Saturday, July 12, 2008

A bimbling about sort of a day

My blog posts these days seem to be a bit....well...a bit y'know...a bit boring really.

I'm not saying that so that you'll all go 'Ooo no no Mrs Moogsmum, not boring at all' in your best Frankie Howerd voices.

It's just I seem to be lacking in the chuckle department. I may try and remedy that before this post is out.....depending on what I stumble across on the interwebs.

In the meantime, how about some plum jam?

Rather tough-skinned, under-ripe, transcontinental plums half price from the Co-op.

Transformed by a miracle of culinary magic into the runniest but yummiest six and a half rather disparate jars of deep ruby red jam. I used jam sugar and everything and boiled it for longer than the recipe told me and still it is runny - Locket said I should call it Plum Compote and be done with it!

Maybe I should distract you further with a very last minute bit of craftiness that occurred this afternoon.

Minx has had an unexpected but very welcome invitation to a birthday party tomorrow and this gave me the perfect excuse to ignore the ironing (again!) and have a lovely couple of hours playing with fabric.

This is for a seven year old girl - I hope she likes turquoisy blue and red.

I seem to have developed a bit of a thing for this colour combo as a result of the school quilt and can see me having to make a big quilty something in these colours soon........which isn't ideal as my fabric stash is somewhat lacking in both these colours and will cause me to have to buy lots more fabric ;)

Oh dear.

What a shame.

Never mind :)

So, where were we?

Oh, yeh - in need of funny stuff.

Still working on it.

How about a slow worm that Monster discovered in the garden this afternoon?

Look away now if you have an aversion to slithery snakelike critters.

It's our resident slug murderer 'legless lizard' Sidney Slowworm. You can tell it's Monster pointing at him on account of the rows of cabbages growing under his disgusting finger nails!

Moogsdad - being a helpful sort of chap - not only took the photos (with MY best camera - ack!!) but carefully laid a £1 coin alongside Sid so you could get an idea of scale.

That sort of meticulous attention to detail is what you get when you marry a scientist :)

Oooh - I know what'll make you chuckle.

Moogsdad nipped out to the shops this afternoon for chicken shed disinfectant and came back with that and a big fat book about Tanks - of the military persuasion. He is now utterly engrossed in this fascinating tome and will, I daresay, be regailing me with hitherto unknown to me facts about armoured military vehicles.

This - dear blog reader - is why we don't have to spend a fortune on babysitters on a Saturday night - 'cos we reeeeally know how to enjoy ourselves!

Ok - here it is - I asked You Tube for some funny stuff :


3 and 4 were my favourites...what's yours?

Bye then.......



Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

How can you think you are not funny? I'm always laughing at you..........

Good post Mrs Moogsmum - great jam and lovely crafty goodness for the Minxy's little friend - and what a shame you need to buy more fabric!!!

Poor old Moogsdad having to resort to reading books about tanks to wile away the long Saturday evenings...........

And as for funny - I suppose 1 and 3 are best for me as my 'puter has no sound - I could enjoy No.1 visually and No.3 I remember!

Have a fun-filled evening

Locket xxxx

Kitty said...

I think you should call the runny jam 'Plum Dip' - a whole new concept. One dips one's scone into the jam - saves spreading, see? :-D

The turquoise/red is a lovely combination - I think a quilt made in that would be gorgeous. Awful tragedy about you having to go shopping for fabric though - tsk.

The slow worm is wonderful - what did it feel like? Slimy, or smooth? (Sorry, going into geek mode there).

I do like a bit of Tommy Cooper. The man was such a total buffoon, but the Two Ronnies were clever too. Can't decide which I liked best!


Katy said...

ooooh, I LOVE slow worms, they are amazing. I found a centiede the other day, not very exciting though, is it? :(

ummmm......can't decide on my fave. maybe 1. Hmm...I don't know. They all made me laugh!

quinn said...

Anyone who can turn under-ripe plums into jars of edible jewels has gifts *much* more valuable than giggle-production ;)
Honestly, I've not noticed any lack of funny-ness, perhaps because you are always, always *entertaining* - again, much more important than simple "funny."
My chickens and I salute you! (Now there's an image for you...)

French Knots said...

We too are enjoying yet another wild Saturday night - of course I'm typing this remotely from my table at the most sought after eaterie in town!
I've never seen a slow worm before but now I know what to watch out for, more likey to come across a giant slug in my garden.

Stephanie Pettengell said...

I would call it plum sauce and try it on ice cream. I am in for a boring night as well, well that was until I watched number three and laughed my head off. I have seen it so many times and still love that one. Thanks

Stine said...

What a fit!!! I loved 4 candles / fork handles skit. I was laughing outloud. Thanks !

trashalou said...

Am squinting as I type this, champagne eyes the morning after don't like computer screens b/c I did have a wild Saturday night out ;-)

Loving fork handles but haven't actuallly listened/watched any as I'm not allowed to turn the sound up on the computer, CK has also requested I type more quietly!

Anonymous said...

I think Tales of Military Tanks would make an interesting change from The Ins and Outs of Nuclear and Radiation Physics....which is what I am regaled with..... Fran

JuliaB said...

oh 4 and 3 no question! I Love The Two Ronnies. So clever. Surprised you didn't put French and Saunders up!

dottycookie said...

4 was my favourite. I adore the Two Ronnies - they remind me so much of my childhood!

Julie said...

You're naturally funny so no worries there - I mean that in the best possible way! I'll come back and watch the youtube tomorrow. Past my bedtime now!

Gina said...

ooo no no Mrs Moogsmum... not at all boring!!!

Love the jam and the bag and the slow worm. That alone would be a great post and then you give us comedy clips too - Fork handles has to be my favourite!
Gina xx

artisbliss said...

I have just one comment: EWWWW!

Lovely jam, though.

Leanne said...

I am sooooo impressed with that jam... even if it is runny... it has real labels and hats. You should see my bottled jam.

LOUISE said...

I loved the Two Ronnies, remember the Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town! It was great to see the Fork 'Andle and Mastermind sketch again, really funny. Why do they sell those hard old plums, good job you have the vision to make into jam. What is is about boys and worms? I haven't ever seen a slow-worm in the flesh, good job really if it is bigger than a £1 coin! x