Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bringing out the geek in me

Just a very quick post...or not....checking that you are all still there. I've had a most wonderfully geeky day listening to Big Bang Day on Radio 4 whilst working. The whole Cern experiment thing has really gripped me.

Part of it was wishful thinking. Like 'Well, if the world does end today it won't matter that the house is a mess and I haven't done the ironing!'

Surprisingly Moogsdad has been totally ambivalent to the whole thing.

I say surprisingly because this man did a PhD on Superconductors (this link is not Moogsdad's's just in case you fancied reading up on this most fascinating of subjects).

This man used to jump up at the least likely moments to scribble a quick equation on his whiteboard in his bedroom at uni (!).

This man spent nearly an hour this week discussing maths on the phone with his dad as he needed to know the tangent of the elevation in something that was bothering him (or something).

This man has gone here this evening.

Today I've almost outgeeked the geek :)

To round off my geeky day I spent some time doing some research and got very excited when I found that there is now a Tetrapak recycling point at a Tesco store not too far away.

I've always been a keen recycler but since starting my job I've become even more aware of what we throw away.

I now understand that it's not ok just to chuck yogurt pots into my household recycling bin (in the deluded hope that someone would realise I wanted it to be recycled please thank you) as there is, as yet, no facility for recycling them. If they do get chucked in with the recycling they get separated at the MRF and end up in landfill. Whereas if I put them in with my normal waste they'd at least go to the incinerator to be turned into electricity.

I'm a woman on a mission. A mission to find some way of recycling as much as possible.

Hence the geeky thrill I get when I find a juice carton collection point.

Takes all sorts :)

Onto more normal matters then. I've just been perusing Folksy and stumbled across my friend's new shop where she sells her ceramic jewellery and pots. I thought you might like to see it too :)

Like I said....just a quick post....ahem....

Going now to see if there's anything geeky on telly.

Live long and prosper :)



Kitty said...

It's all geek to me!

*blush* sorry - couldn't resist.

I ordered our green bin today - am ashamed that we've been 4 weeks without one! It's always good to recycle.

I can't do the Spock split finger thing. Can you?


wonderwoman said...

i think the news on this big bang experiment isn't something that can easily be ignored - i've been listening on the news and radio about it - does seem a tad worrying tho! but we all seem to be here still!
i think i may be a recycling geek as i drive my family mad making sure everything goes in the right bins and carrier bags..... well don't get me started on them!


French Knots said...

I'm really keen on composting and recycling too but the news from our local council that I'm soon to have 27 different bins.....well ok seperate all my stuff for them is a bit of a pain, my garden is bursting at the seams as it is. At least I'll be able to make room in the pantry which is currently full of boxes for plastic bottles, tetrapacs etc...more room for wine and biscuits then!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh flipping heck! For the third time lately, Ditto Kitty!!! (although I wouldn't have been so witty with the "it's all geek" pun!) I'm feeling really thicko lately with everyone getting excited about BBday - doesn't make any sense to me or get me excited in the least - I must have a missing "clever-clogs gene"! I love the fact that you have out-geeked the geek though!!!!

Me xxxxx

(the stupid one)

trashalou said...

'All geek to me.' Verrrry funny Kitty.

OMG Missus Moog - today you an ubergeek. Congratulations!

JuliaB said...

Oooh i've been talking to a friend about it .. .absolutely FASCINATING stuff! Wish I'd listend to R4 now too. humph. Will keep eye (and ear) out tomorrow. x

dottycookie said...

I've been in geek heaven today too, and we even did some experiments to celebrate but I am too tired to post them tonight.

Our exciting recycling news - the council has given us new boxes so we can recycle plastic bottles at the kerbside instead of having to drive them to Tesco - woohoo!

Thimbleanna said...

Obviously, here in the US, we're missing this Big Bang Day thing. However, I'm a little worried about you.

Step away from the radio (TV?)

Step away from the hubby.

Get back into the sewing room!

Gina said...

Glad it wasn't a long post then! I'm known in my house for going round the rubbish bins hauling things out... and we got kerbside plastic bottle recycling bins yesterday too (same council as dottycookie!)which made me very excited.

silverpebble said...

A friend of mine is a green queen. When the littlies eat their petit filous and we're clearing up afterwards we look at the yog pots and think 'what do we do with these?' so I know what you mean about good recycly intentions but nowhere to put them. There's only so many yoghurt pot snakes we can make!

Ah geekiness - apparently yesterday's experiments were only the tests - the real thing might be happening now! Or now! No, still here, and so is my toast. One good thing about a black hole nearby is that I could toss the baby manuals into it - and the yoghurt pots!

Leanne said...

Much news here of the big bang... keep on Geeking.

Jane said...

LHC is very exciting, and i've been watching and listening too. But Em made me laugh as she came home with the doom story of the end of the world due to the LHC switch on. So we sat down at the computer and looked up all the info on the collider. With Recycling we do our bit and have had a tetra pack point in the village for nearly 6 months. Things are set to improve next year as more will be recyclable. Jane x

Working Mom Knits said...

Thought you'd like to know, tonight we (my parents, TBG, my sister, and I) actually spent 40+ minutes discussing varieties of - are you ready for this? SNAKES!

Geek points please : )

Bethany Hissong said...

Wait a minute... are you saying that recycling is geeky? Because I don't think it is! But I will tell you that I should earn some major points for the best man's toast at our wedding! He did the stupid Spock thing and toasted us to "Live Long and Prosper!". The whole world then knew we had been closet Star Trek Fans (Next Generation)!!!