Sunday, July 27, 2008

a Hamble bimble and posing pouches

I will never ever cease to appreciate how lucky I am to be living where I do. After growing up in landlocked Birmingham I just love the fact that we are so close to the coast in Southampton.

However, although we have done a fair bit of exploring in our ten years here, we have many more places to get to know.

Somewhere very close, and hitherto unfamiliar, to us is Hamble, of Howard's Way fame, and we headed there today for a lovely al fresco pub lunch with the in-laws, a bit of crabbing, a wander around this very pretty village and plenty of sitting and watching the boaty comings and goings on the busy River Hamble.

This beautiful old building has every window bricked up. We asked a very lovely local lady why and she told is it had to be or it would fall down!!

A very obliging tern whizzed past as we sat on the quay.

They were even ready for us with a reserved parking space :)

As if that's not enough loveliness for one weekend, I even got left 'home alone' yesterday to do some sewing!

The result was a whole batch of zippy pouches. The elephant ones are for an order, the pink and blue flowery jobs are for my friend Maggie and her daughter who we will be catching up with later this week in their caravan in Dorset and the final one, with the red gnome braid is to be given away!

It came to my notice a week or two back that I had missed my 200th blog post! I was too busy to sort this immediately so to remedy this I have opted to shamelessly copy Jodie and Lucy and do a retrospective giveaway.

My 200th post was on June 20th and 13 of you lovely peeps left me a comment.

Using this random number generator, I am pleased to say that number 4 is the winner of this pouch and maybe one or two other goodies!

OMG - I'm suddenly deafened with the bloggy shouts of FIX, FIX....ref, it's a FIX!!!

In my defence yer honour, I did the random number thing ONCE and ONCE ONLY...saw who it was and seriously considered doing it again...and then thought 'Hang on a minute - if I do that it won't be random, will it?!'

So, my barmy funny friend Mrs L your bloggy present will be on it's way up north very soon!

Best make sure I wrap it well to keep it warm!!!



trashalou said...

Fix! Fix! I demand a recount! An enquiry! Get me parliament on the phone!

Gina said...

Would join Trashy and shout fix... but can't think of anyone more deserving! And it will make her so excited!
Love the little purses.
Gina xx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Yay Me!!!!!! Thank you Mrs Moogsmum - What a lovely surprise to wake up to!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I've just had a proper look (with my glasses on and everything) and my pouch is so amazingly gorgeous! I just love the fabric combos, and the ribbons and the stitching and everything! Thank you so much for picking me - well, thank you to the random number generator!

Happy Locket xxxx

LOUISE said...

I don't know if I should admit to it, but I used to watch Howards Way without fail! The programme was really pretty naff, but the area is of outstanding natural beauty, I agree. Your photos are looking really good, and that blue sky really shows how hot it has been down here in the South. 200 posts, that is good going, and such a good idea for the giveaway to do the random fix, or should I say number generator! Congratulations go to number 4, that pouch is a really nice prize to receive, she will be so pleased. x

wonderwoman said...

well done lucy - what a lucky girl!
love the pics and the purses look great especially the light blue floral one. have been to hambledon once and don't know why have not been again its such a beautiful spot.


maria said...

I love the zippy pouches.
I used to watch Howards Way.I think at the time it looked very sophisticated but I'm sure if it was shown in 2008 it would look very naff!
Maria x

dottycookie said...

Hamble? Wasn't she the grumpy looking doll on PlaySchool? (Showing my age now).

And yes, it's obviously fixed but I can't think of a more deserving recipient!

Kitty said...

You have gorgeous pouches there Mrs, and I bet nobody's said that to very often!

I must admit my first thought re the giveaway was 'FIX! FIX!' but then I thought how much Locket would love the wonderful zippiness, so decided to shut it. :-D

Lovely to 'see' your pictures - Hamble looks lovely. x

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha! That's SO funny and just how it should be -- your buddies should be the ones lucky enough to get a goody from you now and then. And since I was Lucy's random pick, I certainly can't complain, now can I??? Those pouches are adorable -- especially the one going to Ms. Locket!!!

Oh! And beautiful pictures -- you are indeed lucky. I chuckled at your mention of Birmingham being landlocked -- that seems marvelously close to the sea to me -- try living in the middle of the states LOL!

Monkee Maker said...

Lovely pics, Lesley (and that brilliant one of Minx and her wet hair in your last post!), and thanks to both you and Dottycookie for the memories .... of Howards Way and Hamble and Gemima!

Many congrats to Lucy too - all your pouches look fab.


Julie said...

Lovely collages and pretty purses -I'm not jealous at all! ;)

Bethany Hissong said...

I have been loving all of your new pouches!! And congrats to Ms. Lucy!!! She deserves it!!! Next time please try harder to pick me though. See, I blame my children for the picking!

Jennie said...

Well done Lucy!!
Me, I'm just waiting for the lovely turquoise and red quilt give away that I just know Lesley will be doing soon.... :D (hey I live in hope!!)

Jane said...

Lovely pouches, well done Lucy. i used to watch Howards way too but can't remember much about it! Hamble is lovely, i visited several years ago when I treated Tony to a birthday weekend in the village of Beaulieu. Jane x

Katy said...

Lucky Mrs L - she deserves presents all the time, anyway!
Oh, Howards Way, I used to LOVE it, I thought everyone was so cool....but I was only a small child at the time, so I can be forgiven, right?