Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The holidays have started in Moogsville!!!

It feels like it's been a long time coming but at last the kids have finished school for the summer and I have finished work.

What better way could there be to start a holiday than with the receiving of a blog award from the very lovely Jennie :)

Thank you so much Jennie, this really made my day!

There are, of course, some rules to the receiving of this award:

1)Put the logo on your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on yours
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

I'm fine at following rules 1 and 2. It's 3, 4 and 5 where I come unstuck! I never seem able to choose blogs to nominate in case I leave anyone out!

As usual, I'll duck out of this bit and instead will say...if you read my blog, whether as commenter or lurker, or if I read yours then consider yourself well and truly awarded!!

The Summer Survival Plan is now under way:

Manky kitchen cupboards now decorated with Mr Strong, Mr Happy and Mr Grumpy and The Warning Triangle.

This idea is pilched from Minx's school.

Everyone starts the day on Mr Strong.

Anyone found to be behaving in a manner unbecoming to harmonious summer loveliness is placed on The Warning Triangle.

Persistent offenders will find themselves on Mr Grumpy!

I'm pleased to say that both naughty bubs ended today on Mr Happy :)

This was no doubt helped by the fact that Monster went to his friend's after school until 8pm and thus was not there to argue with his sister!!

Summer Survival Plan stage 2:

Paddling/not quite swimming pool pumped up and filled.

and stage 3 - something lovely just waiting for me to come out and play.

and stage 4 - the start of some sewing action:

My totally gorgeous and very very clever cello and electric guitar playing little tiny niece will be 17 this Saturday!!!!!

Happy Birthday L - I love you xxxxxxxxx

I bought this guitar fabric ages ago with my niece very much in mind.
You can never have enough purses and key rings, right?

This is a one week (and a bit!) late birthday present for my sister-in-law (scroll down a bit) - I do hope she likes it!

Had to smile though as she 'HATES' carnations (WTF???) and it wasn't until this was made and photographed that I realised the lining fabric has carnations on. Do I care? Why, no I don't!!!! ( Don't think family members read this as they all think I'm weird - if I'm proven wrong then 'hey, shoot me'!!!)


Seems I'm chillin' already ;)

If you want something really funny to make your day you need to pay a visit to my lovely bloggy friend VC - oh and follow her links cos there's nothing like a bit of context for making something even funnier :)

The chicken news:
No news yet about Jazzy chicken - should find out tomorrow.

Re: the whole 'Optimus Prime' shenanigans - I chose my words most unwisely in my previous post and feel I should clear my name of any wrongdoings.

I didn't actually ever tell Monster he could not call his chicken Optimus Prime...or Megatron....or Indiana Jones...or Luke Skywalker.

He decided for himself that he'd choose Jazz and Bumble Bee as more 'chickeny' names.

Bumble Bee Update: bless her little scaly socks she's settled in like a dream. Not quite confident enough to share the roosting perch with the others yet but quite snuggly in the nest box, thank you very much. Also started laying straight away:)

We are still on two eggs a day. Flossie and Beryl (we think) are not yet laying regularly.

I'm now going to peruse your lovely blogs and hey, who cares if I have a late night? NO WORK TOMORROW!!!!!




Kitty said...

Isn't it fabulous? I switched off my alarm with huge ceremony earlier today. I was tempted to blow a raspberry at it too.

Lots of loveliness in those pictures - I LOVE the fabric. I want to touch it. Yes, I'm a fabric perv.

Congratulations on your awardage: very much deserved.

As for the kitchen cupboard scheme - Brilliant! How long does one stay on the warning triangle before progressing to Mr Grumpy? And what happens if one lands on Mr G? Are there consequences, or just the shame of being there? Do you stay there, or start the next day afresh? Sorry, so many questions ... but, well ... I'm just nosey.

Have a brilliant summer holidays. xxx

maria said...

Hi, that pile of fabric looks very interesting. What plans do you have for it?
It was my son's first day of the hols too but I had to work so morning spent with Grandma.
Indiana Jones....Luke Skywalker....
Megatron....he is mad about them too.
Lovely bag for your neice.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Good to have you on hols too! Can I send the naughty little Lockets down to your house for the summer please??? I might have to pinch your Mr Men plan - that looks good but will it work on teenage 10 year olds????

Love that bag for your niece and a very lovely present for your SIL too.

Talk to you tomorrow!!!

Locket x

silverpebble said...

That Mr Men cupboard strategy made me smile! Magic. At first I thought you were stowing something toxic in the right hand cupboard. It comes of being a nerdy lab monkey in the days of yore.

We're still on stickers (and threats of no stickers) as currency at this end. A small smiley rainbow was gained today for being kind to Minnie the dog (and not walloping or pinching her). A sparkly dolphin was gained for consuming half a slice of cucumber. Excellent work small pebble.

Julie said...

Welcome back to the world of the sane (or should that be not quite.....?).

Congratulations on the award - I chickened out of passing it on too as did the lovely Mrs Fan my Flame vbg

I hope you have a really lovely summer hols with lovely well behaved little monsters and happy hens.

Ali said...

Holiday euphoria! Hooray!!

Thimbleanna said...

I sure hope you have a happy holiday with the little Moogs. Love the guitar bag. I laughed at your in-law comments -- I can SO relate as my in-laws feel the same way about me!

dottycookie said...

Love the lovely holidays - we didn't wake up till 8.30 today, except for poor old Mr DC.

I think the cupboard idea is brilliant. I may have to steal it too ...

French Knots said...

Love the Mr Men idea, my son gets given Power Points when he is good ( which he is from time to time:)) and when he has 5 points he can watch the horrible Power Rangers programme!
Mine break up today...looking forward to a slower pace of life too.
Love the guitar bag!

Gina said...

So many great things to comment on but best of all is your kitchen cupboard Mr Men scheme - what a brilliant idea. Do you think it will work with my four....?

PS That guitar bag and purse are fab!

Rachelmp said...

Love your Mr Men! What a laugh ... and great fabric too

wonderwoman said...

loved your mr men, unfortunately mine are too old for that, although i might give no 2 son the mr Grumpy sticker permanently!
those fabrics look lovely, can't wait to see what you create!
congrats on your award what a nice thing to receive! nice gifts for the family too, liked the bit about the carnations, what could it do for my sis in law i wonder?!

Bethany Hissong said...

Yeah for you!!! Enjoy your time off!! I LOVE your gifts for your niece! That fabric is so great! And I'm not a carnation person but that fabric is so pretty it doesn't look like carnations! (ha!) We are finally having a cooler day here after the heat wave but your pool looks wonderful! I like your Mr. Happy idea too. We could use that around here!

Jennie said...

Now I want to be your bestest friend ever for my next birthday if you give/make such fantastic gifts as the guitar items.
I think your SIL's present is lovely and I am sure she will be very pleased even if some carnations did sneak in there.
It's a good job I don't live at your house as I would want to be on Mr Grumpy allll the time. I love him. I love Bill Bailey more though and I am going to marry him and have his children...
Good luck with the summer holidays! One week down, five more to go! (I like the holidays really).

twiggypeasticks said...

I love your Mr Men idea and may steal it for young Twiglet as his behaviour has been ahem rather challenging today :)
Love the fabric and the bag and purse are terrific, hope you enjoy the hols and have lots of fun
Twiggy x

Charlie P said...

Oooooh, fab guitar bag! I still think Optimus Prime is a good name for a chicken though...maybe next time...:)