Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ever have the feeling you're being watched?

Good old fashioned Plasticine :)

As the summer weather has taken a turn for the wetter we've been chilling out at home this week. The house is falling apart around my ears with shoes and paper cluttering every surface but I'm doing a grand job of ignoring it in favour of more fun pursuits :)

Here's the finished giveaway offering that arrived with it's new (and somewhat excited) owner this morning!

Minx treated herself to a new hula hoop and has been honing her skills. She is fab at it and I am filled with admiration as I've never been able to hula!!

Having to pose for photos gets a bit boring though :)

My living room floor has looked like this since last Friday:

Monster has been perusing a Lego catalogue and, having realised he'll never have all the kits they produce, has set about reproducing their designs with the Lego he does have :)

Tomorrow I'm taking them up north to see my Dad for a day or so. After seeing Gina's blog, I've realised there's a very interesting diversion that we need to take on the way.

Have fun xxxx


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Moog's kids are so very cool and very clever - love that hula-ing (something I've never managed to do) and Monster's lego-tastic skills are fab.

Still internally squealing - love, love, LOVE my goodies! Thank you! And those naughty Lockets keep trying to steal them! Grrrrrrrr!

Locket xxx

trashalou said...

How clever is Minxy? Being able to make a hula hoop levitate! She rocks.

Julie said...

Well done Minx with the hula hoop! and Monster for being so creative with the Lego! Maybe he has a job lined up later as a Lego designer?!

Enjoy your trip "oop north" (but it's still south of where I am! lol)

Ali said...

That's some seriously stylish hula-ing going on there! Have a great trip.

Bethany Hissong said...

Those yarn/knitted sculptures are amazing!! I hope you do get to see them! I am in a hula-hooping mood now too... Minx is very good but I can sympathize with hating the papparazzi! I love the new pouch... Lucy did a fantastic job!! And Monster needs to sign up with Lego Club (maybe he already is?). They send little pieces every other month (I think) of their latest set. Though that just makes my son want to buy them! I give him kudos for building what he wants himself! That is the point, isn't it? ;) How are those chickens doing??

est said...

i'd break a bone if i try to hula!!lol those purses are so pretty!! :)

Angela said...

Love the purse and notebook.
It looks as if you are having normal school holidays from what I remember. Mess everywhere that nobody made or wants to clear up.The trouble is it doesn't get much better as they get older, just a different kind of mess.I started to see the mess as evidence of them enjoying themselves,therefore I should not get to stressed about it and I am still telling myself that.

quiltdude said...

Looks like some serious holiday mess going on there, well only another 4 weeks to go, then it can be all put away.
Love that knitted/crochet sea scape show thingy, how clever.

Marie said...

What are you doing taking photos of my living room? No, wait, that's definitely your child, not mine :P

I'm still PMSL at the prospect of me writing a crochet pattern (I can just barely manage to follow one!!), and I just popped buy to tell you that the Russian Doll pattern came from Ana Paula's etsy shop. Her blog is http://amigurumipatterns.blogspot.com/

I saw an article in the paper on that hyperbolic crochet stuff. Apparently they've never been able to produce a computer generated model of hyperbolic space - but that managed to do it in crochet. Foundation of useless information. That's me! ;)


Leanne said...

I could hula hoop a LONG time ago now there are parts of me that gravity has taken over that seem to get in the way. I'm here moaning every day that it is wet and cold...it is winter though hope some sun returns for your summer.

artisbliss said...

I love those shots of Minx and her hula hoop. How clever she is! I could never hula hoop as a kid and now at my advanced age I'd probably throw my back out.

Your Monster sounds like my Dylan. He inherited his two older brothers' enormous collection of Legos and plays with them a lot. A great toy if you can overlook stepping on them in your bare feet!

silverpebble said...

Spandy hula-ing there Miss Minx. I'm rather liking her skirt too - very nice boho moment. I was straining my eyes for more nancies amongst the lego creations. Can I see a star wars chicken walker??? (revealing my star wars nerd side there...)

Jane said...

Wonderful plasticene figures i used to love playing with the stuff when i was small. Well done Minx on hulaing very groovy and well done to Monster for making the best of his Lego. Hope you have a good visit north. Jane x

wonderwoman said...

great skill with the hula hoop there - lego looking good too - i remember when i used to spend nearly all day falling over bits of it or sucking it up the hoover!
lovely purse and notebook - how is your chicken? apparently mine are ready for me to collect but slight problem as hen house not arrived yet!