Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trying so hard to juggle.....but I keep dropping my balls!

The reality of being a working crafty blogger is hitting home....hard!!!

I don't seem to have anything left over for craftiness right now. I spent the weekend catching up on housy things I hadn't got done during the week.

The kids have a much better work/life balance :)

They spent all of Sunday destroying a tree in the garden and building a very nice den - with the help of one of Monster's football buddies.....

Minx has found time to craft.

While her brother was at football training last night she asked to use my sewing machine. Of course, since my big sort out I only have my best fabrics downstairs!! Thank goodness I'd kept a little box of scraps to hand!

She made this cat and his/her blanket with minimal maternal assistance :)

...close up

I did whip up a quick stitched 'New Home' card once she'd finished but totally forgot to photograph it.......and I made a needle-felted chicken....eyes pending so no photograph yet!

Tonight has been thrilling - an hour and a half in Tesco filling our empty cupboards. I know you'll all start nagging me to do my grocery shopping online but I just can't - I am a total control freak when it comes to food shopping! I like to take my time and see what's new or on offer or interesting or not bruised or out of date......

Tomorrow I'm working from home, getting myself organised and trying to get my diary filled with school visits.
I may have company as Sausage Monster, who has been relatively healthy all winter, is coming down with a nasty cough/cold......in week two of his poor harrassed mother going back to work!!!!

Before I take my leave to a) read all of your lovely blogs, or b) fall asleep on the sofa, I want to thank you for all your fab and very helpful chicky comments - I've followed up all of your links and have found out sooooo much about chicken mothering and all of it is good!!!

Even after a couple of sleeps Moogsdad still thinks that 'his idea' of keeping a few chickens is a good one! He does, however, work at his own pace and likes to do everything 'properly' (Virgo!!) so I don't imagine the ladies will be here this week!!!

In the meantime, we may be going to visit his friend's chickens on Saturday.........we sure know how to have fun in this house :)

Sorry if I'm a miserable old bag not very chirpy tonight. I had two hours of dental prodding* this afternoon and it doesn't tend to lift my mood!

(One reason I'm having this gum problem is because I'm a 'mouth breather' and I do, apparently, have 'incompetent lips' - I got this ego boosting bit of info from one of the dental consultants this afternoon......is it any wonder I'm not a bundle of laffs tonight?!!!!)

*dental prodding - due to an ongoing gum problem I'm having treatment that involves having my 'pocket depths' measured - or to put it another way, having a sharp implement pushed down into my gum, all around each and every tooth, to see just how far it will go!

xxxxxx (incompetent kisses!!)


trashalou said...

Bad enough dropping your balls but incompetent lips?! Please assure me you have warned Mr.Moog.

artisbliss said...

I can tell you from experience that you will feel more creative as time goes by. I felt like I'd been hit by a bus for about the first month after I went back to work, but I gradually got over it.

I'm looking forward to seeing your chickens. Or their photos.

Julie said...

Oooof! You have got a lot going on! All topped off by the dentist, not fun. You'll get the balance sorted out in time, take your time and settle in to the changes. Come and have a moan on here when it gets too much, we don't mind.

Minx did really well with her sewing. I love her cat, very cool :)

MarmaladeKiss said...

First of all .. OUCH!!!! that dentist stuff sounds horrid!!... Second .. ofcourse you will be wiped out by all that processing of "newjobinfo" turning your brain to mush by the time you get home. It'll be fine soon enough.

dottycookie said...

Clever Minxie!

And you know I know how you feel wit the work exhaustion. You'll find a balance, but it does take time. Hopefully the Sausage Monster will rally by the morning!

twiggypeasticks said...

Urgh ! your dental treatment would make me feel misbo. You're a busy lady at the moment so I'm not surprised your crafting mojo is dormant, have a nice rest this weekend and I'm sure it'll return

Monkee Maker said...

Hmm .... I think we need to canvas Mr MM to find out if you really do give incompetent kisses ....

Sorry to hear about your balls too ... it's terrible when they drop, but I'm sure that pretty soon they'll be bouncing around again ;) And in the meantime, it's good to see that the Minx is making good use of your machine.

Have to say that the dental treatment sounds just foul - hope it'll be finished soon.


Jodie said...

Ouch !!!!
How does one actually test the competance of lips may I ask?
On second thoughts I don't really need to know.

Thimbleanna said...

I won't tell you to shop online -- I'll tell you to send hubby LOL. That's what we do -- he has to do SOMEthing around here and he does a great job with the shopping. I miss it sometimes, but not enough to do it! I had that gummy stuff done a few years ago -- who sat around and decided that it was a good idea to stick that measuring thing down people's gums??? Some deranged person I suppose!

Ali said...

Perhaps you could add 'lip competence' to the shopping list. They sell everything else at Tesco's these days!

And I'm trying to view work as a craft venture and reasuring myself that way. It's not working though.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Those incompetent lips are very very good at talking so they can't be all bad!

Minxy's cat is gorgeous - and you are a very super mummy to let her play on your machine - I've only done that once under strict guard! Told you I was a meany didn't I?

Anyway, there's nothing wrong with being a Virgo - although I seem to be at the "impetuous" end of the scale!

Locket xxx

Marie said...

I'm so sorry, but the "incompetant lips" thing made me PMSL.

I hear you on the work/home/craftiness balance problems. I've been back at work almost a year and am still struggling to get everything to fit into the time I have (or rather, don't have).

Great craftiness from the Minx though - obviously takes after her Mum! ;)


tintocktap said...

2 week old babies aren't exactly sympathetic to blogging either! But at least I can surf 1 handed.

My DH fancies keeping chickens too. Can't say I feel the same but I probably just amn't well enough acquainted with chickens and their habits.

French Knots said...

but I bet you could still give George Clooney a good smooching even with incompetant lips!
Hope life steadies out for you over the next few weeks, fitting it all in is an endless battle when working.

Jane said...

Oh dear, Ouch and boo hoo. No don't send your hubby shopping if he's anything like Mr CC he'll get all the shopping on the list as well as all the special offers, and in the process wipe out the shopping budget for the rest of the month!!!!! (Only use in extreme circumstances - illness) Jane x

Gina said...

Ouch! Having your gums proded sounds very uncomfortable - not to mention incompetent lips! Love Minxie's cat - very clever like her Mum.
Get lots of sleep and lokk after yourself.
Gina x

Kaz said...

OMG!! Not onlydoes the dentist insult you, but he prods you with a pointy thing!! The man needs to be struck off at once!!

I love Minx's pussy cat, she does so well for her age. And well done for having some scraps handy!

I hope you get the balance sorted soon as its quiet without your posts.


Bethany Hissong said...

Gosh... she sounds like an incompetent dental assistant! Well, it's not a big surprise that you're super busy. You just need to adjust to your new routine and not expect everything to get done as quickly. I love Minx's cat picture! She and Caroline would probably get along really well :) I just got back from the grocery (and I despise it)... now our cupboards are full again. That is the excitement for the week here too...but no chicken visiting!

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

Im in the same boat...I m hoping to be able to have a little creative jiuce today, cause its my day off, or at least sqeak in a wee post!

Lina said...

I hear you on the work/craft balance. Something has to give - unfortunately my making rate has dropped signigicantly since going back to work... boo!