Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The League of Geeks

Votes have been cast.

The majority (37 'Yes pleases' to 4 'Wots') have voted in favour of The Geek League.

For those of you who may be unsure as to whether or not you qualify for Geekery, let me enlighten you further. (Please note, these thoughts are entirely personal, not intended to cause offence and have been amassed through years of experience as 'the odd one out'!)

If you find yourself getting overexcited/obsessed about/doing any of the following you may be slightly/totally Geeky:

-science-type stuff such as this, or this

-interesting things such as this, or this

-bad spelling/grammar/punctuation on shop signs, in newspapers, newsletters or magazines

-finding new recycling facilities for hitherto unrecyclable rubbish(might just be me who gets excited about this one!)

-having long and animated chats with friends about the thrill of growing your own veg, keeping chickens etc

-providing fascinating links on your blog to help illustrate just why you find something soooo interesting

-being in any way married to/related to/ good friends with, other geeky folk

Do you find yourself getting strange looks from eavesdroppers?

etc etc etc....get the picture?

After days of list-writing, number crunching and brain-storming I've decided to keep things simple (maybe I'm not as geeky as I thought!).

Geek Points will be awarded on a purely arbitrary and ad-hoc basis. If I read something on your blog that I consider Geekworthy, points will be awarded. If you leave a deliciously Geeky comment on my blog...or indeed any that I read..points will be awarded. If you email me to notify me of geeky doings, points will be awarded.

Any points that you have received so far will count towards your Geek League score. They are all noted down in my un-techy but very geeky notebook :)

If you are of a competitive bent you can earn more points by posting about experiments that you have done; techy computery and camera-type stuff; any geeky hobbies you may have ( I am the daughter of birdwatchers and the sister of a coin collector...and used to collect antique glass bottles!) ; noticing things that 'normal' people might not notice e.g. a buzzard flying overhead or the fact that there seem to be soooo many silver cars on the roads these days (is that just me that notices that?).

Hopefully you get the idea....sort of!

To give you lots of chance to earn your points The Geek League will run until 31st October (see how I did that great bit of Geeky linking?)

On 1st November the results will be checked and verified by an independent adjudicator. The lucky winner will be awarded the title 'Top Geek 2008' and will, in due course, receive a suitably geeky prize.

In the meantime, here's a little something exciting that I've been doing:

Tomorrow I'm paper-making with a class of 30 pupils and needed an extra paper-making frame. So what's a geeky girl to do?

- First take two cheapo Ikea photo frames (had them for years and never used them) and remove the glass and other bits.

- Find some scraps of netting amongst the bursting boxes of fabric stash in the loft and staple to one of the frames with a staple gun.

Like so....

If you're very lucky I will show you in my next post how to use this fabulous piece of equipment :)

Now for some more normal doings.

The postman left me something very very lovely indeed in my postbox this week.

Some very gorgeous fabrics from my lovely bloggy buddy WMK (who earned herself 30 Geek Points this week for having an in depth discussion about snakes with her entire family)!

I love them WMK - thank you very much!! (p.s. get well soon!)

I'll be getting my sewing head on soon to make the very most of these goodies :)


p.s. the judge's decision is final.


trashalou said...

OMG! I had that silver car discussion with CK this Sunday en route to meet the Silver Pebble clan. Actually it started out with my observation that there were no brown cars being made anymore. aaaah the joy of a geeky household ;-)

Kristie said...

Oh, now that's just freaky....I was sitting on my fron patio yesterday watching the antics of the local kookaburras and cockatoos when it became apparent that there were an excessive number of silver cars in my street! It used to be white cars, but now it's silver...what's with that?
BTW: I am exceedingly excited about the Geek league and believe that I should get extra points for the following: A. Doing a PhD in Ancient History, B. Being able to read both Classical Greek and Coptic, C. Being capable of having a coherant discussion on quantum mechanics with my brother-in-law who has a PhD in ROBOTICS ENGINEERING!!! and finally D. Having a number of dictionaries and a thesaurus right next to my computer so I can check up on other people's mistakes with ease. Thanks.
PS: I am going to put a post on my blog later today announcing the start of the Geek league, which may also contain a slight rant about why I should win....thanks :)

dottycookie said...

