Sunday, June 29, 2008

Quick chicky update

A very quick post to tell you that Beryl, Doris, Flossy and Jazz are settling in very well.

They've eaten oodles of layers pellets, drunk their quota of water and poo'd for England!!

Minx now has a chair in their run so that she can sit in comfort whilst chit chatting to the chooks.

Moogsdad has now padlocked their run so that Minx has to ask before going in!!!!

Moogsdad and I have been checking them every ten minutes this evening to see if they've gone to bed yet!!

We may have to give in and actually put them to bed tonight rather than expecting them to do it themselves.

In other news, I took Monster in to town today to spend a gift voucher that was burning a hole in his pocket. Whilst there I siezed the opportunity to visit Lush.

I first used Lush cosmetics way back when they were still known as Cosmetics to Go. As it was payday I treated us to two gorgeous blocks of soap, 2 shampoo bars (equivalent number of hairwashes to 4 bottles of shampoo!) and a couple of bath bombs for the naughty little folk.

Since getting home and reading their catalogue I've found out they are running their Retro lines for short periods - including my all time favourite Ginger perfume. may have had a bit of an accident.........and ordered a few extra bits online......oops!!

Ho hum.

I'm now going to curl up with Bill Bryson and drift off into Lush fragranced dreams :)


p.s. Monster spent the entire time we were in the shop holding his nose!! It was heady in there!


dottycookie said...

Lush is strong - when one came to Cambridge there was a rumour they had to upgrade the extractor system in the shopping centre! I suspect this is actually urban myth, but still. I do love lush though.

And I love your chickies!

Patti said...

Oh my goodness. I had forgotten about cosmetics to go and ginger perfume. You have just brought back some amazing flashbacks (not all good, but all amazing)

THink I have to go and order me some of that stuff for old times sakes.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

You can tell little Minxy that I also used to spend a lot of my childhood sitting in the chicken run and it didn't do me any harm................!

Never bought any Lush products in my life - so what are they??


P.S. i had to teach my chickens to go to bed too!

P.P.S word verif is "wwzat" - do you think that's what my chickens used to say to each other whenever I entered the run?

JuliaB said...

Snap, snap and Snap!!

1) been checking chickens all day
2) used to use cosmetics to go (HEAVENLY)
3) use lush shampoo bar
4) Ginger is MY fave perfume too! (well, I go between that and Karma). I didn't know it had been "discontinued" because i used to stock up every january when they did the "spend £15.00 and have anything else you like free ... However, last years stock now running low so am glad of the "retro" line...!

JuliaB said...

ps: glad the girls are doing well. mine are still a bit shy. Couldn't get them out of bed this morning, so byebye's wasn't so hard!

Ali said...

Lush makes me sneeze. Mind you, everything makes me sneeze these days. I used to love those Cosmetics to Go catalogues - they were before their time.

Jodie said...

I had to have a re-read, for a minute there I thought you were buying cosmetics for your "girls".

Lina said...

Happy chicks! Glad you're enjoying them!

Alison Boon said...

You can always smell their shops but they are delicious. I adore the bath bombs.

Leanne said...

As long as the girls can lay for England you will be doing very well. Glad to hear the Moog household is smelling lovely.

Lynn SF said...

Oooh, I remember when it was Cosmetics-To-Go as well. Didn't they have an address that had a half number in it - 29½ High Street or something?

As I recall, the Ginger perfume arrived in a little wooden crate with metal staples and some kind of raffia/straw mix packing inside?

BTW, the Lush store in Peterborough is right next door to Don Miller's bakery and Waitrose. You get some very strange smells as you walk past - little kiddies in buggies grow up thinking pizza slices and warm sausage rolls smell floral!!

Gina said...

I'm with Monster on the Lush smell... I'm sure their stuff is gorgeous but I can never stomach the smell enough to make me go in the shop. Lovin' those chooks!

Kitty said...

Will Bill have the tap end? :-D

I too was an avid shopper at Cosmetics to Go - their Coconut Shampoo remains one of my favourite products ever.


Bethany Hissong said...

Lush looks like so much fun! I don't blame you for spending there! I hope your chickens did well overnight! My friend told me that it would take 6 months for his to lay eggs (raising them from chicks). I'm thinking I'll try what you're doing instead.

silverpebble said...

Never been into the Lush in Cambridge (the same one DC mentions) as I always found the smell a bit strong. Their bath bombs do look lovely though and ginger perfume sounds good enough to drink.

Magic chicken photos. Looking forward to a post with the first Mooghen egg recipe.

Suzie Sews said...

Lush...Mmmm might have to chech this out sounds very smellyrific!!!
Oh those chickens, what is it about chickens they make me smile so much...gues I am a country girl at heart (well as long as they don't rip up my lawn)!!!

LOUISE said...

Yeah, it is heady in there, I usually make a quick circuit and out the door. Maybe that's why I haven't ever spotted the ginger perfume, I really like the sound of that. Must check out the website, funny how your finger can just press a bit too hard on the complete checkout button? x

wonderwoman said...

wow am very jealous - your chooks look great - if i have mine by this time next year i'll be doing well!

Dyan said...

The Lush store sounds fun, I checked out the website an dthey have lots of fun goodies. Hopefully the chickens have settled in by now into their spacious yard palace.

Jennie said...

I had a catalogue for cosmetics to go.. then they went and discovered it had well gone... then it was Lush... YAY! I have yet to order anything though. We went into the Lush shop in York and I had to leave I was sneezing so much!

Kaz said...

Fab photo montage of the birds - I love the way Moog is looking like she wants to get in there too!!