Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Heart Hug :)

Apart from an 'accidental' fabric purchase and an 'oops just clicked the add to my cart button' book purchase (neither of which arrived!) I was not expecting anything in the post today.

Therefore, this came as a lovely surprise!

Inside were some gorgeous goodies from my lovely bloggy friend Julie.

A great card featuring one of her husband's photos - isn't that a fab picture?

Julie had written me a very lovely message inside and I have to say I got a tear in my eye at her beautiful words of friendship.

Julie sent me a 'Heart Hug' and I absolutely love it. My photo does not do it justice as the colours and textures really sing - beautiful! I will be framing this :)

As I said to Julie when I emailed her just now, one of the reasons I love crafty bloggers so much is that they are such genuinely kind and thoughtful people - something that seems at times to be sadly lacking in 'real life'!

Thank you so much Julie! Your beautiful gesture of friendship really did make my day :)

As I've been working today I have not been up to crafty stuff.

I did do a little something last night though.....

This is the large Matryoshka doll from here. She turned out middle sized as the wool I used was finer than that stated on the pattern. She may end up without her two smaller friends as I'm not sure I could crochet anything so teeny!

The children have now finished school for the half-term holiday. They have the next 11 days off. Minx is already planning some crafty projects with her Mum!

Her teacher's birthday is on 2nd June and Minx (who adores her teacher!) has designed a stitchery, which she has already started. Apparently I am required to turn it into a cushion at some point!!!

As the children are now on holiday and so am I - about time too! I've had to work for five whole weeks y'know!! - I have decided to take a blog break. I want to spend time with them and just chill out.

I plan to be back in a week or so refreshed and full of crafty inspiration.

Have fun - but not too much or I'll feel left out!!!

If only - I never get left alone to find out just how long I can sleep for any more!

Hugs to all you lovely bloggers xxxxxxxx


Kitty said...

What a gorgeous heart hug - I agree with all you say about crafty bloggers, and some other bloggers too. Your postman's good isn't he? I'm sure an envelope addressed to just 'Kitty' wouldn't reach me ;-)

Hope you have a lovely half term with your smalls - mine don't break up until tomorrow. Have fun!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

What lovely lovely goodies from Julie - such a wonderfully kind gesture.

Minxy's stitchery is brilliant and your little (big) Russian doll is gorgeous- mine are far bigger and less nice because of it!

A bloggy break????? Seems to be contagious - and I'm not sure I like it! I reckon we can wake Monkee Maker up again now - she's had quite long enough on holiday!

Lucy x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

P.S last word verif was lrpwq - Lucy's Recycled Pocket Wants Quilts!

Julie said...

Minx's stitchery is coming on well. I'm glad she's keeping you busy with cushion making :)

I do like the piccies you have been putting up at the end of your posts - very funny.

Enjoy your blog break and half term. I think you've earned it! (blushing a bit here)

Dyan said...

Hi Lesley,
I love the little Russian doll, I was thinking of buying the pattern too because they're so cute. I hope you have lots of fun with teh kids for the break.

X Dy

Ali said...

Love the doll. Have a good and relaxing half-term.

the vicious chicken said...

Oh bum - I've been a lapsing blogger for a bit and now that I am trying to get back into being a good blogger and catch up and leave comments, you're off on a break :o(

However, half term and crafty activities with your littlies does sound a lot more fun than sitting at a computer - so have a lovely time and it'll be great to see you back again in a week :o)

PS. Echoing other commenters about being *really* envious of your beautiful mini-quilt...

French Knots said...

I've totally lost the ability to sleep late but am quite good at lounging around in my PJs reading blogs till mid morning!
Have a super, crafty half term with the children.x

Jane said...

Happy half term Lesley and family, we are starting half term tomorrow and going to Dorset at some point. Bloggy friends are very special i agree. Hugs Jane x

quiltdude said...

Gorgeous goodies in your post, the heart is so pretty.
I love all my bloggy friends they are so kind and thoughtful.
Your Russian doll is fab, I am so addicted to making them now.
Enjoy your half term.
X Clare

artisbliss said...

I agree completely about crafty bloggers. You'll never meet more caring people.

I hope you have a wonderful time with your kiddos. Tell Minx her stitching is marvelous.

Charlie P said...

Phew, at least you're coming back in the forseeable future, not like that monkee maker. It amuses me how your idea of a blog break is my idea of a normal gap between posts :s ...just goes to show who's more productive!

I love Minx's stitchery and I'm sure her teacher will be delighted too. And you're totally right about crafty bloggers- they're a lovely bunch :)

Bethany Hissong said...

Have fun with the kids!! I think Minx is taking after her mom! She's doing a great job on the embroidery :) I LOVE your little Matryoshka doll!! She is one of my favorite things that you've made. I think you should sell some (hint, hint). I'm looking forward to a long weekend and am not planning on computer browsing either... the weatherman is calling for sun and 70-80 degree weather! yippee!!!

Kaz said...

Oh blimey, how will I cope with another mad bloggy buddy having a break?!

Don't blame you at all, have great fun with the children and report back to us (as in first day back at school) telling us what you've been up to!!

You're getting a bit too good at this crochet lark!

And whoo to the heart! HOw gorgeous is that? Crafty bloggers are lovely peeps aren't they?

Have fun xxx

Jane said...

Hi Lesley, I have tagged you hope you don't mind. Jane x

Anonymous said...

love that heart hug. Gorgeous. I ahve just taken part in my first craft swap and could not believe the generosity. I have tagged you so when you get back to blogging check out my site for the rules. Enjoy your 11 days off. Fingers crossed for the weather

Leanne said...

What a lovely present...enjoy the kids and have a great blogging break hope the weather is kind to you.

Eve said...

You have received an award, which you can collect from my blog

Alison Boon said...

Have a great break and come back refreshed. The heart hug was truly awesome.


Enjoy your blog break for half term, only for a few days mind! Minx is definitely following in mum's footsteps, enjoy your crafting together. I like the russian doll. x

Jennie said...

I made a friends daughters drawing into a cushion for her birthday. I just blogged about it. Making it into a cushion wasn't that bad, just a lot of picking and adjusting as I am not a quilter but wanted it to be a bit quilty, and have never made a cushion :/ but hey not too bad, so good luck with yours.
The little Russian doll is gorgeous!

silverpebble said...

Wow, Minx is already making beautiful things. She'll have her own Etsy shop next. Have a lovely half term break. More lovely mini quilts - I've started blogging far too late!

dottycookie said...

What a lovley parcel - I adore the tiny dragonfly!

I hipe you've been enjoying half term, even with the soggy weather, and that Minx's stitching has been coming on a treat!

Leigh said...

I have missed your blog so much! Wow, you have made and received some really lovely goodies there, great job!

I just love all of the Ruby posties!!!

Katy said...

gorgeous goodies - and I LOVE your little russian doll!
A bloggy break? Surely not!!!

Indigo Blue said...

Your post really made me smile and unfortunately my halfterm is coming to an end. I really needed it too. The heart hug is lovely and very original idea. Have a great week off.