Well, really, in the face of all that paper making geekery I think I might just roll over and give up now!

Not geeky, but very exciting - I resigned from the PTA tonight and guess what? The world didn't end!

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh ooohhhh ooooohhh, I experimented with chocolate cake in the microwave, does that count??? Now, I know it can't compete with paper making but I can wield a soldering iron -- that has to count for something too!!! Oh, and I'm begging you to put on sunscreen and do a rain dance....huh??? Whaddya say???? Should I keep going????

(Oh, and I'm working VERY hard to beat Lucy as the first commenter at Brigette's. So far, I've been unsuccessful (it started when Lucy was the first commenter TWO times in a row) but I WILL beat her!!! (Of course, Lucy will get geeky points for being in competition with me AND with Trashy at RicRacs!))

Jodie said...

You geeks are scary. If you form a geek band can I be selvedge geek?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

You're mad but you're wonderful too!

Here's my geeky car thingy - I used to love watching cars as I was driving through the Tyne Tunnel in the first few years after the number plate system changed - I was trying to see if there was an inflated increase in new cars because the number plates had changed because everyone wanted to have the "new thing" - does that make sense? If it doesn't does that mean I get even more geeky points?

My other car thing is that I remember everyone's registrations and can sometimes see a total stranger's car and say - oooh I saw that car in Newcastle yesterday.

My final car thing is that when I was doing my PhD I used to look at number plates and if the number was 133 I would say - Ooh, that's the year Tiberius Gracchus was tribune" or 216, that's when Claudius did such and such.

Can you tell I like car number plates? It goes back to a book I read when I was 9 - I don't know what it was called but a girl was kidnapped and remembered the registration of the car she was bundled into by turning it into a word and somehow that got her rescued.

Do I get extra, extra geeky points for writing the world's longest blog comment?


Me x

tintocktap said...

I'm still suspicious about the number of white cars around here, and even more nervous of the fact that I own one! We've recently found ourselves wandering up and down the M6/M74 collecting the girl's names from Eddie Stobart lorries. I seem to be the one who becomes obsessed about it as I'm the only one that can read them fast enough as I'm a. not driving and b. not 7 years or 5 months old. And do you know anyone else who is upset by the thought of the M6 going from Birmingham to Glasgow? I'm ready to start the 'Save the M74' campaign. And I'll be unleashing my geeky secret weapon on my blog very soon!

the vicious chicken said...

Here is my bid to claim geek points on behalf of my Dad for a number-plate related activity:

Back when we still had just the old-style number plates with three numbers in the middle, my friend told me about how someone she knew was trying to spot all 999 numbers in order - starting when they'd spotted a car that was '1', which had to be followed by a '2', etc etc, right up to '999', at which point they had 'won'.

I mentioned this game to my Dad. He started spotting.

He's very persistent - he kept going until he did actually see all 999. It took him just over 5 years.

Also, he is so geeky that if he ever lost track slightly and wasn't sure if he'd got to 458 or 459, he'd always go back to the last one he was sure he'd seen, so that he'd be certain he really had seen all of them, in order. Bless his dear little geeky socks :o)

And now I come to think of it, it was me who got him started on it in the first place - so it's really all my fault. So may I have some geek points, please? :o)

Marie said...

Silver was the top selling car colour for the turn of the millenium. I guess people thought it was suitably futuristic. It's been the top selling colour every year since. Silver cars are also the safest (being 60% less likely to be in a collision where serious injury is incurred) which is probably to do with the driver demographic (people who have silver cars tend to drink less, wear their seat belts, speed less etc). The worst possible coloured car..... dark brown. More than 110%more likely to be involved in a serious incident.

So there you go.

