Sunday, May 11, 2008

Before I start wittering on (and on and...) I'm pleased to report that Ruby is back from her 'World Tour', in fine fettle - albeit a little tired. No photos of her to prove it I'm afraid - as I'm being crubbish with the camera! (We truly appreciate all your fabulous comments but Ruby and I are being far too pants to reply to them - sorry :( )

I'm a wee bit scared about where on this Earth the time is going!

Tomorrow starts week four in my new job. (Not sure where 1,2 and 3 have gone!!).

Blogging has become ad hoc to say the very least! Reading everyone else's blogs has become even more hit and miss and as for actually doing or making anything creative - forget it buster - creative drought going on here in Moogsville!!

Things sort of got to me a bit this weekend (didn't they Locket?!!!). We had the in-laws down and I may not have been the most gracious of hostesses....

......mainly 'cos I'm utterly knackered and would rather blog/craft/eat my own feet than entertain anyone at the weekends right now....not that much entertaining went on!!!!

Lucky for them that they had to be elsewhere today and Moogsdad took charge and decided we needed a fambley day out at the beach :)

So, after unceremoniously shoving his parents out of the door and me and the little beasties into the car, he drove us to Hengistbury Head near Bournemouth (via Waitrose for posh and bizarrely healthy picnic nosh).

There are times - very rarely of course - when the man himself is right.

A day on the beach with the little bubbs was just what I needed.

The Moog of course was a bloody idiot as usual. Desperate to go in the sea. Too scared to go in with Moogsdad as she couldn't understand where his legs had gone and too much of a girl's blouse to go in on her own.

Eventually she got in there and cooled down so much she was shivering - idiot!

Moog, in case you didn't know, is our lovely old border collie - 13 this year!! - thinks she's a puppy but is actually a cantankerous old b*tch.

She's unaware of her canine genes and thinks she's a hoooman just like us - only a much more grumpy one where other dogs are concerned.

Having said that, she was quite the lady on the beach today. Not the barking, pooing, spraying everyone with sand, following their owner into the ladies' toilets (yup, this happened - big black dog joined the queue with his mistress and even sniffed under the door while she wee'd!!!!!! - while the others in the queue went 'awwww, how sweet!! [WTF!!!!!!])) sort of dog that we witnessed at Hengistbury today.

Told you I'd witter didn't I?


Tough - I'm catching up here!!!

So, we had a loverley day on the beach and have all come back feeling relaxed and refreshed.

In other news......

.....I've been spending my wages......

....on these for Moogsdad:

...and this for me: can expect lots of chickeny, greeny stuff from here on in!

You have been warned :)



trashalou said...

Far too little information there madam. We need to know quite how rude you were to in-laws. Simply for reference regarding your A.R.S.(E.D.) membership of course.

Glad the day out went well and fun was had by all five humans attending. I feel Moog is very like my grey dog b/c he knows that when he grows up he is going to be a real boy!

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing your day at the beach Lesley. Your collage is very impressive!

artisbliss said...

Glad to catch up with you a bit Lesley. I think after a few weeks you'll hit your stride and won't feel so wiped out at the weekend.

Kitty said...

Gosh - did you alert archeologists? Finding dinosaurs on the beach is quite a find!

Lovely to 'see' you again - I'm sure in time you'll start getting on top of 'time' again.

Take care. x

French Knots said...

Perhaps you could drink lots of coffee and give up sleeping to fit in a bit of me time?! Hopefully it'll get better as you get into the swing of it.

Kaz said...

Aaww this post makes up for the lack of posting Mrs M. It looks like you all had a fab time at the beach, and Moog looks a completely different dog when she's wet!! Love the pic of her in her ?sandboat? if thats what it is!!

They ban dogs on our beaches from May to September.

You take it easy and I think you should drink lots of wine in the evenings then you won't care that time is flying!

Working Mom Knits said...

I'm all for hearing about rudeness - second Trashy's request!

ps: let me know how the "self sufficient-ish bible" is; it is on pre-order here in the US and at a whopping $58+, I'd like to know how it is before forking over the cash.


Building chicken coops, clearing chicken poops more like. I hope you are up for another job! I so enjoyed reading this post, you are so funny and really make me smile. I shall come back to this one when I need a laugh. I can't believe the scenario in the toilet, how sweet, I wouldn't have said that? x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Well I missed you loads! Thank goodness I can pester you with emails and phone calls to check you haven't been arrested for GBH or anything more serious!

Your day on the beach looks fab and hopefully made up for the rest of the weekend - next time you should just run away - shame we live so far apart really!

I agree with Kitty - dinosaurs on the beach? WOW!

Things will eventually balance out - just don't go and do a Monkee Maker on us!!!!

Locket xxx

MarmaladeKiss said...

LoL. I have those moods often. Self Suffiency book looks good. Is it?

Jennie said...

You remembered to take your camera with you to the beach!! See how busy you are and you still remember your camera, I think that's just marvellous myself!
I took the kids to the beach last bank holiday weekend and forgot my camera, in fact I forget my camera frequently so my blogging is quite dull.
I hope time slows down for you a bit soon.

Charlie P said...

Dogs that queue for the toilet?!?! I've never heard of such a thing. Tut tut. Glad to hear Moog behaved herself :)

quiltdude said...

The beach is always my first place to escape too and chill out (yes it's usually freezing down there) sounds like the best place to be.

Looking forward to lots of chickeny posts in the future.


P.S. thanks for giving Lucy L a good talking too and getting her to my house. You may need to do the same for me one day so I can go to hers!!

dottycookie said...

Has it really been four weeks since you sgtarted? Good grief.

I'm glad you made it to the beach though - it sounds like a lovely day, though I would never trust a dog that shoved it's nose under a toilet door - eeeeew! Glad to hear the Moog was wiser than that.

Oh, and perhaps we should delay a picnic until your heans are laying and you can make your own Scotch eggs! Oh wait, you'd need to have pigs too ... I can't wait that long!

Leanne said...

You will find work,life,crafting,entertaining will get easier. I bet moog is a million time better behaved than our dogs. Love the beach photos and I am soooooo envious I want some chickens.

Lina said...

Totally, totally understand how its hard to squeeze everything in now you're back at work again. I have more ideas than time unfortunately...hope you manage to find a balance. (and let me know your secret!!)

Alison Boon said...

Sounds like you're suffering from spinning roundabout syndrome, where it all goes a bit too fast and you want to jump off. Hang on tight it does slow down.

Jane said...

Oh I love a day on the beach, but Tony's not keen so we save it for the holidays when Em and I can go on our own. Your day out sounds wonderful, your description of the other dogs behaviour made me laugh. Poor Moog looked sorry for herself when she was so wet and cold. Jane x


Moogsmum, I have something for you to pick up over on my blog. x

Rosezilla said...

I love your dog! Makes me miss my dog, an Australian Shepherd named Miss Tanner. She was such a brat, and I miss her so much!Bursting with personality. The only thing I have ever done with chickens is chase them to get tail feathers to use as quill pens. T'aint easy.

Bethany Hissong said...

I completely understand...I haven't started a new job and I still can't seem to keep up with everyone all the time! I hope you come through your drought though because it does make you happy to create. We are going to go to the beach in June and your pictures are making it harder to wait that long! I'm glad you had a good weekend though. And Ellie says to cut the Moog some slack... she's old for Pete's sake!

Anonymous said...

I actually think it is against thelaw to be nice to inlaws isnt it?? Love the photos