Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quilty update

Remember this?

Still not quite finished but the patchwork part has now been hand- quilted (can you hear my fingers screaming?).

After all your great suggestions I went for a very simple approach by stitching alternate squares just inside the seam line.

It's a bit puckered in places but on the whole I'm quite pleased with it.

I managed not to photograph the border - doh - but it's made of the cloud fabric and after a consultation with my design guru I've decided to quilt it by stitching round every third (or so) cloud.

Then it's just a matter of binding and hey presto - done!

Not sure when! I'd like it done by tomorrow so I can start my next one!!!



silverpebble said...

Lovely lovely lovely! As I might have said when you first posted about it I love setting turquoise off against garnets on my mixed charm bracelets - the two colours really spark off eachother. The cloud fabric is very sweet.

I tell you what though, if you, Mrs Locket or one of the other talented ladies could knock up a 'quilting basics' for me I'd pay for it! Literally - how to make a simple quilt. Or is there a good book about the very first steps? I'm getting closer to acquiring a sewing machine as the weeks go on.

trashalou said...

oh you clever missus moog! Once again I feel shamed b/c as yet my fortnums' quilt is just an excuse to buy fabric. (shuffles off muttering 'oh the shame, the hsame, the shame.....')

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

It's looking really gorgeous and I'm loving my promotion from mad imaginary friend to design guru!!!!

wonderwoman said...

oh that is a lovely quilt, fantastic. you will be hooked now! the colours are gorgeous. i'm not surprised your fingers are sore!

quiltdude said...

ooo, my favourite colour combination at the moment. It's looking very, very, good. But I know exactly how your fingers feel, hand quilting is a labour of love.
X Clare

Selina said...

It is so beautifuL! I want it!

Julie said...

Really lovely Lesley. I can't believe you've handquilted it! Well done you, it's looking good.

Jennie said...

Oh I am so glad that you are cracking on with my.. sorry your quilt. It is looking so lovely!!

French Knots said...

We colour combination is fab, I love turquoise and it really zings against the reds!

Thimbleanna said...

My gosh Leslie! You've been a busy girl! I LOVE the colors in this quilt -- Well Done!