Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's been a funny old day...

We've had to say a very sad goodbye to one of our lovely girls today.

Sausage Monster's chicken, Jazz, has had to go back to the farm :(

We noticed her crop was enlarged earlier in the week and followed all the proper advice to help alleviate the problem. However, it did not improve and she became less perky than usual and then, yesterday, stopped laying.

She was our first, and most reliable, layer. She was also, we think, top hen and a very friendly girl too.

We spoke to the very lovely Farmer Brian who asked us to take her back to the farm today. He is going to treat her as he thinks she has an infection. Apparently it's nothing we've done wrong but just one of those unfortunate things that can happen to chickies. If she does not improve in the next three days he will have to put her to sleep :( :( :(

So, it's goodbye to the lovely Jazzy but get well soon chicky!

I've grown really attached to her the past few days as I've massaged and cuddled her.

Farmer Brian told Moogsdad he could take another chookie to replace Jazzyboo. He chose the one who looked the most like her predecessor.

So here is Bumble Bee - in case you're wondering Jazz and Bumble Bee are both Transformers characters. These were the best names, believe me! I had to tell Monster we could not possibly name a chicken Optimus Prime!!!

There may be a bit of peckage for a couple of days as the newcomer establishes her place in the pecking order but we're watching them closely to make sure they play nice!

I'm glad I only keep them for eggs. I'd be in bits if we had to give them the chop so we could eat them!!!

In non-chicken news, I scored at the charity shop today.

The candlewick blanket is going to be a very soft and cuddly back for the red and turquoise quilt and cost me a princely £3.

The Russian dolls are a nest of four rather forlorn looking girls but I've always always wanted some and for £1.50 thought they'd be a good start!

The button box cost me 50p and for a rather extravagant £4 I got a fab build a robot puzzle kit for Monster - three hours of happy peace and quiet.....priceless!!

Now onto something lovely that happened earlier this week.

A most delicious delivery from the postman.



Michaela's scrumptious homemade fudge, which was kept entirely for adult consumption, did not last long but every morsel was appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed :)

Thank you so much Michaela! What's the agreement? Do I keep returning the pretty box for refills?

...just asking....... ;)

Onto some sewing action then.

My naughty bubs don't finish school until Wednesday and there are teachers' presents to sort out. My mind was a big fat blank as I'm so obsessed with other sewing projects right now!

However, I gave myself a big talking to and opted for a simple approach. Zippy pouches for all of them, inspired by perusing a back copy of Cotton Time.

I may buy some pretty tissues to go with them and I have a cushion to make but I'm so relieved these are all done.

I now have to turn my attention to a birthday pressie for my 17 year old niece (17!!!!! little niece!!!!!) and of course my latest craze.....

......crazy patchwork!

Each square is roughly 12"x 12" and the grand plan is to keep going through my scrap box until I have enough panels for a big king-size quilt.....well possibly.....maybe.....

Oh....and three more days at work of course!!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend xxxxxx

p.s. I've got a whole day of just me and my boy tomorrow as Moogsdad and Minx are off for the day, rowing a mile along Southsea sea front and going to Longleat with Brownies, respectively. He has plans for me that will involve some emptying of my bank account apparently!!


monda-loves said...

oh no, poor Jazzy. I hope she will make the journey home soon. What is wrong with Optimus Prime for the name of a chicken? - I'm with sausage monster on this one, it's a great chicken name.

I'm drooling over that fudge too - I think I'd better go and get myself some dinner.


Bethany Hissong said...

Those crazy quilt are so cool!!! And the teachers are going to love their pouches!! They turned out great. You found some real deals at the charity shop-- I never have that kind of luck... the Nesting dolls are great! And finally... I'm so sorry to hear about Jazz. I hope she does get better. Optimus Prime sounds like a name that my son or husband would choose!

Michaela said...

Optimus Prime is surely a cockerel's name. It sounds very masculine!

Glad you like the fudge - by all means return the box if you want... the refill may take some time to arrive though!

Jennie said...

Awww poor Jazzy :((( I hope she gets better soon.
Love the bargain buys. That candlewick bedspread will look fabulous on my... I mean *cough* your lovely quilt!
That fudge looks gorgeous. As do your teachers presents and your quilts!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Poor Jazzy - here's hoping she responds well to the treatment - lucky you having a friendly farmer to take care of her! Optimus Prime is a brilliant chicken name so why were you so mean making the Monster choose Bumble Bee instead????

That fudge looks scrumptious, your charity shop bargains are cool and your quilting looks totally crazy! Well done!!!! I can't believe you've still got some of Ally's and my duvet covers left for the yellow one!

Locket xxx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Forgot to say how lovely the pouches are - very very lucky teachers!

Kitty said...

Oh no! Poor Jazzy - that's so sad :-( I really hope the farmer makes her betterer. I think Optimus Prime would be a fantabulous name for a hen - just think of the supersonic eggs you'd get from a hen named OP!!

