Friday, June 6, 2008

Smiley Friday

Some days are smilier than others and today was one of those.

First off I met a lovely teacher at a school in Southsea and she has booked me in to run some recycling sessions this term. Made me feel good to see my diary filling up!

The sun was shining brightly and the birds were singing.

On the way home I managed to fit in some rather lovely retail therapy - more of which later.

None of that was as exciting as getting home to a very nice delivery from the postman - yesterday I got a note to say a parcel had been returned to the sorting office and I was fed up because I was expecting this and thought I'd have to wait 48 hours to get my mitts on it! (The one at the sorting office is another accidental purchase from Mr Amazon).

I had been told by someone to expect something very soon.

Very tasty wrapping and a beautiful Lavender card - with a very funny message inside :)

My mini-quilt from my lovely, funny, mad 'cos she's making 22 of them, friend Lucy Locket.

We've had one or two hilarious conversations in which my fat a**e has been mentioned.....and her curvaceous sexy one!!

Here's a close up of my fat a**e:

The stitching is incredible and the colours are really me.

Lucy also sent me a gorgeous bundle of fabrics to play with....they are so gorgeous....I got squeeky on the phone to Lucy at this point :)

She also very kindly sent me an emergency supply of fabric for another little project. I had been stuck for the right fabric and my lovely Locket buddy came to the rescue!!

Thank you sooooo much Lucy!!! I adore my quilt and the fabrics are fantastic.

The emergency stash is already being put to very good use:

So...onto that bit of retail therapy I mentioned earlier.

I found a lovely shop I hadn't been to before on my way home. This is a real gem of a shop, selling beautiful and good quality yarns. My local wool shop is an acrylic dream but rarely has anything super special on show.

The young lady serving was so helpful. She helped me to find the right colours....

.....for some cute little projects. Although the patterns say Worsted (aran?) weight I bought DK and will just use a smaller hook.

I bought these gorgeous patterns from this lovely etsy seller last night after seeing another of her designs here on Clare's site.

I also succumbed to a bit of this:

...and a ball of this with free crocheted purse pattern:

I will no doubt be going there again as I will be working in Portsmouth a lot this year - what a shame ;)

Talking of things retail.....I got a fabby fab bargain schmargain in Sainsbury's on Tuesday......a water slide......for.......wait for it.........£2.99!!!!!!

It had to be used on Wednesday evening of course :)

Minx - who is a real water baby - absolutely loved it.

In fact she loved it so much that she winged, cajoled, moaned, nagged and pleaded for me to set it up again today as soon as we got back from school.

Being a very good Mommy I did as I was told, forgot any idea of doing anything I wanted to do and set it up.

She got changed and hovered impatiently. It's easy to set up but it does take a minute or two.

Once it was all done I went into the house to sort her brother out who was nagging to go on the computer.

I turned around (30 seconds later) and there she was, dripping all over the hall floor.

On asking what she was doing, she told me she'd had enough, it was a bit cold and she'd changed her mind.

I was not best impressed!!!! She was sent to get changed with a flea in her ear and the understanding that she needn't bother to ask for the water slide again for at least a week!!!

Ho hum.

Now I had better check that the sausages aren't burning and get my naughty children fed :)

Hope you all have a lovely and sunny weekend!



artisbliss said...

Good to hear from you on my blog.

When are your chickens coming home to roost?

Marie said...

Fab quilt from Mrs Locket. Loving the gratutious "fat arse" shot! LOL.

Those arigu..ariguma....arigum.... crotchet patterns look cute. I'll have to check out the Etsy shop (although that's always dangerous!).

Scrummy yarn too. I can't wait to see the finished projects.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh and my bottom is sooooooooooooooooo sexy!!!!!!!!! Make it "much much fatter than it should be" and you are more on the right track!

I'm really pleased you like your fat bum gardener - thought it would make you laugh!

Off now to drink loads of wine to recover from Fred's birthday party!
Must just make sure I don't drink too much so that I can't finish his presents for tomorrow!

Locket x

silverpebble said...

Another bit of Locket magic - what an ace quilty embroidery and such lovely extra goodies. Lucky lady!

Those wool colours are so soft and I've never seen yarn like that stripey-looking one - gorgeous.

We had a water slide when small - top tip: higher sliding speeds achieved if the costume is pulled into a 'wedgie' arrangement

Gina said...

Love that sexy fat a**e! What a beautiful mini quilt from Mrs L. Fabulous yarn purchases too. You are a good mum to let them have a water slide... you must have known it would mean water everywhere. Not quite as bad as spending half an hour filling a paddling pool to have it used for about 30 seconds... I'm so glad those days are over.

Dyan said...

Lesley! Lol at your post. Your quilt is so pretty, what a sweet keepsake and the stash love too....I wonder what that project is (giggles) - so pretty they all are. I love Owlishly patterns too, I think I have a few marked as favourites on my Etsy. Good deals on your shopping too and with the yarns, I prefer using natural yarns to acrylics most times especially for baby items. They just feel nicer.
Have a great weekend,
P.S. Hopefully Minx will change her mind about the slide...hopefully you didn't put it away!

Thimbleanna said...

May I say what a fine looking bottom you have Ms. Moogsmum??? You two are SOOOO funny -- you crack me up all the time. It's so wonderful to see you two having so much fun. In my mind I shall pretend that's you and Ms. Locket screaming down the waterslide. It looke like your littles have had a fabulous time with it!

Ali said...

You sound very happy-Friday (and with good reason!)

My boys are total wimps about chilly water. And it always seems warmer than it really is when you're in your cossie.

Kitty said...

That's a lovely quilt from Lucy - no wonder you love it. Lots of gorgeous yarnage making its way into Chez Moog - can't wait to see your makes with it.

Had to laugh at the Minx ... tsk Kids! They always do that, don't they?


quiltdude said...

I'm loving that fat a*!e stitchery, Lucy is a beautiful sewer. And the fabrics are just to die for, you lucky lucky lady.
I accidentally ended up buying 2 more patterns after our email exchange oops! Dino guy and bee girl. Love the green yarn it's just the perfect colour.
My kids also do stuff like yours, they nag, nag, nag. i give in and get them what they want, then 2 seconds later they've changed their minds, grrrrr!

trashalou said...

Hallo you! T.G. the week is over and yay for the weekend. Loving the quilt from Locket. Just so you know - I would like the little dragon/dinosaur boy arigummi;-)

Blossom said...

such loveliness.........sigh........

LOL on the eh????

est said...

love the 'bottom' quilt! lol
wow, so lucky she sent you so many lovely scraps!! :)

Jodie said...

Well your A**e can't be too big fitted on a MINI-quilt after all

the vicious chicken said...

Mmmm, wool.... my kind of retail therapy!

Your mini-quilt from Mrs L is lovely... as are all the other mini-quilts I've seen springing up in blogland. You're all just such talented folk :o)

Jane said...

Brilliant mini quilt it made me laugh as I had been gardening earlier! Beautiful yarns and fabric to play with, happy crafting Jane x

Bethany Hissong said...

My children love slip and slides! They should have had our 90+ degree weather! Lucy's quilt is so great! Is that really you? I am in love with your yarns!! That last one in the photo with the multi-colors is fantastic! And your patterns are so cute... I can't wait to see everything you're making!!! Lucy's fabric is great too... I love Heather Ross!

Kaz said...

Ooohh fab quilt, fab fabric, fab wool and patterns and fab bargain water slide. I'll be round to have a go next time the sun shines - then you can take me to the wool shop!!!

Jennie said...

Ooh lovely things!!
Love the mini quilt!