Thursday, April 3, 2008


I've been tagged and, as I haven't sewn a stitch today, I thought I'd blog my taggage.

First of all, I was tagged by Bethany for my six word philosophy on life. This took a bit of thought - especially as I could only manage five words! I seem to struggle with the deep stuff but eventually came up with:

Just stop and hear the birdsong!

It's so easy to get caught up with the day to day stuff that the little things get lost. I love it when I just tune out of life for a moment and actually hear the beautiful sounds that are around me.

Tag number 2 was from Jennie - thanks Jennie :) -and here are the rules:

1). Name and URL of person who tagged you.
2). Post the rules.
3). Write 7 things about yourself.
4). Name 7 fave blogs.
5). Send email to 7 blogs to say that they have been tagged.

7 things about me:

1. One of the first things I really want to buy for myself when I get my first pay packet is a bag of worms to eat my garbage! I've got the wormery but it is currently vacant!

2. I dream of a nice little house with a bit of land, some chickens and a big veg patch - plus a room of some sort for each of us to play in - only a win on the lottery is likely to see me realise this dream!

3. I'd love to live without a TV - apart from maybe watching an occasional film.

4. I really do not get the whole celebrity thing at all! Why is everyone so fascinated with this c**p?!!

5. I love Dawn French. Did I happen, by any chance, to mention that I'm going to see French and Saunders LIVE very soon?????

6. I don't feel I'm as well read as maybe I should be and get daunted by 'literary discussions'!

7. I still have a stone with a hole in that Moogsdad gave to me when he proposed - because he didn't have a ring at the ready :)

Seven favourite blogs is a tricky one as there are so many and I can't bear to leave anyone out. I'm going to be a rebel and break that rule!!! I read over 120 blogs on a regular basis. I comment on a fair few of those.

My sidebar (although not updated for a while) contains quite a few of my favourites.

I'm also going to cop out of tagging anyone else, as lots of you have been tagged. If you want to pick this up and do it on your blog though - please do!! It's always nice to satisfy our curiosity a bit, isn't it?

As I'm off up to school to do library duty shortly I've run out of crafty time but I did finish these today:

They are in the shop.
Byeeeeeee xxxx


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Where did you say those chairs were?

Stop being so coy! Your work is gorgeous and you should shout it from the rooftops!

Love your taggy info - I love the fact that you've got a holey stone from Moogsdad - I used to collect them when I was little because they were "lucky" and Dot now has my "necklace" on a bit of green wool!

Locket xxx

Marie said...

Just stop and hear the birdsong!



kerrypuddy said...

Love those little chairs - is there no end to your talents?


Patti said...


What wonderful chairs.

Love the colours.

You are a clever moogsmum.

Birdsong is good, but not all the time. There are birds outside my kids' bedroom window. And they sing VERY loudly early in the morning. This wakes the children who come in and wake me. So sometimes don't hear the birdsong could be good.

Felicia said...

The chairs look fabulous :)

artisbliss said...

Those chairs are absolutely adorable.

trashalou said...

Fabulous info about the life of Missus Moog and very beautiful chairs - you truly are a clever woman - BUT.... is it something in the air? I was just walking down the High Street (and it really is high up here!)thinking how I would like to paint a crescent bird shape tonight!

Too weird!

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh Leslie -- I've been so behind I missed your birthday!!! Happy, HAPPY belated birthday!!!! It looks like you had a fabulous day with all the goodies you received. And your writing always cracks me up -- especially when you're writing about the little Moogs! You're too cute!!!

dottycookie said...

Very lovely taggy things!

But exactly how fair is it to put pretty wooden chairs in your shop that are too small for me to sit on? Hmmmm?

Kaz said...

wow I love those chairs!! You have major talent!!

Can I send you some seagull birdsong??

Kitty said...

Those chairs are adorable - you clever clogs.

The worms are a great idea - please let us know when you get them - with pictures, too, please :-D



Hi Lesley, you have been tagged again! Come over to my blog to see what is asked of you? If you have already been asked to do this meme in the past, just ignore it! x

Jennie said...

I love those chairs.
Loved hearing seven things about you!!

Gina said...

Three, four, five and six... that sounds like me!
Fabulous chairs - so cute!

Gina said...

... and no.2! One day I'll have chickens and a veg patch.

Monkee Maker said...

Fab facts! And I LOVE the chairs! Sadly I can't justify buying kiddie chairs .... although .... I guess 007 needs somewhere to rest his tush ....



Your six word philosophy is really good, I like it, and I agree, we hardly ever get to hear it, because we are tied up with too much stuff like domestics. Good seven things about yourself, I do not get the whole celebrity thing either, I couldn't give a monkeys. French and Saunders, who are they! x

Bethany Hissong said...

I like your word philosophy!! So true! And I'm totally with you on the celebrities. They are now reporting how they are voting in our next presidential election on the news stations!!! As if I care?!!!

Your chairs are so cute!! Are you sure you should go back to work, or maybe you should open your own little shop and do all these great things you've been making?!!! I think the chairs would be a hit over here!!