Saturday, April 12, 2008

Too busy to blog?!!

This week has been mad!

With being away Monday to Wednesday and then Minx's Birthday on Thursday the time has whizzed by, no creating has been done and blogging has lapsed.

I suppose something has to give but I'd rather it was housework, which for some reason has taken a front seat for a change! A clear up has been underway, brought on by feelings of panic (as my new job starts very soon) and hormones!!!

Here are some Birthday photos to cheer us up:

Minx had a lovely day. She loved reading all your lovely Birthday wishes - thank you :)

We had a day out with friends that involved an indoor play centre and as much as we could eat at Pizza Hut!

Minx had a shiny new bike for her birthday - she's a great little cyclist :)

Her Grandad bought her a huge art set with more pens and pencils than we know what to do with!!!

She also had one of Gina's beautiful Sock Monster creations that I bought from her lovely etsy shop. This is Ruby monster - with her fab red hair!! Ruby has gone everywhere with Minx and has usurped one of her favourite cuddlies at bed time :)

The beautiful bag next to Ruby is a very lovely and very unexpected present off Gina - using one of Minx's drawings :)

Thank you sooooo much Gina - Minx was so excited about her present and she recognised her crazy chicken straight away!!

Her bag has been used for a shopping trip already as Minx had some birthday money burning a hole in her pocket! She was very sensible and bought herself a big red beanbag to sit on (see picture top right - Minx on beanbag sucking thumb) and a lilac fluffy heart-shaped cushion!

She even had some dosh left to choose clothes that she wanted (ie. no input from me!!) - we came away with a High School Musical t-shirt and leggings - at least it wasn't covered in sequins which is what she usually goes for.....

Hopefully I'll be back very soon with some craftiness as I have a birthday present to make for a 3 year old boy and a mini quilt for my lovely swap partner.



Monkee Maker said...

Oh my God Lesley, you must be ill! Get yourself to the Doctor immediately!! Housework? Taking a front seat?? What's that all about?!

Lovely b'day pics, and some great gifts for your girl there - including that gorgeous bag from Gina .... do you think she'd make me one ....?

.... and I'm glad to see that she's inherited her mother's shopping gene .... did she treat you to a cream cake by any chance?


ps. Could I cram any more question marks into this comment?? Well could I???

Kaz said...

Mmmmmm I'm drooling over the cake!! It looks like Minx had the best birthday and look at all those pens!!!

Is your job very very soon? Hope all goes well.


dottycookie said...

Oooh, just LOOK at that cake! All the pictures are lovely, and it sounds like the best day.

But my dear, we seriously need to talk about the dusting - it's not normal, you know ;-)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

You do realise that the whole bloggyverse is now deeply concerned about you don't you?


Wash your mouth out with soapy water young lady! That is a truly disgusting word!

Great birthday piccies by the way - and is that a mini-quilt birthday card I spot there????

cmoon said...

Looks like a great birthday with lovely gifts. Smiles on young faces makes the effort all worth while.There will always be housework so for now just enjoy being mum!

Julie said...

I'm with everyone with the housework thing! Very'll be making us all feel guilty soon..oh no, it's ok,.... I cleaned the bathroom yesterday!
What a cool birthday cake, I love the butterflies on it!

Good luck if you start your job before I'm blogging again! :)

Leanne said...

Glad to see she is a true girl get out and spend that money straight away.

I love the look of that cake I bet that didn't come out of the weight watcher cookery book.

Looks like she had a lovely day as all 7 year olds should have on their birthday. X

artisbliss said...

Love the photos of Minx, especially the absolutely precious one of her sucking her thumb. Gina's gifts are brilliant, and I love the bag with Minx's own artwork on it. I think you'd better put in for one of those enormous sets of pens/pencils for yourself. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful day.

Kitty said...

Housework? I'm sorry, I don't know this word ... could you explain? A tutorial perhaps? :-p

Love that 'art set' ... mmmmm, all those pens and crayons, and pencils just itching to be used for colouring and designing. Yummy!

So glad Miss Minx had a good birthday, hope you're all enjoying the holidays.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous time!!! And dont worry about blogging taking back seat - we all need to prioritise sometimes! What a fab birthday and what a lucky little girl!!! I wish I was turning 7 again!!!!

Suzie Sews said... surley not...what has happened...I thought all us bloggers had dirty mean I am not normal!!!
Fab pictures...what a busy time

Gina said...

Love the picture of Minx sucking her thumb - super birthday pics. What is housework?

Katy said...

ooooh, fab prezzies from the lovely Gina (I'm sooooooooo excited, she's my swap partner!!!!)
Happy Birthday little Minx - 7 eh? Junior school awaits...scary when they start growing up, isn't it?

Bethany Hissong said...

Is it possible that we could all be sharing the wonderful week... you know how that goes when one woman in the group does, everyone else follows? AND I even cleaned all day when we got home from States competition. What is going on?!! Thanks for sharing those great photos from Minx's birthday!! What is better than a bicycle birthday?! And that bag is so adorable. She might out-design her mommy with drawings like that! When is the big starting date??