Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tiny crafty doings

I never thought I'd hear myself say this.... but I really must defend my dentist!!! She really wasn't being rude when she said I have incompetent lips- it's a recognised condition.

Basically, my gorgeous pouty lips don't naturally close when I'm in a relaxed state - if I'm really relaxed I look like I'm catching flies i.e. mouth agape in a gormless fashion.... v v attractive ;)

This means I'm a mouth breather....and I really do have to concentrate hard to keep my gob shut and breathe through my nose!! Unfortunately it also has potentially serious consequences for one's gums. Saliva is vitally important in gum health - with your mouth shut your gums are bathed in lovely lovely saliva that serves to dilute the plaque bacteria on and around your teeth.

If you're a wide mouthed snoozer like me, your mouth dries out and the little b**gers have free reign to invade your also wake up with a mouth like sandpaper...nice!

Is it any wonder Moogsdad finds me devastatingly attractive?!!! :)

Ho hum.....that's enough of that I feel.

Let's go onto something a little nicer.

As the excitement of potential chicken fostering got me in it's grip the other evening, I decided to make a little teeny tiny needlefelted something to keep the dream alive.

I finished her off today - she previously lacked eyes.

Henrietta (of course!) - a diminutive fowl -
with a rather fluffy beak and a gentle disposition

and cute from all angles :)

Monster told me she needed legs. I chose to ignore him. Because my brain hurt when I tried to work out how to make teeny chicky limbs. She's broody. Legs not required.

I've been stitching something this evening that may become a mini-quilt for Mrs Locket's Magnificent Wall of Quilts.

It seems yesterday may have been a blip and service is returning to normal :)


p.s. in case you're still wondering Monkee Maker - I'm a very competent kisser - I can pucker up with the best of them - the relaxed mouth-wide-open bit doesn't apply to kissing.....well, maybe some kissing...........just don't tell Moogsdad ;-)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

My mind is boggling at the thought of "some kissing" - please don't explain!!!!!!

Loving your hen though - especially her eyes - I wouldn't have thought of doing the red before the black and I am a seasoned chicken-keeper!

Glad you are feeling more "balanced" - please lend some of it to me!

And very excited to hear you have been busy sewing!!!!

Locket xxx

Julie said...

Glad to hear normal service has been resumed. The little hen is gorgeous :) Oh and I'm with Lucy on the kissing! :))

monda-loves said...

I agree with you post yesterday, working and crafting is indeed very hard, mind you this little ckick is super cute - you could make her some legs out of wire (jewellery wire perhaps?)


Ali said...

Bugger. Wish you hadn't explained that. Because now I know I have incompetent lips too. Ignorance is bliss!

Cute chicken.
Beak = no lips = no problem.

dottycookie said...

Lovely lovely chicken. Now I need more rovings!

quinn said...

Awwwww! lovely little hen!

instead of legs, you might felt a little nest?

Charlie P said...

Awwwwwwwwwww. I love the little hen. She doesn't need legs.
I wonder if you can claim some sort of disability benefit for incompetent lips?

Jane said...

I love your cute little Henrietta hen she looks lovely and broody, are you making a nest and some eggs too or chicks? Glad you are back to crafting, it is shattering returning to work! I dread dentist visits, apparently i have gaps between my teeth which leads to a build up of plaque which the toothbrush can't reach. So i have half a dozen little brushes to attack my teeth with! not a task i enjoy but it has cured the killer bad breath and bleeding gums (which i didn't know i had) Jane x

Monkee Maker said...

Henrietta is a cutie, and I agree ... no legs required.

And I for one want to know MORE about that kind of kissing, not less ... just think, it could kick start a whole new 'different kind' of blog!

Honestly - does my nosiness know no bounds? (try saying that quickly!)


trashalou said...

I'm with Locket rather than MM - do extraneous detail thank you.

French Knots said...

Henny is very sweet, just the right shape. No legs required!

Sarahs Home said...

I love the Hen, it is very pretty.

sarah x

artisbliss said...

I love the chicken. I agree, legs not necessary. Let her set.

Sorry about your lip/gum issue. You can't be perfect, you know.


I've clicked on the link about your lips, I have never heard of this condition. Is there anything you can do about it? I like Henrietta, who needs legs when you have eggs to hatch! x

Lesley said...

Other than a tight bandage to hold my mouth shut I think my only other option would be some form of dramatic surgery!!!

I think I'm inlcined to live with it.....and now I sort of wish I'd never mentioned it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The good news is I don't snore - I'm a silent nocturnal gaper :)

Moogsdad keeps his trap shut and snores like a hippo!


Gina said...

Crikey... I think I might have incompetent lips too! Glad normal service is resumed and love that little chick... so cute!
Gina xx

Bethany Hissong said...

Ha! I'm just trying to figure out why Moogsdad doesn't know about the other kind of kissing. Is there a story here??? The hen is great! I've been told to try needlefelting because it's relaxing... poking something a gazillion times with a sharp needle. I guess if you imagine someone irritating at the other end, hmmm?
Oops.. sorry. You don't want to think about jabbing do you?!

Kaz said...

It is of utmost importance that you explain the kissing thing Mrs Lesley - did that sound serious or important like I typed it?!!

I love that chicken and think thats the type of chook I could cope with, no poo or feathers, just lots of prettiness to look at.

Rachael Rabbit said...

Henrietta is lovely - without legs :-)

est said...

cute chick!!! i agree. some eggs would be so cute!! :)

Gigibird said...

You can smear vasaline on your gums to prvent them drying at night.

Jennie said...

oh noooo I'm a mouth breather too, have been for years on account of rubbish respiratory system and useless nose. I'm off to tell my dentist next time he goes on about the state of my gums, that is is all the fault of my gormless open mouthness! (You really do learn something new every day!)
Love the little hen it is so gorgeous!!
can't wait to see Lucy's mini quilt!

Leanne said...

Henrietta is very cute no legs needed ..... not to sure about the whole incompetent lips thing!!!!!!