Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just a quickie!

It's been one of those whizzing about sort of Saturday's where we haven't stopped since 8am - I'll be glad to sit down this evening and my resolve to abstain from the red wine is weakening rapidly!!!

In a brief gap in the proceedings I did get these finished and they're now stacked on the shelves in my shop. I've thoroughly enjoyed reacquainting myself with my sewing machine and can feel the old craftiness creeping back :)

It's been a pretty miserable day but a wee exploration of the 'grounds' yielded a few treasures.

I love any daisy type flowers but cosmos have to be one of my favourites.

Hiding behind a soggy bamboo I found this little beauty - no scent sadly but very pretty.

Rachel asked me if my bottle brush tree was the same as the one's they have in Australia.

I think so Rachel but don't quote me on it!

It did look lovely after the rain this morning.

The poor thing is flowering like mad this year - probably overheard Moogsdad declaring his desire to get rid of it - and it's housing a blackbird family so who are we to cut it down?!!

A very quick chicken shed update - getting there - roof going on shortly and we may go browsing here for suitable ladies tomorrow. Not to bring any home just yet you understand....the shed must be worthy of our feathery lovelies first.

I'm now off again to fetch Minx from her friend's 'sparkly party' - she'll be glammed up with hair, nails, make-up - the lot! Oh, what it is to be 7.....



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Lovely purses, lovely flowers and a very fine chicken home!

Glad you and your sewing machine are friends again! I've spent most of today trying to spring clean the kitchen and writing complicated tables of all the things I need to make - seriously panicked now!

Locket xxx

P.S I hope Minxy has had loads of fun!

quiltdude said...

Bottle brush tree! I've never heard of that before, but it does look glorious.
Chicken house is looking very grand too.
X Clare

trashalou said...

Hope Minxie has had a fabulous time. Pr C-W did something similar with a friend last year for her birthday - lots of fun.

Chicken Palace looking nearly ready for occupation, shall we be expecting to hear the scratching of little claws any time soon??

Your bottlebrush looks very similar to the ones that grow at my mother's house. Do the seedheads look like baddies when the flowers have all gone? Oh no. That would be Banksias.

Gina said...

Seriously fabulous purses! Very envious of your chicken house - I'm determined we will have chickens one day!
Gina x

Jodie said...

That chicken house is really coming along !

Dyan said...

The purses are so cute - I love little purses. Guess what I got in the mail yesterday? Thank you so much for the main thing and the other fun little things. I hope yours gets to you soon.

Kitty said...

Fab photos here today Mrs Moogsmum - just gorgeous. I like daisy-type flowers too: that Cosmos is lovely. A friend of mum's grows the chocolate ones (they smell of chocolate!) but I've never had any luck with them.

Those purses are wonderful.

Hope Miss Minx looked like a proper slapper on her return: the sign of a good 'girlie' party, in my experience.


silverpebble said...

Ooh, envious of Miss Minx - I fancy a bit of girly sparkle.

Lovely flower shots - I love cosmos too - they're so delicate and floaty.

That's rapidly becoming a chicken palace! Lucky feathered ladies.

JuliaB said...

Good luck with the chickens!!

Leanne said...

Yep thats an Aussie bottle brush.... I am loving that chicken accommodation...Love the purses also.