The fudge looks gorgeous, as do all your makings. Such lovely pouches, such great charity shop finds, and that scrappy quilt idea ... oooh, it's going to be stunning!


twiggypeasticks said...

Wow you've been busy, I love the little pressies you made, the fudge looks lovely but I am VERY jealous of your lovely button box and Russian dolls!! Candlewick bedspreads are lovely and always remind me of staying at my grannys when I was a little Twiglet - happy days :)

Gina said...

Poor Jazz... hope she responds to the treatment. I'm with everyone else - Optimus Prime is a great name and was always a favourite with Ben (almost 20 years ago) too!
Love those little purses - what lucky teachers!
Gina xx

Rachelmp said...

I am very impressed with your purses for the teachers! Poor chicken Jazz but I just love your charity shop finds... and some peace and quiet too. Priceless!

wonderwoman said...

so sorry to hear about Jazz, hope she recovers soon - i think optimus prime is a grand name for a chicken - i'm sure it would feel cock-a-hoop! sorry for the bad pun!
absolutely love your purses they are gorgeous!
the patchwork pics are great, you are definitely on the way to becoming an addict!but there's nothing wrong with that!

Julie said...

Fingers crossed that Jazzy will soon be much better and back to egg laying duties.

Your crazy quilting is fantastic! Looks like there's lots of edge turning and pinning. Have you stitched on top to hold everything down? (Can you tell I'm new to patchwork - clueless even?!)

The fudge looks yummy! Jealousy speaking here! :) maybe if you returned the box with a little offering of your own ....ooh no! what about a round robin? Forget I said that! It might come to me and I don't do baking :( (embarrassed blushing here)lol

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog :))

LOUISE said...

Oh Lesley, I am really sorry about Jazzy, I know how attached you can become, the farmer won't allow her to suffer. I couldn't ever breed animals to eat either, even though my Dad did! Bumble Bee looks like an equally as fine chuck. I think your set of russian dolls are quite old, I have some very similar, see, mine were given to me second-hand back in the 1970s. Home-made fudge, love it, I remember me and my mum used to enjoy munching through a bag. x

Rachael Rabbit said...

Poor chicken - lets hope she makes a full recovery. I love those pouches - they are beautiful! The crazy patchwork looks amazing - I tried it once and it was a disaster - must try again some time ...

silverpebble said...

Poor Jazz - really hope she recovers - she looks like a lovely feathered friend. All feathers and fingers crossed. I'm afraid it's almost a full house for votes on Optimus Prime for a chicken name - Mr Pebble gives his vote too.

Fantastic crafty goodness - what gorgeous crazy quilting and lovely zippy purses. Your charity shop treasures are outstanding. I found an identical Russian doll set at a carboot this morning (for Lucy) but one was split. Curses!

katelnorth said...

sorry to hear about the chook - hope you have a good time welcoming in BumbleBee - though personally, I quite like the idea of a chicken called Optimus Prime.

dottycookie said...

Poor Jazz, and poor Sausage! Hope he's OK...

Your patchwork is gorgeous, and you've put me to shame with the teacher gifts - in the end I copped out and bought reusabel shopping bags. I know, I'm crubbish, but at least I am now not stressed and crubbish as I was before!

Katy said...

poor jazzy - I hope she gets better soon. I am with Monster - Optimus Prime is a superb chicken name!

Brilllllllllll patchwork!!!

Jane said...

Poor Jazz, hope she gets better but i think Bumblebee is a lovely name! Your pouches are very cool. Yummy looking fudge, have you tried the "best fudge in the world" by the Burnt Sugar company? (tesco sells it) It is very moorish and a packet never ever lasts more than one day in our house. Jane x

Lina said...

Sorry about your chicky. Looks like you've been pretty productive!

maria said...

I hope jazzy gets well soon.
I love the chicken's names, my son is Transformer crazy.
Love the teachers presents. I've left it too late to make something - school finishes tomorrow!

artisbliss said...

Poor chickie. They are prone to rather odd ailments, I remember from when my mother kept chickens. And the trouble is they can't tell you just what the problem is, they just drop over. I hope Jazz recovers and in the meantime I hope Bumble Bee behaves herself.

Dyan said...

I hope Jazz gets well and Bumble-Bee settles in well. I had to laugh at those names. My hubbykins loves Transformers so he'd be right up there with Monster on the Optimus Prime bit. I hope Jazz comes back, that way you'll have two chickies. Thanks for sharing the website with the Japanese crafty goodness,I've been scouting sources for such.
Have a great week,
P.S The little pureses are cute, great idea for a teachers gift.

Jennie said...

p.s I have left an award for you over at my blog!

JuliaB said...

ooooh i'm so sorry to hear about Jazz. I hope it's just an infection, and also that bumble bee settles in well. Do keep us posted. I'm off now for a few days camping so look forward to catching up again on Sunday.