Tuesday, August 26, 2008

.....here I go again...my my...tra la la la laaaa la..

I feel sick.

Quite sick.

In a good way.

I have witnessed all of you delightful bloggers discussing the fabulousness that is Mamma Mia.

I was feeling quite left out, I can tell you.

The situation has now been remedied, for this very day...this very wonderful Abbatastic day - I have been, with my Abbamanic Minx, to see Mamma Mia!!!

Oh my.....oh my.....I loved loved loved it, as did the Minxy :)

D'yer wanna know what I loved most of all?


Do yer?

Those fabrics.

Those walls.

The furniture.

The sea.

.......and of course the fabulously fabulous music!!

I felt sick with the gorgeousness of the whole thing and will be pitching my tent outside the nearest purveyor of DVD's as soon as it goes on general release.

Going now... to bask in the glow of post Mamma Mia loveliness....with the help of a brand new Partylite stinky waxy melty thing.....dreaming that one day I will live right there in that there house...with Meryl and Pierce....

Just thought you'd like to know :)



Gina said...

When you move in there can I come and visit?

French Knots said...

Oh I've not seen it yet, but really want to. I saw it on stage a few years ago and it was brilliant, a real feel good one. Who doesn't love Abba?!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Isn't it fab???? I've seen it THREE WHOLE TIMES now and am planning a birthday trip there with all the Lockets - especially as they are now screening "Sing-along" versions!

Locket xxx

silverpebble said...

Noooooo - still haven't managed it! So glad you and Minx enjoyed it.

Partylite waxy things are stinky - and they're not always smells I recognise. I could swear there was an option to buy a roast beef-scented one at a party I went to last year.

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Oh, I want to see the movie! My cousin in Sweden has got tickets to see the theatre production in Gothenburg...lucky her. But I prefer to watch Piece Brosman and Colin Firth...Hee! Hee! I think I will wait till it come out on DVD.


Julie said...

I'll come along with Gina! I was obsessed with the backgrounds and fabrics too lol I'm going again on Thursaday so I'm hoping there won't be heads in the way this time (we sat on the pull down seats at the back last time - not a good idea!)

Ali said...

Now I feel sick too. Still.haven't.seen.it.

Michaela said...

I haven't seen it either - my 2 children (9 and 13 yr old boys) aren't too keen for some reason. Just have to wait for the dvd I suppose.

jo said...

I saw it last week with my daughter. We came home singing Abba songs and the next day we kept playing the music form the film off Youtube until Hubby and son had had enoughh. They've got no taste. I know what you mean about the fabrics, they caught my eye too. Think I'm going back soon to take my mom, she hasn't been to the cinema for years.

Jane said...

The DVD comes out in November according to Amazon, we've just pre-ordered a copy. We loved the film so much we've been to see it three times. I've never wanted to go back and see a film again and again, but this time i did and so did Tony and Em and we bought the cd - yes we have got it bad but we loved it. Jane x

dottycookie said...

Oh come come, surely the best thing about any film with Colion Firth in it is Colin Firth?!

(I should add that I haven't yet seen Mamma Mia, so it occurs to me that if CF isn't in it I shall feel a right charlie)

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha! And now do you have that song running through your head all day long? It stuck with me for at least a week and we got an Abba CD yesterday!

monkee maker said...

Hi Lesley,

Lovely holiday snaps - did you superimpose that sunset onto one of them, by any chance??

And I can't believe how busy your chickens were in your absence - brilliant!

I haven't seen Mamma Mia yet .... I have a deep-rooted dislike of musicals that I just can't get over, Abba songs or no Abba songs. (Of course, I may yet eat my words when the DVD comes out ...)


quiltdude said...

I'm going to see it again next week, yipee. When you move out there, with Meryl and Pierce, make sure you've got loads of spare rooms, 'coz I'm coming too!(unless I kick Meryl out and just move right in with Pierce, mmmmm, sounds even better) Love, love, loved it!!!
X Clare

Charlie P said...

If you loved it the first time, you'll like it even better the second time. You forget just how amusing Pierce's singing is and it's a nice (but cringetastic)surprise whenever he opens his mouth :D Hooray for Mamma Mia! I may be joining you in the DVD queue...

wonderwoman said...

its just great isn't it - i loved it and am not even an abba fan! it just makes you feel good and i just want to be there, on that island, like, now!

Jennie said...

YAY I am so glad you went to see it and loved it!!!

Jackie said...

I hate to tell you but that house doesn't exisit..well not on that beach anyway. Been there. Its gorgeous but there's nothing there..which makes it all th emore gorgeous.