Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tuesday disappeared and today is running out...FAST!!

Thank you all so much for your lovely Birthday wishes - it really did make my day extra special!!!
I never seem to get round to replying to everyone - the intention is always there but stuff happens and off I go doing something else!!

I was busy doing chores yesterday and ....gasp...even did some housework....... I know!!! Crazy stuff ;-)

The housework was brightened up considerably when the postman brought me this beautiful card from my wonky friend Kaz - thank you Kaz, it was a lovely surprise :)

I squeezed in a quick dash round Hobbycraft with birthday money burning a hole in my pocket.

I've been feeling left out recently as sock fever is everywhere and I hadn't caught it!! I've done a fair bit of knitting in my time but trying to knit socks on double pins defeated (no pun intended!!) me.

I found this idiot's guide to sock knittage - included some lovely ones that are knit on straight pins. I can hear the collective sharp intake of breath at this last bit but I have to start somewhere - right?!!

I even spent money on proper wool!!

As my new job will be starting in a few weeks, my time alone at home is diminishing fast....too fast. The kids break up from school on Friday - for two weeks - and my job might be starting the day they go back (bureaucracy and form filling permitting!!) so that sort of only leaves the next few days :( :(

I have lots of things to make and lots of lovely new fabric to play with.

I was slightly less than delighted, therefore, when Minx informed me she's 'being a nurse' at school on Friday. I'd made her a nurse's apron and hat last year. The apron was fine but the hat is long gone!

So of course, first thing this morning I whizzed down to the fabric shop for some cheapo polycotton. Came home, drew round a top that fits her nicely and started on the nurse's dress that she had specified - including a pocket that she was most insistent on!!

An hour or two off for a trip out with a friend for coffee and a big slab of cake and then back to the grindstone!

Looks awful here and the stitching doesn't require close inspection - in fact, it will fray like murder as I haven't finished off a single seam!

Remade a hat - ironed white cotton onto a piece of card using Bondaweb and then painted the cross with red acrylic and stitched some thin elastic on either side.

This, however, was the bit I got most excited about:

A special upside-downy-watchy-broochy thing :)

Let's just hope I score some major Good Mummy points and don't get the sass I got last night!!

Monster informed me on Monday that his lovely Classroom Assistant is retiring on Friday and could I please make her a present?!!


Why of course I can - there's nothing else for me to do after all......apart from deliver the car for it's MOT for Moogsdad as he forgot and battle the laundry mountain from hell!!

By way of a change, I did a bit of painting the other day and, hopefully, something a bit different will be going in the shop soon......

Now, the day has gone and I have to pick the monkeys up from school - beat Monster into doing his homework, make dinner and get them ready for their swimming lesson.

How on earth am I going to fit work into the equation???



Marie said...

I hate to say this, but I've been back at work for almost a year (part time) and I still haven't got the juggling act down to pat yet. I just plough on and hope for the best!

Great job on the nurses outfit. I won't be viewing that page anywhere near DD, she'll want one. Loving the tag/fob watchy thingiemebob. Good improv! ;)

The whole sock thing has so far eluded me too. I didn't even realise you could make them on straight needles. I might have to check out that book. That sublime yarn is lush btw. I've been making some bunnies out of it and it makes you want to buy a whole load so you could just wallow in it, it's that soft (or maybe that's just me being a freak ;)).



artisbliss said...

Going back to work is a bit of a strain, but you'll get there.

The nurse outfit is adorable. Maybe it can do double duty for Halloween too?

I knitted socks ages and ages ago and was surprised I caught on as quickly as I did. You'll have to post the results.

Kitty said...

Don't you love it when they give you hardly any notice of having to dress up? I got about 48 hours for 'a brown outfit and a beard' :-O

You're never going to cope with work you know ... maybe it was a bad idea? Maybe you should just forget it for another ... oooh, five years? Or so?


Stine said...

hippo birdies a bit late. Sounds like you had a busy, fun day!

The nursey outfit is great. It should be a hit.

Socks are not hard - even the dpn type, just follow the directions. Go to google and look for "Super Simple Sock Pattern" by Terry Royea. Her pattern is great with lots of helpful pix. Mostly just have fun!

trashalou said...

In our house we always referred to that as '...oh, and I need an asparugus costume for 9 am tomorrow' moments.

word verif: uowyohoa. Is this the noise you made when Minxie told you?

trashalou said...

In our house we always referred to that as '...oh, and I need an asparugus costume for 9 am tomorrow' moments.

word verif: uowyohoa. Is this the noise you made when Minxie told you?

Anonymous said...

I've never given up work, except to give birth to the little buggers,(now adult buggers) and I've never got it probably never will, just roll with it, they'll be grown and gone soon enough...I have my very own nurse's uniform, (several of them in fact!) the only bit of clothing none of them have ever 'borrowed', EVER! They have been animals, street signs, bombs, footballers, parcels, all kinds of things...but never anything remotely medical, wonder why? Fran

Kaz said...

Glad the card arrived at last, I'm just sorry it didn't get to you on time - fancy having your birthday on Monday when I make it on a Sunday!!

That nursie outfit is great. The dress bit made me shudder thinking about when I used to work and had to wear theatre greens. You've done a fab job with the watch.

Thanks for the PIF too it's really gorgeous!

Kaz xx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Very impressed with all that nursey goodness! And very excited about a rather lovely parcel that landed in my grubby (literally as I'd just got back from the allotment) little hands this afternoon!

Hope the cake was good!

Locket xx

dottycookie said...

Lovely nursey outfit, and I would like a watch like that too!

As for socks on straight needles, well really, I am horrified ;-) I am the ither way - I can't bear sewing up so I convert everything to DPNs!

Bethany Hissong said...

Now I feel bad that I tagged you... but I did! And it's just a little 6 word one! I thought you'd come up with something original. ;)
I can't believe you threw together that awesome nurses costume! Minx knew you could do it... she probably figured she needed only a day of warning to give you! I hope you're not nervous to start your job. I think there's a lot of juggling you'll be doing now, but that's what Moms are good at! I can't wait to see what you've painted!! I am very curious now!!!

Julie said...

Well done on the nurse's uniform! I hope your little Minx liked the fob watch thingy. Phew! what a hectic day! I'm saying nothing about the job.......I was just glad to get away from mine :) you'll be fine! Think of the extra pennies for craftee shopping!

Ali said...

Ooh nursie! And the acessories are always the most fun.

It's bizarre, but I feel more organized since going back to work. Things are running smoother at home. But then I'm one of those lazy types who needs a crisis or deadline to spur them into action. And I haven't made anything.

est said...

lol! oh lesley you just crack me up with yr laundry mountain from hell! and the nurse dress was so cool especially the watch brooch!

gosh you sure got a lot 'happening' going on with yr work coming soon.. but i'm sure everything will fall into place in a matter of time..

Monkee Maker said...

Ok. Calm down. Take deep healing breaths. Relax. Now pick up the phone and tell them you can't possibly go back to work as you've already got too much on.


Please may you knock up a fab little nurses outfit for me too? That would be just what the Dr ordered ....

Sock knitting passed me by too. Love socks - hate knitting them. Good luck with them though (and now I need to go and google for some sublime yarn, after reading Marie's review).


Angela said...

Well done with the nurses outfit the watch thingy is great.

Leanne said...

Love the watch it's just like my real one - with a uniform like that just put Minx out to work in it and you stay home that is only fair. Juggling work - kids - life is always difficult but we are women so we can do it. Sorry I missed your birthday sounds like you had a wonderful day.

Suzie Sews said...

Cool nurses uniform...I adore the little watch...