Although I suspect there might be an error in these statistics - if silver cars are safer and there are more silver cars surely that would lead to a down turn in accident numbers? Hmmmmmmm. Maybe I should write to Top Gear to get them to investigate.... although I'd probably have to work out some way to include smashing up a caravan into the experiment.

LOL. I've just noticed that pretty much every comment on here is like War and Peace. See, you're definitely bringing out our inner (or not so inner) geeks!


wonderwoman said...

oh my word what a lot of geekiness!don't know that i can keep up -
firstly - did the eddie stobart lorry counting thing, and (have not told anyone this, but still do!)
am obsessed with not using plastic carrier bags and always have to check that i have spares in my bag!
when travelling anywhere i have to write not only route directions but underline the road nos and town names in red!
we have two huge buzzards that fly near us and am always on the look out for them (in case they are red kites)
when i leave the house i have to check twice that i've locked the door - my daughter who does psychology says i'm bordering on OC!
think that'll do for the moment!


Gina said...

I do get excited by lots of those things but I'm so uncompetitive the thought of it makes me want to hide until 31st October!
I have been known to rummage through other peoples rubbish/recycle bins to find particular colour tin cans for a stitching project. Is that geeky or just plain weird?
I've also typed this message twice because I hit the wrong button so I guess I'm not a computer geek!

Daisie said...

I didn't think I was a geek but maybe I am?!
I squealed when I saw that a tetrapak recycling point had appeared in our Asda car park and emailed loads of people about it when we got home.
My daughters and I counted cars on the way to school a while ago. A different colour everyday of the week and we noticed that there were lots more silver cars than anything else (closely followed by red ones).
I think I may be a gek, give me some points!

Kitty said...

The silver car thing is so true - the kids and I sometimes play a game - have one colour each and see how many of that colour we can see on a journey (geeky game or wot? :-p ) However, silver had to be banned a while ago because it wasn't fair on anyone else.

And another geeky thing .. if you put the html coding < center > at the start, and < /center > (only closing all the gaps) at the end of the html for your poll, will it move it over a bit? Not that I'm being fussy or anything. *blush*

Yours, Geeky Wrinkle (that should be wrinkly geek :-( ) Kitty x

PS I think Jodie should get a gazillion geek points for her use of selvedges - it's brilliant.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I've thought of another way I could earn some geekerage points Mrs Moogsmum, I have managed somehow (don't know how though, and couldn't do it again) to get Monkee Maker's blog to show when it has updated on my google reader list! That's pretty impressive isn't it? And I definitely think that something so important and useful should earn me some special silver points don't you?

Ryemilan said...

Hi Moogsmum....I came here to vote for kristie in your League of Geeks (which I read about in her blog). Upon reading your criteria, and finding myself answering yes to at least five of them, I'm feeling somewhat bewildered. I am now going to go and re-watch Alpinecat's YouTube clip on the LHC, cover my vege patch with a sheet so the frost doesn't get it tonight, and ponder where I can site a worm farm at our place! I am somewhat of a closet geek though, and certainly don't know anything about Coptic Manichaean Cosmogonic my vote is still with kristie :-).


Jennie said...

I don't think I am very geeky at all :/

Jackie said...

I don't really know if I'm geeky or not. I once spent a two week holiday in Brittany trying to buy a bamboo blind for feltmaking(You couldn't get them here then), and I do know what you are doing with the meshes I think, and I know how to ping technorati!(But please don't hold it against me)Oh..and my greatest sewing ambition is to harness a modern electric sewing machine to a treadle but I haven't found the geek who can do it yet.

syko kajsa said...

I don't think I am very geeky, but someone might disagree? In certain fields I might have the tendency, but traditional geekery (I don't know what I'm talking about) isn't really my piece of cake.

Tiff said...

I have never bitten the head off a live chicken, but I claim geek points in all other areas. I am currently excited about conductive thread, fruit spirits, gocco printing, google geocoding and crochet. In no particular order. Long live the geeks! May they remember to eat and turn off the gas. W00t! - adventures in la la land