Saturday, July 26, 2008

So far so great

The holidays - all two days of them - have been great so far.

We've unearthed our first homegrowns spuds (var. Edzel Blue). They were yummy and had so much flavour. They also turned potato-coloured once cooked.

The paddling/not quite swimming pool has been in almost constant use....

.....and the Lego is out :)

I asked Monster to tell me about the little scene he'd made. Apparently, it is Indiana Jones escaping from the Nancies.


The Nancies?

'Who are the Nancies?' I asked.

Eyes rolling from Monster here at his mother's stupidity.

'The baddy Germans of course!!'

'Ahem, that'll be the Nazis then may not want to go round calling them Nancies'

And here is the chicken news:

Jazzy chicken is still on this mortal coil. News from the farm is that she is still in a little pen receiving TLC from Farmer Brian :)

Advice: Do not wear open toed sandals in the chicken run. Having your toes chased after and pecked is not fun!!!

Hope you have a fab weekend. We have the outlaws here, which is why I'm up at silly o'clock blogging as it's the only chance I'll get! Also, if I so much as look at the computer when the kids are home, they start nagging to have a go ....on my computer?!!!



silverpebble said...

Monster's 'Nancies' comment has given me the best belly laugh in ages! Comedy genius! I'm actually quite tired from laughing (oh and from being up four times in the night!!).

That photo of hair+water is fantastic- I bet you'd win a prize if you submitted that to a photography competition.

Great spuds too.

trashalou said...

Excuse me...... I just have to wipe the tears from my eyes. The Nancies in the bottom corner may (as you pointed out) by somewhat indicative!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

The photo of Minxy is fantastic and Monster's Nancies are so funny! But best of all is the idea of you running around the chikcken run getting your toes pecked!

Gem said...

The photograph of your daughter is great - the way you can see all the droplets of water in an arc is amazing! Glad you're enjoying the holidays so far :)

Julz said...

Awesome photo of your daughter :) just come across your blog via Rachael Rabbit - will pop by to say hello again soon. Hugs Jx

wonderwoman said...

brilliant pics and just roared at the nancies comment! glad your poorly chicken is still with us and the others are keeping you on your toes (bad pun!).
spuds look good, we've just had some of ours, great when they are cooked and eaten cold, one of my favs.


Kitty said...

You know those earnings wot you're gong to be getting once the kidlets are back at school in September and you are once again spending your days with your nose pressed to the grindstone? Well, you need to save some and get yourself a laptop ... YOUR laptop. Not to be used by kidlets laptop!

Leave them to bicker over the old one - that's what I do ;-)

As for those Nancies - I shall never be able to think about Colditz in the same way again.

Those spuds look fabulous. Hope your weekend goes well.


Gina said...

Nancies... that was so funny! Brilliant picture of Minx. Hope your having fun with the out-laws.
Gina x

Bethany Hissong said...

I was laughing out loud too at Monster's "Nancies"!!! Anyways, have fun with your company! We were supposed to have my Dad and Stepmom in next weekend but they had to postpone until Sept.!! I'm a little bummed out now! That is a great photo of Minx too! I will remember your chicken tip and I hope Jazz comes around. I hope next year I can grow potatoes as pretty as yours! You don't look like a newby gardener!!! And I know what you mean about the computer... I think that's why I haven't blogged as much. Nathaniel keeps asking to use mine every day and he was just on watching Lego Star Wars videos!! He and Monster would get along perfectly!!! (But not in the 'Nancie' way!)

Julie said...

I'm too tired to write my own comment so I second everything silverpebble said. You have tipped me past exhausted laughing at your lovely son's "Nancies". Priceless!

lyndyloo said...

Love the Nancies - you do have to worry about those lego men! Have a great holiday.

Alison Boon said...

LOve Monster's Nancies. Sounds much less threatening. Enjoy the holidays.

twiggypeasticks said...

Ha ha the nancies, I love that! The pool looks fab, we've had our new one out today, phew isn't it hot? those potatoes look scrummy, isn't it nice growing your own?
Twiggy x

Thimbleanna said...

Oh my gosh Lesley -- you're just awful! Those pictures and calling them Nancies -- that's hysterical!!!

Wendy said...

The "Nancies" HAHAHA. What a really cool shot of swirling/throwing water out of hair. That is amazing timing you have got on your camera.

artisbliss said...

Loved the Nancies bit. You never know what kids are going to come up with--makes perfect sense to them!!

Jennie said...

Loving the 'Nancies' in the Lego picture!!
Fantastic water hair spray picture of your girl!