughter team!Love the result:)
Have a lovely weekend, and best of luck with your job!

quiltdude said...

Minx is a very lucky girl to have a wonderful mummy who not only gives up hours to create Fairy Mary, but also uses some of her favourite stash to make it. The outcome is 1. a gorgeous doll 2. a happy Minx and 3. a proud (but tired) mummy. Well done. and good luck for Monday.

x Clare

trashalou said...

oh you definitely get good mummy points. In fact I think you may have won the good mummy race for the holidays. Locket may have done more with the whole 'setting up pf a club' thing but you gave up beautiful and best fabric!

Gina said...

You really are a WONDERFUL mummy!Such a beautiful Minxie fairy doll. Really hope it all goes well for you on Monday. Will be thinking of you!

Kaz said...

Wow Fairy Mary is one gorgeous girl, especially as she uses your bestest fabrics. They have a way of only wanting the best don't they?

I looked and looked but can't see any ironing marks on the beautiful clothes.

My dad knows a song which goes 'hairy mary had a canary up the leg of her drawers'... but I can't remember the rest, which might be a very good thing!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I reckon that parting with your bestest fabric and then realising it couldn't have been put to a better use definitely makes you the bestest mummy ever! Fairy Mary is fantastic - could you and Minxy design some more for your shop perhaps???? Forget about that stupid job and do sewing instead!

(Was that helpful????)

Locket xxx

Julie said...

Fairy Mary is wonderful and very pretty! Congratulations to you and Minx for designing her and choosing such beautiful fabrics.
Good luck in your new job on Monday :) Enjoy yourself and the pennies! xx

dottydesigns said...

that is one gorgeous fairy mary x

artisbliss said...

You are, in fact, quite a wonderful mother to both of your children. Someday they will figure out that not everybody's mom can just whip up toys out of basically nothing.

Fairy Mary is absolutely gorgeous, my compliments to the designer and the stitcher who should take a lesson about using up all her lovely wool before the kids get designs on it!

Blossom said...

what a wonderful mumma you are!!!!!!!!

I hope hope your swet DD appreciates you!!

good luck for monday!!!

aussie hugs

Leanne said...

Good luck for tomorrow. You should win best mum award for fairy Mary she is so sweet. I bet Minx loves her.

dottycookie said...

Fairy Mary is completeley fab - and so are you!

I'm glad to see the Minx has good taste in fabric, and hair.

Will be thinking of you tomorrow - it'll all be fine, and just think! Coffee with grownups!

Bethany Hissong said...

Your doll turned out so well! Minx is beyond her years in designing! I just went out with my daughter to find fabric for the same thing, but it is a school project. I am encouraged by your success!
And now I know what I'm going to send you!! I had thought about it before because I know you love Anna Maria's fabric, and now that you've used yours... I am going to send you more for yourself!! So watch for it :)

Anonymous said...

You definitely should be commended for making such a wonderful doll. And using your best fabrics ... well that is another big pat on the back. Also love the label for the doll quilt. Have you talked about them before?

Leigh said...

Fairy Mary is gorgeous, you girls are so talented!

Good Luck with your new job!

You really do make me day!!!!

Working Mom Knits said...

Happy to shower you with folwery comments as that dolly is just lovely! I want a mommy as wonderful as you (no offense intended to my Mom - but she wasn't a crafter).

Fairy Mary is fantastic!

Jennie said...

Fairy Mary is fantastic! She looks so like her picture!!