Friday, August 8, 2008

We's back we is

It's good to be home. Visiting my Dad is an emotional business, as my lovely childhood home has changed beyond recognition and he has changed even more.

Although you'd never have known it at the time, he did tell me on the phone this morning that he enjoyed our visit :)

On the way up we managed to fit in a bit of culture by visiting Compton Verney to see the textile exhibition that Gina blogged about recently. Compton Verney is a Grade I listed Robert Adam mansion which these days serves as a very beautiful and atmospheric art gallery.

The grounds are pretty stunning too.

The kids chose a cup and ball game each from the gallery shop.

It was worth the £1.95 each to get these pretty faces!

To reward myself for holding it together this week I paid a visit to this wonderful shop, that I was thrilled to discover is less than 2 miles from my Dad's house.

Believe it or not, this was my first ever time in a proper patchwork fabric shop!! Of course, a little retail therapy was in order....and I can't tell you how restrained I was!

Waiting for me when we returned home yesterday was lovely parcel containing a recent etsy purchase from this shop.

I may have to go on a bit of a fabric and book buying diet for a while!

Moogsdad is taking the next three weeks off work so I will have some much needed moral support with the beasties. I'm also hoping to snatch a few moments to myself for some crafty doings :)

Monster is still very much engrossed in Lego and is also getting through a few books, thanks to the briliant Team Read challenge at our local library. Both he and his very naughty sister have thoroughly enjoyed taking part and I hope will want to carry on once they've finished the challenge.

In an effort to encourage Monster, in particular, I bought this book from Amazon.

Monster met the author at school last term and has read her first two Monster Maker books. Ali Sparkes is a local author....whose sister happens to live just up the road from us. My two were sooooo excited when they saw Ali Sparkes leaving her sister's house one Sunday afternoon!!

We also bought some of this to play with:

I'll be back with the results very soon!

I'm now going to wander over to the sofa and carry on with a bit of handquilting.....I'll be back with the results of that very soon too!

In the meantime, how about this little treasure that I happened upon this week :)

Hoping you have the best weekend xxxxxx

p.s. three eggs today...chookies all doing well and Jazz is recovered and will be spending the rest of her life on the farm with Farmer Brian :)


monkee maker said...

Hmmm, and did you go shopping at that little treasure too, perchance??

Some excellent goodies there, MM, and I agree with you about the ball game - well worth the money for those fab shots!

Next time she visits her sis you'll have to trip Ms Sparkes up, and then ask very politely if she'll sign Monsters books. How could she refuse?!

Hope you all have a happy (egg filled) weekend!


Joanna said...

Oooh I love your Kaffe fabrics - of course I am totally addicted to his fabrics so I get rather excited when I see others buying them too lol! I even bought the same ones recently:) I bet you will make something fabulous with them! And congrats on your foray into the quilt store world lol!!

silverpebble said...

Thanks for the chicky update - I was wondering how the girls were. Great that Jazz is OK.

Such beautiful fabrics there and great pics of the moog smalls as ever.

Never heard of that paper - Mr P (being a tiny bit of a nerd as am I) will be very excited to get some - thanks for telling us about it!

Hope your weekend's a good one, despite worries. Emma x

artisbliss said...

Well you did have fun didn't you? Great photos of the kids and their good old fashioned toys. And you did show remarkable self control in your shopping. I'll be looking in to see how the sun prints come out.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'm amazed that on your first real trip to a real live patchwork shop you managed to show such restraint!!!! Great photos of the naughties and good news about Jazz too.

Now just coz Moogsdad is on hols don't go all quiet and family-ish - you need to remember your cyber family too!!!!

Locket xxxxxxx

wonderwoman said...

i must admit i agree with lucy and say you really were very restrained, i've been on their website a few times and they have lovely stuff!
lovely pics of the kids!
have a great weekend.

ps my hen house is coming by tuesday at the latest, whoopee!

twiggypeasticks said...

Ohhh I've just been looking at the Cotton Patch catalogue, I LOVE the Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt, Twiglet loves the book but my sewing skills are a bit pants, so I'll continue to look at the piccys :)
Gorgeous fabric, I think the photos are brill and will be good bribe material when they are 18 :)
Have a skive off and do some crafting while Moogsdad is off work, you deserve a reward for showing such retail restraint.
Twiggy x

Jennie said...

Glad your visit went okay.
Lovely fabric goodies!
Loving the cup and ball game, we had one which made my kids do similar facial expressions.
Glad Jazz is doing okay but it's a shame you cant have her back.
Hope Monster enjoys the book!

Julie said...

Thank you for the link to Cotton Patch. I've already seen a book I'm very tempted by and those fabrics! I'm telling myself I should wait till I've been to the Festival of Quilts.....

Just goes to show the old toys are still just as much fun (and twice as dangerous!!lol) as they always were. I'm sure they'll bless you for those photos later!

Sounds like you've got a special man there taking time off to free you up for crafting ;) Sounds like you've earned some "me" time.

Bethany Hissong said...

I'm so glad that Jazz is okay! Looks like you've been having lots of fun on their summer break! And you always find the best fabric stores too. I love that etsy shop you found... great illustrations! Thank you so much for your suggestions about the bread! I wish you were closer so you could come over and teach me!!! That is also really cool that your kids got to see a "celebrity" in your neighborhood! I can't wait to see what you're working on! :) Have a good weekend!

quiltdude said...

I could never have come out of a fabric store with such a small amount, how did you restrain yourself, or was it all a little too overwhelming? Anyway a perfect way to end the visiting.
Photo's of kids are fab, look at the concentration on monsters face.
Enjoy the next 3 weeks, I hope you get plenty of sewing time.
X Clare

Angela said...

The photos of the kids are lovely.It sounds as if you all had a great time.
I am glad Jazz is better.
I am totally envious of your shopping.