Saturday, June 28, 2008

Here come the girls....

I would like to introduce you to Moog's new friends.

From the left - Beryl (mine), Flossy (Minx's), Doris (Moogsdad's) and Jazz (Monster's) - wondering what on earth is happening no doubt!!

Our girls are 18 week old Warrens - a Rhode Island Red hybrid. They should lay their first eggs in about a week and for their first night need to be kept in their sleeping quarters. They'll venture out into their luxury run tomorrow morning.

They seem quite impressed so far with their bespoke accomodation.

Moogsdad chose Doris because she kept pecking his leg and then lay down next to him to be stroked - I seem to remember I ensnared him in a similar fashion ;)

I imagine from henceforth I will never be short of blog fodder!

To prove that small scale craftiness continues I dabbled in a bit of papercraft yesterday.

A while back Bethany posted a link to a great tutorial on making your own books and I finally had a go yesterday.

I used my very favourite Basic Grey paper. I do so wish this was available as a fabric - I'd buy metres of it!!

Of course - I had to use up the whole 12x12 sheet, which resulted in three notebooks. The two smaller ones are made from scrap paper.

I am now going to wander back down the garden to have a chat with the chooks :)

Here's to a lovely weekend xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

They are GORGEOUS!!!!! And as for those notebooks and that paper.........! I'd by metres of it if it were fabric too!

Don't spend so long gazing at the hens that you forget to feed the Minx and the Monster!

Love your chat up technique too!

Locket xxxx

marit said...

Watching chickens might be just as addictive as reading Potter:-)

trashalou said...

Hello chick, chick, chick, chickens.Will the eggs be ready for my tea?

Marmadaisy said...

oooo chickies! I love them. People think they have no personality, but that's just not true!
I love those notebooks, I shall pop over there now.

JuliaB said...

LOL!! Your girls are GORGEOUS!! Guess what .. I just posted a blog about MY NEW GIRLS!! and then looked at Bloglines, saw you had posted, and said "Oh i wonder if her girls have arrived" .. AND THEY HAD!!

Congratulations. There's nothing like chicken love.

Kitty said...

Oh wow - welcome to Beryl, Flossy, Doris and Jazz. Guess this means me and the smalls won't be able to move into the coop then? :-p

Here's wishing them a long and happy life at Moogsville: may you enjoy your scrambled, poached, boiled and fried eggs.


Ali said...

Wishing you bazillions of eggs!

Gina said...

Welcome to your girls! They are beautiful and I hope they lay you lots of eggs! Fabbook too - love that paper.
Gina x

Leanne said...

Like I have said before I am green with envy the girls are wonderful. Looking forward to a photo of the first egg.

monda-loves said...

now I have that song in my head - here come the girls, girls, girls girls, girls (thanks to Boots and your chickens!).

I love your crafty note books - I wouldn't want to cut up that lovely paper either, so my next question is 'where did you get it?'

Also just a quick thanks too for my pouch (and extra bits) - I did leave you some etsy feedback, but I've been so preoccupied with the stevie thing that i really haven't had a minute to catch up with emails and such. Needless to say the pouch is fab and really well crafted (I wouldn't expect anything less) :o)


Phew - apologies for the long comment, like I said, lots of catching up to do!

Charlie P said...

HELLO CHICKENS! Aww, they're all stunners. I can't wait to see more of them :)

Your books are beautiful too, I'll definitely be having a go at that in the near future.

Thanks for the useful man-ensnaring tips- I shall have to try out the leg-pecking technique on some dishy German chaps...or preferably a rich surgeon.

silverpebble said...

Those are some good looking birds.

I have never tried snaring man by pecking their legs - quite an innovative technique and a successful one for you!

Such beautiful paper - thanks for the link! Top booky crafty action.

My regards to the feathered ladies. Mr P used to 'put the chickens to bed' when he was a nipper in Yorkshire - he says the little clucky sounds they make when starting to roost are really magic.

artisbliss said...

What wonderful additions to your garden. I'm sure they'll keep you all busy and entertained for a long time.

Love the little books--great paper. Basic Grey is the best.

Bethany Hissong said...

This is sooo exciting!!! (or i am really boring!) but I can't wait to follow the chicken stories!
Your books turned out beautifully!! I'm sorry to say that I have yet to try them but you reminded me that it is on my project list! Congrats on your new babies!!!

Dyan said...

Your chicks look nice and healthy. You know my Grandmother keeps chickens and for along time they just sort of roamed the yard in a little pack until my mother had this big coop built for them. They love it and it keeps them safe from the dogs who love to chase them, just for fun.

Kaz said...

Oh wow you have chickens now!! I've been a bad blog-hopper and have neglected so many people and as such, I missed welcoming your new birds!! They are a lovely looking bunch. I bet you sit looking at them all day.

That paper would make gorgeous fabric, I'd buy some too.